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Empress 318 777
  • 17 Jun

@NuclearWinter said:
Well, I've seen a lot of crap in duels and I couldn't care less if you can "git gud" and learn how to counter it, it's still crap. Mordhau promised drags would be very minor yet they're as powerful as they were in Chivalry, you can hide attack animations in several ways, do almost 360º attacks etc etc. Also, saying you won't see those gimmicks in higher level gameplay is bullshit, everyone will use and abuse them just like they did in Chivalry.

Mordhau's combat may have less problems, but they're still annoying. People will learn how to master even more exploits in the future, and I don't expect these problems to be fixed because veteran players would get pretty angry. Everyone except the most dedicated players will lose interest once they see that much crap in combat, playerbase diminishes, game becomes known for it's exploitable combat... it's Chivalry all over again.

You know what a drag is right? yeah so pretty much every animation I've seen in 1.2k Hours is readable, some weapons a wee bit wonky, some weapons a wee bit too draggy. But none of them are REALLY overpowered as fuck or wonky to the point they are OP as hell. It's just learning the animations for those weapons really.

I really want a video to explain what you're actually talking about.

My friend Egatron in AU was always a spastic helicopter in Chiv well not spatic, but had really solid drags and accels coupled with Chivs reverses and backswings. But even when he didn't do any of that he was a solid as fuck player, he was kinda doing his age old helicopter moves the other night. And whilst it was a bit confusing, I quickly realized he can't see shit when he does any of that and swiftly returned him to the respawn menu. But ahh, half the time he got me. No biggie, but the fact is his wonky animations don't really apply to a high skill ceiling. You don't need to spin ur mouse 360 degrees to do a really good drag or accel.

It's more like a smooth, very quick flick of your mouse. All whilst having a beautiful, clear view of the person in front of you.

Who you're probably going to murder.

Spazzy players are just relying on a gimmick.

They will soon realize it won't get them too far.

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  • 17 Jun

so if two random idiot teammates of mine just SEAGULL onto my opponenet and my lmb ends up chopping their stupid heads off because they don't have anything in their noggins because they just run straight infront of my swing

i get to sit in respawn for an entire minute?

na m8

play on good playerhosted servers with active admins

u realise there isnt really admins on official servers yea

chat doesnt need filter u just need to stop staring at it and watch that naked guy with the zweihander gunning for ur legs

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  • 17 Jun

i want video evidence of this

calling bullshit on you unpatient noobs

if you're just talking about people spinning around and crap before they enter release

then you just need to git gud tbh


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  • 17 Jun

what do you want done about it? or to do about it?

FL sucks

BR sucks

Horde sucks

Player hosted Duel servers are awesome (only gamemode worth playing)

Other than that games fine

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  • 14 Jun

I approve of this

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  • 14 Jun

ooga booga

caveman no patient caveman no watch enemy

no keep smooth mouse movement and gud distaance 2 read atack and feint or morph

caveman potentially twitchy RMB hero

have bad time

try have good time


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  • 13 Jun

pst guys




gues wat lol...

its a video game

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Can someone post a video or something of this

I've seen people

  1. Spin around/do some wonky shit before winding up an attadck
  2. Jumping and spinning around before attacking

Both of those are gambley as fuck because they can't see what I'm doing

  1. Do massive zwei stab drags ( i like these they are sick as fuck )

  2. Over exaggerate things like feints, doing the typical chiv spazzily lean forward and feint an overhead etc

Everything but 3 isn't really needed to play well or do good drags or feints etc, and has drawbacks in the sense they require unsmooth mouse movements, and losing sight of your opponenet ect, and at a high level of play it's just a dumb thing to do because people get used to it and aren't really phased.

I fell for this naked guy jumping around the other night, but realised if I just kept my distance and played how I should one shot to his head would get rid of him.

Other than that what the fuck are u on about mate

Want some video proof of really abusive animation shit

edit: in edit menu... my points are number 1, 2,3,4 but in the actual comment they are 1,2... 1,2


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  • 10 Jun

@Dialectic said:
I love that all of this debate goes on when you can just turn the chat off.

turn off chat

kick idiot

continue play sword game



fuck me just get over it and play the game

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  • 10 Jun

Yeah well Lionheart, there needs to be SOMETHING involved with playing with a shield that makes you have to seriously deal with feints/morphs/chambers/chamber feints/chamber morph feints/drags/accels.

Literally all you can do to kill someone with a shield is

  1. Spam accels and outstam the player (zzzzzzzz) taking every opportunity of them hesitating to get an extra hit in to stam them out quicker

  2. Kick them, which is suddenly not the most viable and best thing to do considering kick range is nerfed, and shield backpedal speed increased. It feels gambley unless you are 100% sure you are in range. And even then it feels like you're not always guarenteed a hit from like an accel stab

  3. Stab around the shield (????) players better than me in AU/NZ reckon they can do this but I call bullshit in regards to how consistently you can actually do it.

  4. Punish misses

  5. Footwork/matrix out of range into a stab or something

Literally it's stamina wars, or punishing a less skilled players faulty attacks. Fighting someone who knows what they are doing is a completely different story, they have a fortress of defense, and a fully stocked room of ammunition to use against you.

Don't really know how shields should be changed or balanced, somewhere in my head I figure they should have to hold their block in the direction of the swing like a parry. Bah don't even know.

It's honestly to the point where I see someone with a shield and it's like,

"I really can't be fucked, I really don't feel like fighting that is interesting, enjoyable, fun, or in general going to end up with me having a really fun skill based melee duel"





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  • 10 Jun


Hmm, 7 people AU/NZ with royal helmet as far as I know. 6/7 all know eachother but God Emperor is an unknown rogue. Need to get us all in a match for some sick screenshots.

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  • 10 Jun

can u like press enter a few times after typing a sentence

it just like makes it was easier to read


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  • 10 Jun

its time

to breathe projectiles

hope you've got big lungs

the age old enemy will be reborn

let the lords of chaos rule

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Honestly, I still feel shield was implemented, and has been implemented and changed poorly.

It's just honestly so, ... boring to fight them. There is literally not much else you should really do but spam accels at every opportunity to outstam them, kicks have been nerfed a bit, and shield players can now backpedal a bit faster.

Fought a naked kite shield user today and just couldn't hit him, wasn't gonna gamble anything, but it ended up being nothing but stamina wars, I was forced to keep hitting him to get rid of the shield, he backpedaled out of every kick attempt, maybe 2 or 3 in the course of the fight. I was punished twice for it with a stab.

In the end I won from stamina wars, but it just wasn't even fun.

It was literallty just him blocking anything I could do with no skill involved, there was no reason for me to drag or accell to any sort of extent unless I saw him miss an attack I knew I could accel into etc.



As fuck

2 minutes to kill a naked shield user, you can attack my level of skill sure, but fuck me I'm pretty good this time around, and nobody should have that level of defensive power, that requires no skill, yet lets you use offensive tactics just the same as 1h/2hm weapons can.




Over it

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I am curious how competitive matchmaking will work considering rank in this game doesn't really reflect how skilled a player is, compared to how chivalrys ranks where calculated. Which was just amount of kills.

Empress 318 777

To be frank, votekick needs to be an easily accessible menu based thing, not having to open console and fucking spam lines of shit just to kick some bloke with a weird arse name.

And for admins on servers, again, a menu based thing, not having to type crap into console just to find a way to kick some cunt then type another line of shit.

Don't know about official servers, but hell some popular player hosted ones'll do just fine if enough admins are around.

Official has always and will be a clusterfuck of noobs doing whatever they want.

Better UI/Menus for initiating a votekick. Hell, even let the votekicker type a sentence explaining why he initiated the kick or something.

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It is just a game.

I find it EXTREMELY enjoyable.

Maybe you don't

Maybe, just maybe

It is not for everyone.

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so just found out that this game (mordhau) is gonna have dragging or feints... Wow. so i guess you want another broken♥♥♥♥♥♥game like chiv? ok... thats fine, because im not going to buy it. you're game is going to be dead on first day because everyone who played chiv will see this and know its broken too... i see 1 drag or feint and the game is dead. did you really think you could just make a copy of chiv and keep broken drags and feints and nobody wound know? im glad i did not go kickstarter and im glad the game is dead because devs are just ripping people off and making another broken game.

[Friday 12:43 PM]
"meh, game doesnt take itself too seriously but for some reason the more i play the more i hate it"
"Nice game but the combat is not realistic at all."Believable fights: A game where fights look believable, MORDHAU strikes a balance between gameplay and realism."Tactics that guarantee winning a duel.1) Helicoptering: Swing your big♥♥♥♥♥sword around as much as possible.2) People faint all the time because fainting and attacking is faster than blocking twice.3) Move as much as possible like a rat on steroids.4) Don't bother with parrying aka blocking an attack with an attack, it will not reward you. 5) Keep spamming attacks you most likely won't run out of stamina."

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  • 31 May

@stopwithchivalrycrap said:
"Bad" words are the least of the problems on this game.

yeah u hit the head on the nail there

someone feinted me today

god absolutely disgusting

as we all know feints are used by only the most desperate of players, seriously this guy can't win without feints, abusing a mechanic that was never meant to be in the game. disgusting rat