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  • 28 Aug '19

I don't think so, I've seen many people with the same problem in the forums, It appears to be a problem with my Steam account.
But as I said, I solved It just by unplugging the ethernet cable from my PC each time I start a new match.
A little annoying, but It works.

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  • 25 Aug '19

If annyone's having the same problem I solved it by unpliging my PC from the router, after doing this a few times I can finnaly spawn and the "High packet loss" dissapears, buuuuuuuuuuut I have to do it every time a match starts.
A little annoying but I can actually play the game now.
Hope this helps.

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  • 24 Aug '19

I keep getting the "Timed out while waiting for steam inventory" and the infinite "High packet loss" problems, can't even enter most matches, I just have to keep changing server until the problem fixes itself only to return the moment the next match starts.
Is there someone here who knows how to fix this?

Or can somebody tell me if this problem is getting fixed in the next patch?