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I think it's some sort of bug, I've had it happen to me about 3 or 4 times over the past few months, I just put it down to lag or maybe my weapons hitting someone throwing an attack behind/near me and I'm somehow getting a clash off it (probably unlikely) and didn't think much of it.

It's like he's getting a clash, off the opponent's parry. The same thing happened to me.

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I'm sure this has been suggested before but I'll say it again anyway,

It would be really cool to be able to perform some of the stances displayed in the armory menu, which vary depending on the weapon you have chosen.

They are really aesthetic and it would be nice to be able to perform these in-game, while recording a demo, to get some really nice screenshots.

I think by default the greatsword is planted into the ground and held vertically in one hand, the default stances are great for the weapons, but a bit of variety would be nice too.

Just a suggestion

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  • 25 Nov '19

Foot drags were not even an issue bro

Get the odd weird one but just looking down and parrying, or jumping as you mentioned worked fine. And it is a powerful drag.

Can still do it in my 50 odd minutes of earlier gameplay but felt harder and not sure if opponenet was just fucking up their parries.

I literally just can't comprehend why they want to basically nerf drags, make parrys and chambers even easier than they were before and just turn the whole gameplay into a spam feint morph fucking gamble stamina fest

over it

revert this

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  • 25 Nov '19

T3 legs do 20 damage on kick.

I support the change I think.

Countless times losing by stamina wars cause fuckers just gamble kick into me when I wind up a drag.
Saw way too many people kicking past few months.

Yet since T3 does 20 damage, and most meta weapons seem to take 2-3 hits to kill like greatsword to T3, will we see even more kick gombles from thirsty individuals?

I don't know.

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Empress 382 896
  • 24 Nov '19

I would ignore them at this point, Wolf, as people state they can be one-shot if you can bother endeavoring to do it, and it's considerably more comfortable with killing them than it was months earlier.

Beyond getting lanced from behind, I propose allowing those 5-8 teammates who disregard entirely anything else that is going on in favor of mashing LMB at the horsey, frequently team killing each other in the process, do the task for you.

I have embraced this distinct strategy, and it has enhanced my RNGLine experience considerably.

Kind regards,

Your friend


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  • 19 Nov '19

@LoBurattinovuolevino said:
Jesus why the hell would you want more than 60 FPS to play this game?

you have a long hard road ahead of you son

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  • 7 Nov '19

@Chizzler said:
I literally play indie games to get away from the bullshit. But this game is complete bullshit and it doesn't need to be at all. There's just no excuse. No acceptable excuse anyway. Jax trots out the old "we are bad with timelines" thing every now and then and most of you eat it up every time. Which is pathetic cause that's literally not an excuse. It's just an acknowledgement that they are shit at their fucking jobs, and that they plan to continue on being shit at them, despite the community.

Jax thinks a CM's job us just showing up randomly every now and then to remind us how the game is actually fine and the devs are wonderful men.
Maybe throw a fucking event, retard.

@esturias said:

Would you mind explaining that?


how many hours do u have

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  • 7 Nov '19

ahhh to be honest if you got kicked off an official like frontline/invasion server

i'd just fucking get over it mate

systems pretty good, always gonna get some BS kicks

i tend to just vote yes most of the time when i play official just to get the fucking kick screen menu thing off my actual screen

couldn't care less nobody mentions a reason before kicking so like

get that shit off my screen bud

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  • 7 Nov '19

If anything free to play weekends like a lot of steam games do

Often seem to be a pretty good concept

Atleast in Chiv you would see the player base boost up for a short time after it, then everyone ragequits

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  • 7 Nov '19

@Humble Staff said:

@Runagate said:
Remove held blocks

Or make held blocks have to aim where they block.


Make their block/parry fucking whatever bubble not massive like parry is in general

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  • 7 Nov '19

Why would it be free?

It's a very polished, aesthetically pleasing game with pretty great melee mechanics and gamepllay in general

Only a fucking idiot would sell this shit for free

It's not Fortnite bud

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  • 5 Nov '19

pop into thread

original post by original poster

next post by original poster?

that shits so disgusting like edit ur main post wtf

how can anyone take someone seriously who does that


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  • 4 Nov '19

Hope someone responds, because sets of rules for tourneys obviously exist, I cannot find the ones I saw before though.

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  • 2 Nov '19

I just wanted the thing we had in alpha

Unrestricted face slider options so we can have giant goblin heads

That was hilarious

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  • 1 Nov '19

Always impressed how tattoo artists can do shading like that.

Pretty sick

Cut ur damn toe nails cunt

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  • 28 Oct '19

The best map so far.

It's the kind of map I think everyone expected to play in a 'main game mode' on Mordhau on release.

It feels great.

Can't really comment on balance in regards to what team has the advantage, but the map is awesome. Played it last night and just had a really good vibe, fights were going on all over the place, people flanking around all the different access routes etc.

Only thing it could really use is some more sound effects, make it more atmospheric instead of just the normal parry/hit sound effects and all the foppish laughs.

A+ good job

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  • 22 Oct '19

It's just the fucking communication

As to what's going on, we don't need dates anymore.

We just need someone to tell us or show us what's happening in regards to development, screenshots of maps/information on weapon changes/why those are being changed.

When Jax became Community Manager I had so much hope for this. But man you guys can't keep a community and your game alive with infrequent communication and bareballs answers to questions, a weekly update with just a paragraph and some random pictures of what the art devs are doing on one of the maps. What changes are happening in regards to weapons and why they are changing.

I honestly don't play Mordhau much anymore. just log in and the games the same as it was months ago, with no information about what's going to happen, or when it's going to happen. (when isn't so important, just knowing what the story is)

Joined the Official Discord like last week, and saw screenshots of some of the maps and crap that was being worked on.

Why the fuck can't someone post that shit here? just delete the forums and post everything on Discord if that's what it takes.

Official Forums


Fuck you man

Love this game but just absolutely over this bullshit, absolutely no reason to browse these forums other than to read threads about gold/xp loss and chuckling at the frequent shitposters.


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  • 22 Oct '19

That's the fucking shit part though

You separate both game modes, and everyone only ever queues for one. You queue for the other? enjoy playing with 17 people on Frontline.

Invasion in my personal opinion is more enjoyable, it's more action oriented, less walking to find a fight. Invasion is the only game mode where I've ever played the objective. Beyond like Taiga where you haul TNT barrels or someshit to a minecart because no fucker will ever help you get it there.

Yeah I don't even know anymore.

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  • 22 Oct '19

Atleast in Oceania AU/NZ. Peak hours, to get a match at like diamond 1 you're waiting between 5-20 minutes, and often just end up fighting the same person as before.

And it's really not satisfying, because most of the best players don't even play it anymore, so you're essentially fighting random people who have just got their MMR from the initial 10 duels most of the time, gone straight to Plat or Diamond. So it's just exhausting to even try play it. Had heaps of good solid matches with people, it felt more intimate than player hosted duels. But then you come across the random arse gambler cunt who just gets you from absolute bullshit tactics and it's like "ah well, right-o. Just queue up for another 20 minutes."

It's actually legit fun, playing it when you're in a match.

But I suppose a small playerbase (oceania more than others) increases queue times, and in turn, keeps people at bay from even playing it. And that in turn, increases queue times because nobody fucking plays it.

Ah well. Pub duels are fine anyway, just everyone and their fucking mother votes all these cluttered maps 24/7

Fuck contraband

It would be great to be able to queue for ranked duels, but also join like a Frontline match, or whatever server you want. And when a match is made for you in ranked, some shit pops up and you can quickly join the ranked match. That'd get more people doing it instead of queueing and watching netflix on your other fucking monitor.

Man I called this shit too, dead set cunt. What a shame.