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You almost never see them, and for good reasons:

  1. The ballista takes forever to be built up, it has horrid projectile speed and limited angle and often you just end up getting shot or the fight has progressed somewhere else. And for some reason you cannot place it half the time. So it's only really useful at chokepoints. If you buff the ballista, its utility will remain about the same at chokepoints but it also becomes decent elsewhere.
  2. You don't get assist points for someone else using your ballista, you can't build siege engines and there are hardly any preset structures that you could contribute to building up so you aren't rewarded.

For the longevity of the game it's not a good idea to neglect alternative playstyles.

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Only master engineers are allowed to wear chaperones. Present your license immediately.


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Some of you might have played deadliest warrior, and will remember how at the end of the match they would list players who got the top score in various combat roles, for an example, "berserker" for most kills + deaths, squire for most assists and so on. This would be fun in mordhau, but it can be expanded upon further to really act as a carrot for the players.

Imagine if you could earn a metal emblem to be used in place of the ordinary emblems if you've achieved the top score for any one combat role enough times. You'd earn 1 point every time you achieve the top position, and with enough points you would eventually unlock the emblem.

Some examples:

Medic: most heals, a metallic medic cross as the reward
Artilleryman: most catapult kills
Marksman: most archery kills
Weapon specific or weapon type specific achievements, such as most kills with swords, etc.

It could further add to the longevity of the game with relatively little expense.