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What I find particularly dumb about this whole thing is that it seems like they've dumped the majority of the last 4 months into a ranked mode that they no longer have the playerbase to support.

There's what? 3k average players now? Assume that after the first week hype that 1000 are in Frontline, 500 on duel servers, 200 on Horde, 200 on BR, and another 100 just idling on menu. That leaves maybe 1000 people in the ranked ecosystem. With 30 ranks that's roughly 33 per rank.

Assume that 70% of those people are Diamond+ (since there's no new blood in the game), then that leaves 300 people over the remaining 20 ranks or 15 people per rank below Diamond.

If they do it properly with MMR, each rank will be broken down even further. Hell, in Rocket League which has 60k+ online, I keep playing the same people over and over in ranked a lot of the time.

Even if the update comes out and the population goes up, if the current development cycle continues, we'll just end up where we're at or worse. Basically, it isn't sustainable. I also don't believe that the playerbase will favor ranked duels over the shenanigans, lutebots, and community of duel servers.

TLDR; They just burned 4 months creating a mode that doesn't have the players to support it