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  • 8 Sep '19

I am also having similar issues. I started playing again shortly after Windows installed an update on my computer. I've tried turning off cloth and ragdolls, turning off special effects sound, putting the game on an ssd, and changing the windows background bandwith settings. None of it has worked. Here are my specs:

i7-6700k @4GHz
16 GB ram
GTX 1070 with most recent drivers

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  • 6 Sep '19

I started playing the game again about two weeks ago and have had problems with lag spikes that I didn't have before. My settings are at the recommended max and I get good frame rates, but the game will intermittently lag/freeze for a moment or two. 16 gb of ram, i7 6700k @4 GHz, gtx 1070. I have tried turning off cloth and ragdolls, but nothing changed. I also tried switching from my hard drive to my ssd, but that hasn't fixed it either. Turning off the sound effects in the game did nothing. My game was working perfectly fine before, but now it's just unplayable.