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Hello I'm from the team,
I did some tests and was able to reproduce the error you're facing. After some digging, I was able to install your modfile by compressing it with another compressor tool (I used 7-Zip). Not sure why your modfile is not properly detected and I'm investigating to fix it in a future patch, but in the meantime can you check if it works for you by reuploading your mod using a different compressor tool?

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  • 10 Sep '19

Hello, I'm from the team.
Right now we're focusing on the other distros you mentioned so official out of the box CentOS is not a priority at the moment.
However I also think it would be great that you guys make it work on CentOS and it would be a good step towards full official support. I managed to make work on CentOS 7.6 by doing the following:

  1. Installing curl-devel: yum install curl-devel
  2. Replacing the with a version I complied specifically for CentOS here:

Basically I recompiled the library with the curl libraries available on CentOS.
This is the full guide of how I did it on a CentOS 7.6 fresh install:

Thanks for letting us know about this issue and will appreciate if you guys keep us posted!