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  • 12 Apr

It's an SSD.

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  • 10 Apr

I have Mordhau installed on a secondary SSD (Internal, not external). (The D: )

Every time there is an update, it spends about 10 minutes "pre allocating" disk space.

My disk utilization for D: jumps to 99%.
Read speed is around 5kbps
Write speed hovers around 40mbps

Mordhau is the only game with this issue. For instance, this latest update (April 10) is taking around 45 minutes to complete.
What is the patching utility doing exactly?

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  • 2 Sep '19

The 3/3/3 speed penalty from held block shields is applied even if the shield is in hand but not blocking. There is a noticeable running speed difference when I stow away the shield.