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apparently ping goes up when there are a"lot" of people in the server... also i added bots to my servers and it seems that bots effect your ping too, when i add 100 bots my ping jumps from 20 to 80-90. this is NOT acceptable

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well this is not a bug or a glitch but all forums but this one are down i guess (?)
i live in israel, playing games from there on europe servers is usually fine (league of legends, cs go, rust etc...) but like full frontline servers always boost your ping to 100-120+ (high ping in this game can also reduce your fps it seems, no matter how low you set the video settings) so you are left with almost empty duelyard servers with 70-90 ping depends on how full are they...

i really like the game. i played chivalry, i have watched all the content of mordhau on youtube since early alpha and i have 350 hours on steam, im like IN LOVE with the game so i tought oh well i cant just quit, lets try posting about it :\
will we (middle east) ever get dedicated servers for frontline\invasion?