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I am unable to see my server in the server list, or connect directly using "open".

This was working fine for a while. Trouble started a couple weeks ago and I didnt have time to mess with it. I am running a VPS on Linode, and have opened ports configuring iptables via ufw and opened both TCP and UDP just in case...

[[email protected]][~]> sudo ufw status
Status: active

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
80                         ALLOW       Anywhere
443                        ALLOW       Anywhere
22                         ALLOW       Anywhere
64777                      ALLOW       Anywhere
7777/udp                   ALLOW       Anywhere
27015/udp                  ALLOW       Anywhere
15000/udp                  ALLOW       Anywhere
7777                       ALLOW       Anywhere
27015                      ALLOW       Anywhere
7778/udp                   ALLOW       Anywhere
7778                       ALLOW       Anywhere

Am I missing any ports? I am not getting any errors in the server process. I can see that is picking up the correct public IP and is listening on 7777 and 15000 based on the server output.

Here is the output from lsof:

MordhauSe 10226         steam   15u  IPv4 5899828      0t0  UDP *:27015
MordhauSe 10226         steam   17u  IPv4 5900668      0t0  UDP *:7777
MordhauSe 10226         steam   19u  IPv4 5900669      0t0  UDP *:15000
MordhauSe 10226         steam   21u  IPv4 5899839      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

Anyone have ideas of things I could try?

RESOLVED: it seems like the server needs to be ping-able (respond to ICMP echo). I had an old lingering firewall rule that disabled this.