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Relax NoYou, AMug is just trolling.

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@bobbydigital said:
Also the team damage stats do not make sense. What is the %?
34% of what? Total damage within that life? I don't think so. No way a medikit can do that damage, I had only just joined the server, was my first action.

As far as I understand, if you have 34% damage, then you did twice as damage to enemies as to friends. In whole match time. For example, killed two friends (200dmg) and four enemies (400dmg). So: 200 / (200+400) = 33%.
I've never verify it though.

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@bobbydigital said:
(...) currently invasion and frontline are pretty much the same experience.

I felt the same at the beginning, but after few days of play I now know, that my play-style is just different in Invasion than in Frontline. Playing different modes feels a bit different.

Also, I noticed something. Previously, when there was only one game mode, the number of people being logged in on given server was constant. I mean I could play like 5-10 matches at row and could see the same people on the scoreboard. Now, I can see relatively lot of people disconnecting when the game mode gets changed due to map vote. This is noticeable, because it takes few moments for the server to gain the full 64 players back.
So I guess it's not only my approach to stick to one game mode in one evening.

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A piece of advice: always google the armor/weapon before spending too much gold on it. There are plenty of screenshots and youtube movies published by players that displays all variants of equipment.

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Regarding Knight Simulator: the graphics feels a little bit too cartoon-like to me.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I think many of you don't understand it. They are not making the game for YOU. They are making a game for themselves and their friends. You just can play the game as is if you are willing to pay for it.

True. I never understood why players consider themselves being in charge of a game for years just because they bought it. And I'm serious, no irony here.

And for the record: it is NOT true that developers ignore player's feedback. There has been plenty of updates made already that brought features wanted by people on forum. Just because they work slowly and don't have time to write posts on forum doesn't mean they don't acknowledge people's opinions. Saying they do nothing what players want is unfair.

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@Sarnath said:

@Fleecer said:
Let’s remove flesh wound shield buckler rapier arming sword zwei bandage long sword eveningstar maul drag accer block duck jump in duel

And remove feint

And remove duels. Then it will be fair.

But seriously - I don't understand why removing perks in duel. If you think some perk gives an advantage - you are free to use it.

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Despite of whether it makes sense (in terms of realism), it is an interesting idea for the game mechanic.
Additionally, if the cart were totally destroyed (zero hp), perhaps a new cart would appear that needs to be pushed from the beginning.

But I'm not sure if I like this idea, because it would strip us from feeling that we irreversibly conquered something, and reached some level of progress. And that is a very nice feeling.

Anyway, introducing this idea requires the maps to be balanced once more.

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Just because Invasion on Camp (your screen) provides a situation, when a cart is pushed on relatively big and open area, it means that instead of one builder (comparing to Frontline) it takes two or more builder persons for spikes to be effective...

On the other hand, I understand how this can be frustrating for the attackers as they can't use walls and spikes (which are by nature defensive tools). So it may feel unfair to the attackers that the other team uses spikes.

I guess currently there is no analogue tool/weapon that would only be useful for the attackers...
Unless... shooting from distance to the farmers on Grad? Feels unfair to the defenders? Running fast without armor to kill the farmers might feel unfair to the defenders? Destoing barricades on Taiga (since the defenders have no way of retreat to heal) can feel unfair to the defenders? Idk...

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Could may-be ok, but only as a left-handed item, not a weapon.

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Interesting :)

I think the idea 5 (dropkick) could actually work nice in Mordhau.

As for the 3 (weapon types and armor rework). Armor type already influence speed movement. You haven't described the details enough. But this:
"Killing a knight in plate armor with a few slashes of sword is not what you can call realism"
actually, I'm afraid you wouldn't kill him even with 1000 slashes. You could kill him with one good stab, if you hit between two parts of armor, between plates. So, I'm afraid it crosses the border of realism, beyond which unfortunately any game cannot be fun due to technical limitation. Maybe in the future, when we have VR, some "gloves" instead of mouse and keyboard, bigger "screen" resolution... ;)

The 2 (momentum based damage). I think it could be implemented. But I'm afraid it would make the fight less interesting. It would strip us from the accels/drags. Current dodging with footwork wouldn't work... Maybe I'm wrong, but current lower level of realism makes the fight mechanic more interesting (given the technical limitations mentioned in previous paragraph).

As for 1 (hit angle), basically the same as with 2.
I myself was thinking about similar idea, but related to the weapon speed instead of its angle. I mean, in real life, when you wing a sword, it always accelerates, so at the beginning of release phase (swing), (what you marked as blue and green angles) it is relatively slow, so shouldn't do much damage until it gets more speed. Currently it sometimes looks funny when using maul you manage to hit someone standing almost behind you, kind of between windup and release phases (very early release). He dies, even though the speed of your maul was near zero at that moment. But I believe that just because you can do things like this, the game is more skill-based as it gives more viable options to perform.

I now noticed that this is rather a mod proposition, than modification of the core Mordhau.
So assuming it would be created by community, I would gladly try and play this experimental mechanic, why not :) (I just wouldn't want the Mordhau devs invest their time in such mod, at the moment)

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I often succeed with a halberd against horses.

Also, try to mislead a horseman with your movement, so that he will miss you as his target. For this, light armored build is better due to quick movement. Once they pass, hit them from side/behind.

(Crossbows etc. are only good if you shoot them from a safe place, and best if there is more than one archer.)

And frankly, the situation you described (being horse-killed few times at a row) happens sometimes, but personally I think it is the team to blame, rather than horse system. If some bloody horseman is doing too much damage, the team should organize to counter it. Either by switching to appropriate equipped loadouts (not only one person), or mounting horses themselves, or putting spikes, or simply just focusing on taking the horses down. It's a team game.

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You don't even have to kill anyone, there will be 10 weapons scattered around the main battle area, you can easily pick something up. Even better if you pick up a Zwei and a Spear (common weapons), so even horselords are easy pickings.

They should really prevent people from doing this. It literally exploits the point system.

Like you said, it's just too easy. I used to have a 3/3/3 Bloodlust build and it just felt... dirty.

For me it feels pretty ok...

@Mechanicus, you are trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. You are calling a goddamn game feature an exploit. You are losing your shit over something that only affects FL and Deathmatch.

Weapons already despawn fast as hell. As many said, you have to get the weapon on someone who just died or you killed yourself to grab their shit. I've lost my ranged weapon too many times after fighting off someone going melee on me due to this system. The fast weapon despawn IS the system to prevent skill-based loadouts to be above all while keeping them somewhat viable and fun.

People already spoke about how hard it is to adapt yourself from one weapon to the other in such a short time. It's in part what makes Mordhau good : all weapons feels and plays differently.

And let me give you the one proof that being able to grab weapons, making you go above 16 loadout points, is actual game design :


This skill is literally made around the idea of grabbing weapons from people you kill. Everyone can go above 16 points even without skills. All you need is a 3/3/3 guy with Greatsword to replace it with a Halberd. The reason you don't see everyone do that is because even lower point weapons have their upsides and downsides compared to higher cost weapons. Melee range and damage is still superior to speed overall, but that doesn't stop people from using the upsides of lower cost weapons.

The 16 points loadout system is here to grab what you want without having too much. To choose your starting upsides and downsides. To get what you prefer. If it's to get 3/3/3 Bloodlust and grab everything you find, fine, it's in the 16 points range.

Also, following your logic, tossed weapons like the Javelin shouldn't be grabbed without penalty. For me, the logic of punishing people above 16 points is wrong.

I agree with every single word of that quote.

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I don't like this idea. This is something like friendly fire off option.

1) If something damaging is there - whether it is a swinging blade, or wooden spikes, or other kind of trap - it should be there for everyone. This way it's fair.
Imagine 32 traps (it's only 2 points to a loadout) hidden in the grass in Crossroads - a mine field. Only, the one team can see the mines... People will abuse that.

2) Also (despite of what some people say), for me Mordhau still have some level of immersion which I enjoy. Any marker above objects that are part of physical environment decrease the immersion. And it's not only about the existence of artificial visual marker, it's the fact that in a magic way some chosen people can see the trap, that isn't how a trap would work in "real life".

3) Moreover, Mordhau is a game of skill (rather than mindless clicking), so choosing a good spot for a bear trap (so that it works against enemies and is not danger for friends) should require some experience and thinking.

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@bobbydigital said:
I think it will be bad in the long run.

One of the modes(fl & invasion) will die due to lack of players and the players who prefer that mode will leave with its death.

Seems like a good way to whittle down the community further.

I see your point.
On the other hand: what if people are already leaving because it is not possible to play few matches at a row in their faviurite game mode?

I believe the number of servers providing one game mode or another will adjust itself to the amount of players who connect...

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I like the fact that the modding is on its way and that we already have a new way of playing: the Invasion.

However. It is not a good idea to mix INV maps together with FL on a single server.

Game mode is really something that you have in your current mindset when launching the game. Having to constantly switching servers in order to avoid the game mode you don't like is terrible. I launched the game 1h ago and so far I feel like I spend more time waiting to join servers than playing the game. It is frustrating when you have to look for a new server with a low ping every second game, as people vote for the game mode...

For the first time since I bought Mordhau, after 364h online, I fear that I won't be able to enjoy the game anymore. I really hope the game mode will be separated ASAP.


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There is no need to remove them. Modding support should allow to turn them off (or nerf) in custom servers though. Then, anyone can choose appropriate server for his preferences...

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@Goatie said:
At this point I don't see why not. My immersion is already destroyed by skinny naked men throwing firepots yelling 'have at them boys' apparently being mercenaries... It's funny and all but fuck me the game already takes you out of it in so many ways you may as well go a bit fantasy with your level designs and armour as long as its not Elder Scrolls level.

I disagree. Just because immersion isn't perfect doesn't mean we should make it worse.

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You are forgetting one thing. It's not the same: using one weapon for 2h gameplay vs switching your weapon every few minutes. Personally I find it a bit difficult to set my mind into effective use of the slow maul after few games played with quick messer. I believe that is the reason the all-perks-with-no-weapon build is not so common. I rarely can see people with such loadout.

So, I don't think this is an issue at all.

I really like possibility of gathering weapons from the ground. I always pick up axes, to use them for destroying barricades. Or pole arms against horses. It is a good feature making the game more interesting.

21 20

It happens sometimes to me, but very rare (once in say... 10h hours of play?), and with melee. And I've seen some other people doing it. Europe servers.