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  • 22 Oct '19

i need help
every demoplay i play back gets stuck with the camera at one spot and I can spectate peoples 1st person and also i cant use the escape key at all
i opened it with demoplay name
and I was yes in a local match
how do I fix?!

MORDHAU Screenshot 2019.10.22 -

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  • 14 Sep '19

i hate the music but like parry sounds

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  • 9 Sep '19

Since bunny has hijacked MCG....

each team can elect 1 member to staff

we will host the tournaments

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  • 7 Sep '19

Since Venatus/MCG is full of racists (oskoff), doxers (bunny), and generally incompetant managers (nickaverage), some of the NA teams are trying to make an alternative to Vernatus/MCG

Since the previous comeptitive discord has been taken over by racists and doxers, the community has banned together to make an all-inclusive new NA "Mordhau Competitive"

check us out:

there are 4 rules

  1. no europeans
  2. no gore
  3. no porn
  4. no off topic chat in matchmaking

Our tournament balance is going to be decided by the community itself, rather than a handful of European players.