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1) With poleaxe, if you morph from slash to stab, it will frequently just randomly "re-morph" back to a slash (i.e double morph?) which throws off everyone's timing and just messes up duels.

test procedure: play with poleaxe, slash into stab morph, and watch as the game tilts you back to bots.
Tested on a player owned server and in ranked mode (rip poleaxe i guess, good riddance it was broken op anyway).

2) Ranked mode OCE servers are hot shit. Sorry, no other way to put it. Red parry after red parry - game becomes nearly unplayable.

test procedure: play OCE ranked.

3) Chambering - long weapons will chamber off of attacks that would have missed anyway, so instead of letting you punish your opponent with footwork, you just chamber giving him an easy reset and taxing you 10 stam.

I dont know if this is intentional, but it's a stupid mechanic - takes a lot of skill out of footwork and makes it more reliant on very lucky windows (thanks to bad servers).

Basically your chamber procs on an attack thats far away and swung passed you.

I have this happen the most with the zweihander against shorter weapons.