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  • 15 Sep

@Tr0gledyte said:

If I'm missing something, please let me know.

two hands.jpg

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  • 15 Sep

just play naked rat with maul and a beartrap or some short spears

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  • 20 Aug

literally nobody besides meme boys main it for duels

because its a bad weapon

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  • 20 Aug

would settle for just more communication at this point, can bite my tongue when it comes to updates a bit because the devs obviously all work remotely from the north pole down to the bahamas or whatever, but the communication feels so nonexistent. just jump on these forums to look for a bit of info and it ends with a sigh and clicking the little x on the browser

lastnight was the first time i played mordhau in 10 entire days

in the span of those 10 days i just played fucking


and had fun

i thought we had a community manager now

where is he

where is anyone

im off to grind 120 slayer have fun guys

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i suggest just taking a break

i love mordhau for a day or two then i fucking fucKING FUKn hate it for a few days then i like it for a few hours then hate FKNG HATE IT for a day then love it for a weekend then


go play another game for a bit m8

or if you just hate it 24/7 uninstall it

or moan on the forums more

maybe crush will fix it for you

i dont know

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first person best

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  • 31 Jul

No text walls, just state one thing you love, and one thing you hate.

Take this free template.

I really enjoy:

I really dislike:

I really enjoy Greatsword, good animations, good drags and accels, nice stamina drain, just a respectful duel weapon that I don't feel like I'm bullshitting my way through a fight. Based GS best weapon. Feels so balanced and respectful in comparison to most everything else.

I really dislike, not having a toggle option to disable peoples battlecries in the audio menu.

Have at em'


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  • 31 Jul

maining bastard sword


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Empress 349 847
  • 31 Jul

1420 hrs, don't know how many are after release.

Like... 40 hours on Frontline, rest duels.


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  • 26 Jul

have to say the bit at the end of the video got me hyped

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  • 24 Jul

@Quadsword said:
Horses have a massive hitbox that extends well past the model. I've had so many times where it looked like I was in the clear and timed a strike correctly, but I get clipped by the gigantic invisible hitbox and my swing gets interrupted. It's really friggin' annoying.


just watch someone with a bilhook think to himself (yeah ill sit this cunt on his arse, come at me nerd)

then just get flinched

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we know

I won't bash it too much, but I just hate dieing to RNG and meme crap.

Random archers potshot gets me

Catapult potshots

Horses from behind 1 shotting me

Flinched from horse then scrollwheel'd by shield rapier turtle boi

shield bois making 1vX boring as fuck

naked guy throwing firebombs

naked guy throwing javelins

gambled because everyones a noob and just keeps swinging

nobody really plays the objective

nobody defends a captured point ( literally no incentive to stay there, so once everyone waddles off to the next one naked
lute guy whips out from behind a house and caps it again, enemy team spawns there again zzzzzzzz)

RNG trebushits on camp


spear stab spammers

lute bois on horses

maps too open, too much space for massive clusterfucks of LMB and horses and firepots and garbage, need some tigher areas to fight in

grad literally only decent map

no incentive or reason for anyone to try flank/ take a path other than the one the entire idiot team keeps funneling themselves into

literally was with 9 team members fighting off like 7 enemies, and enemy horse comes flying through us and smashes his face into a wall. ENTIRE TEAM turns around and lmbs the horse, 2 blokes got teamkilled. The 7 enemies just stomped us, i just couldnt even turn my camera away from the absolute retardation lol and pressed end key and ragequit back to duels

nobody has any real reason to try work as a team (or incentive, cause you need rewards now to play as a fucking team )

half team is playing as naked rodents

would win more games if everyone was 3/3/3 greatsword



literally just the air is filled with flying shit you're basically filling your characters lungs with arrows and swords when he breathes never getting a decent amount of time using the games nice melee mechanics before you're sent to the respawn screen by random shit

absolutely just cannot have fun playing FL personally

1.4k hours spent like 40 out of those on FL rest on duels

sad times

end halfdrunk rant

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  • 23 Jul

@Goatie said:
I'd still rather a good looking dev map


Come on, even a bland, flat, barren map (which is absolutely ideal) is wanted.

It doesn't have to be fancy, just like. Contraband, with walls around all the sides, and a flat area without all the pillars and shit.


Please, it's so difficult to find other players who aren't engaged in duels on most of your maps, it's just a case of swerving through heaps of shit to find someone. And once you find them, there is no room to fight due to heaps of clutter.

One simple, flat, uncluttered duel map.


It's like, the most popular unofficial game mode people play.

And people only play

Frontline and Duels (player hosted)

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  • 23 Jul

mate you have literally not even given any examples of whatever you find wrong with the game

obviously haven't read jax's recent dev blog (good job jax next devblog 2021? :3 )

if u get mad at sword game i have a good tip for you :3

use the parry move, it's on the right mouse button

if u dont know how to parry that ogre with the rake, try watching his rake and using the parry move

goodluck friend

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  • 23 Jul

They will add it

Maybe the wording of that just comes across wrong, they are probably trying to say they are currently working on the base content of the game, maps, modes, etc. And they will -look into- getting started working on the mod tools somewhere further down the line.

chillax bro

massive shitstorm if it never happens

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  • 23 Jul

Sounds great.

Probably something that'll likely end up getting modded if it's ever seen in-game, but surely a slice of fun most people would enjoy playing for a bit.

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  • 20 Jul

Lives in a fantasy world

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  • 15 Jul

tfw cant relate to horse threads cus don't play shitty frontline mode and main superior melee god player hosted duel servers

thats where ur problem begins

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  • 13 Jul

buff shields


didnt even read your post

smfh play a 2h for a few hundred hours and duel some competent shield 'users' it's boring and slow and just the non shield idiot having to read everything and just spam attacks to outstam

wtf lol, let them block... while attacking?

lol what