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I've been trying to get a dedicated server working for a while now. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to join it.

I am on Windows server 2012. The log says the server is listening on port 7777, but nmap says port 7777, 15000, and 27015 are closed. Netstat -a does not show any of the ports listening. Windows firewall is disabled completely. I have other applications (Plex/Emby) and those ports (tcp/8096/8920) are listening just fine, but Mordau is not. All settings are vanilla. No changes have been made besides for the admin password and server password (I've tried with no changes already).

I am attempting to connect through LAN, so port forwarding shouldn't be relevant (I've already forwarded the ports anyways). I've already tried running as administrator (even though I am administrator) with no effect. There does not appear to be any errors in the log. The last entry is "LogMordhauGameSession: Session GameSession successfully created". A copy of the log is here:

To connect, I've tried "open", "open", "open" on a host in the same local subnet ( but the game does not join and gives no feedback on what the status of the attempt is. The server does not appear in the LAN section of the server browser either.

It seems like there is a bug with the dedicated server software. I am not sure what it is yet though. If anyone has any suggestions that would be very welcomed!

Thank you!