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Good marketing, that's why they gave him one I'd imagine. Would be stupid not to.

Always been curious as to what the dev's plans are in regards to how they will market/advertise.

Some of these youtubers are pretty fantastic advertisement on their own, stouty/trix etc

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  • 15 Jan

@Mittsies said:

@Pred said:

@Mittsies said:
The most recent "estimated release" rumor is May 2019.

My guess is that it'll be released somewhere around Fall of 2019, with maybe a short closed/open beta period before then.

Wait a second, I think Crush supposedly maintained Q1 just a few days ago?

It's not like I believe it of course, but it seems like the current timeframe.

aiming for Q1 but a lot of people are under the assumption that is more or less impossible.


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  • 11 Jan


yeah that door kick made me spill my drink

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im drunk

but, i agree with the firepot bit.

firepots advantage against your fort should be the fact that it damages multiple buildings with AOE damage

shouldn't one shot everything, just damage everything a certain amount

happy new year

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i dont browse the forums heaps so maybe someone can give you a clearer answer but i think the developers are working on the technical side of things at the moment to actually make the 'main' frontline gamemode playable (without everyone lagging like crazy)

The maps are gorgeous, and some of them large. Hopefully we get even bigger ones for a 64 player match.

Think they are just focusing on ironing out any issues with releasing a large scale gamemode with large amounts of players.

again, someone might be able to tell you more

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suggest you just search through some of the threads

the changelog thread has heaps of info

scroll around

we have horses, more maps, voice commands, archery, to name a few big things

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  • 19 Dec '18

Yeah, I don't know sometimes. Chivs wonky mechanics produce some absolutely hilarious situations. Mordhaus, not as much. Niether game is bad, or perfectly good, just different.

And the humor/hilarity is sometimes just as big of a part of the game in regards to enjoyment as good solid gameplay and realistic-y combat. It's a fine line I guess. And open to being interpreted differently based on peoples personal preferences and the way they enjoy a game.


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  • 12 Dec '18

@Magnificent Father said:
if they consider more outlandish regions i would hope they include them in a seperate game as the original would end up looking like for honor or some other shit game with no real art direction or design consistency

Yeah, this.

The european styles also just look GOOD. And there is heaps more armour variants they have yet to add from that.

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  • 31 Oct '18

@Jax said:
there's only so much I can do


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  • 19 Sep '18

Yes imo.

As others have already said in Chiv, why would I bother trying to snipe some other archer firing at me from half the map away? he's missing most of his shots so I'll just ignore him and fire on his teammates.

He hits me once? no drama, just hide for a few seconds and regen health. Go back to popping at his mates.

But the Huntsman perk just MAKES you target other archers, because if one of his 20 arrows he shoots at you hits you're fucked.

It's good, encourages you to get rid of other archers. Remove it? I can't get one shotted by that guy up on the tower pelting away? it'll just end up like Chiv, ignore other archers and just mow down melee players.

I think it's great.

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  • 28 Jul '18

@Sir Zombie said:
Check out the Community Dev Blogs

Your guys thread about current information is great Sir Zombie, but it's a perfect example of how the community itself has to somehow hoard information. Instead of the developers posting a thread in the ANNOUNCEMENT forum, about what's going on at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, that thread was interesting but the developers need to take a few minutes, hell that's all it takes, just post a candid bit of info about how they are doing in the ANNOUNCEMENTS forum, to let us know things are happening and what we can potentially lookm forward to.

Absolutely not an advocate of developers hiding/containing information about future updates due to hype etc, we just want communication and a bit of a young update guys.

Don't keep us in the dark, solid 2 or 3 months since Jax's patch note update bloody thing, bit of info between patches won't go astray guys.

Not about keeping the hype going, just letting members of the community/people who support your game know how it's going so they actually visit your forums, instead of cases like mine where it's just like "why should I bother?"

Sure you're busy but a bit more of a shit yarn in the announcement forums would be good guys. Can't take that damn long to write up some sort of update/info about what the current story is.

Keep us interested. This sort of gap between solid info is what keeps people uninterested.

Up to you lot.

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  • 27 Jul '18

Getting to the point where I don't even open the Mord forums for a week or so instead of every other day because I know I won't find (or find easily) any relevant information about how things are going..

Would be nice to see some sort of update/communication in regards to what's being developed/how it's going at the moment posted in the ANNOUNCEMENT forums, keep coming on here and the first thing I see is the same patch 14 announcement glued to the top of the list.

Hell, even if it's just Jax writing a couple sentences about how they are adjusting the chainmail on character models or just.. somethin'

Shouldn't have to sift through heaps of threads to find information about what's going on, or join all these chat things like discord or whatever.

Not complaining... just, .. saying I guess.

Back to Chivalry for now..

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  • 30 Jun '18

I am sure it will be great. Be interesting to see what kinds of limits we will have with the future modding tools.

I'm going to devote every ounce of my energy to creating a mod where you can throw a zweihander like a helicopter blade.

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  • 9 Jun '18

@ohshitsorry said:
I'm silently rooting for Dragon's Dogma 2, should I keep my hopes up?



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  • 7 Jun '18

@marox said:

  • voice commands



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  • 5 Jun '18

that's pretty neat for 5 bucks, nice find!

Is that carved out of wood and painted? I googled it and there is heaps of varied images

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  • 3 Jun '18

@Runagate said:
Some drags are barely dealable with, it's often impossible to anticipate whether to parry early or late. Or am I too bad?

Also, chambers against overheads are improportionately difficult compared to other angles and literally impossible with 240.

Just two small things without that much thought put into saying them


I think you can really disguise drags/accels pretty well in the current patch. I'm not a scientist but just seems there is a sweet spot just before/slightly after release before manipulating attack which makes them fairly hard to decipher. But I think they are changing something with drags next patch anyway

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  • 31 May '18

When you said "cycle through broadhead or bodkin"

The first thing that came to mind was being able to have say 10 bodkin arrows and 10 broadheads, and be able to switch between those arrows depending on the situation. Would be neat, instead of stuck with one arrow type.

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  • 17 May '18

New players get scared away

I don't know anything about coding etc, but it'd be really cool to have a really solid tutorial with a bot that can perform things like accelerated attacks and drags, even just simple ones, make it chamber strikes and maybe move out of range of your attack.

1 - Basic controls

2 - Attacking and parrying

3 - Accels and drags etc blahblahblah

Be neat to be put in a scenario where a bot will stand stationary and do a mixture of drags, accels, and regular speed strikes from different directions and the new player has to become accustomed to the speed and timing.

Just thinkin'