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muh spear
i can't be trusted to do anything but spam stabs and hammer the Q key

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alt. idea:
Hand cannons as a hybrid melee/ranged implement (possessing a spiked end a la some 14th century examples).
Shoot at close range, then altmode to club people with it. Reloading would be a long cool down a la the War of the Roses guns (on the order of 10-15 seconds).

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@CarnifeX said:
i still hope they nerf longrange shiz into nirvana, and then these guys come up with such ideas... one hell of a forum ^^

More than they already have? Chiv had archer options that could reliably onehit its light classes' torsos; the most powerful (raw damage wise) long-ranged weapon in Mordhau, the crossbow, deals 60 at absolute most (unarmored torso) discounting headshots. Archers are relegated to assists and counter-archery for the most part. That seems like a good choice.

Nerfing them further runs contrary to the Frontline/Invasion aim of grand battles with all sorts of options; if you really can't stand their presence, and prefer your individual skill and melee, why not play ranked or any other mode where they're already not present/banned (as are fire bombs, horses, engineers, artillery, etc.)

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@Papagenu said:
Seriously, who in the right mind would suggest this for a game such as Mordhau? I'm not trying to be an ass here, but are you trolling? You're trolling, right? You must be trolling!

It's a perfectly fine suggestion, if one that is almost impossible to properly balance- there's nothing disingenuous or malicious in the original poster bringing it up.

As far as the material at hand. Arquebuses, muskets, and any sort of self ignited gun are absolutely out of context for Mordhau. At the very best I could see them as map pickups, but even then what amounts to an armor-piercing hitscan crossbow would be cancer of the worst order. As something like a crossbow skin, though, I'd be fine with it (indeed, would go nicely w/ a Landsknecht build).

Hand cannons as regular weapons would work; perhaps fulfilling a "portable artillery" niche. You'd have to set them on a surface or wall to get the best usage, with either heavy sway or entirely disabled otherwise; and being hand ignited there'd be a "windup" of sorts so it wouldn't be terribly point and shoot. Maul of the ranged weapons, basically; with a high point cost and fairly low ammo as a matter of course.

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realism mode:
you have been standing in front of the castle on grad for 2 months waiting for them to be starved out. you are taking a piss when a handgunner comes up to the ramparts and takes aim. you double over in pain, you have been shot in the taint. your wound mortifies and you die of the resultant blood poisoning in four days.

I'd still play tho

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New Doc 2019-09-07 19.56.33_1.jpg
dead lad, made last night in 4.5 minutes when I had no idea what to draw

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i take shits more impressive than that

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need to be perm banned for life

sounds like you're a bit thin skinned, no?

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add wojtek, but also add all weapons and cosmetics up to WW2

and replace horses with T-26

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well, look on the bright side of things
now people will call you a smurf instead of a chiv neckbeard :^)

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@Mittsies said:
2h elitists win again

archertards on suicide watch

one day the handcannoncaust will come to pass and we'll shut your dirty lying 2h mouths for good

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@Rergato said:
Hey, dipwad, you want to get good at Mordhau? Practice, bitch ass. Stupid fucking idiot, practice, don't come back to these forums until you know how to be good. Dispicabel.

this but unironically

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@esturias said:
You shouldn't build this around the huntsman perk. It's a stupid perk and I still hope that it gets changed or removed...

Don't think it'd too terribly affect the weapon even without it. An archer is still faster on the draw, more mobile, and more able to follow up his shots rapidly than a gunner.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
If a whole team were US Marines, couldn't, theoretically, one decent archer take them all out since they're weak to huntsman, have no armor and conventional archers shoot faster?

This's my intent- where handgonnes are superior for anti-cavalry and anti-armor work, archers can outshoot them and with Huntsman clean house. You don't bring a handgonne to just replace your regular archer build; it's no musket.

In other news: Just rewrote/drew the suggestion to clean things up a bit, improve wording and visuals, and include new content and rebalances. Included a set of concepts (tiller gonne, bombard, and serpentine arquebus) at the bottom for further debate. Not sure how well balanced or useful these latter ideas are, but I'd be happy to hear everyone's thoughts.

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aye I'm gonna look away from this dude trying to stab me what's the worse that can happen
wew wait he didn't block that at all

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@esturias said:
Also no point in making it a crossbow with higher damage and changed animations, it needs some more dedicated mechanics.

Valid point. Some things I've recently thought of: bullet physics, steadying, and crosshairs

  • Because it's a round shot fired at low velocity, the bullet ought to suffer damage and velocity falloff at range (compared to the more aerodynamic arrows). Increased gravity effect on the slowing ball could come into account too. In exchange, its close range damage could be increased.
  • The handgonne requires one hand to ignite and the other to hold, so it should be fairly shaky and hard to aim normally, like a crossbow at the end of its sweet spot. When standing or crouching in front of a surface such as a watchtower window, you could steady the gun against the surface. This'd allow far more stable aiming. In this regard the handgonne could be thought of as a sort of semi-artillery weapon between the bows and the mounted weapons, justifying its high price.
  • Crosshair could be extremely wide or even nonexistent when wielding regularly, narrowing to regular size when steadied (as you can at least aim down the barrel instead of hip firing).
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shields are already a guaranteed way of fucking yourself over in a duel vs. anyone moderately skilled (read: not in frontline), they're only useful in big mobs where you've got arrows and spears flying about

if anything's to be done about shields it should be a complete rework so they're not shittily designed crutches that fuck you over anywhere outside of frontlines

i recall one suggestion where you'd have them get both a regular parry and a longer windup bulwark mode that wasn't so easy to rape with kicks, might be an option. that or some kind of shield bash

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@KonyHawkProSlaver said:
And Deadliest Warrior sucked.

aye that's literally what I said

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@Budd said:

@Antoniokontos said:
billhook and spikes

you know people can stop on the horse right? You're completely lying to your self about the state of the game, horses are by far one of the biggest reasons the player base went from 60,000 to 5,000 players in 4 months. The games dying because its not fun, players don't feel like they died because its they're own fault and their abilities they believe because horses are completely broken. Crossroads may be easier to counter with things such as throwables and bow but even then you have no way to block the swing or stab what so ever. Its worse on other maps where everyone is clumped together ( ex: Grad, in between Stables and farm.) and there's no way in hell i'm going to block the riders attack and get out alive.

This game is fucking amazing and has so much potential but its dying, its in a horrible condition and there needs to be fixes and balances, the only people who don't believe so are the die hard fans from the alpha and release that abuse the broken aspects of the game and think its fine because they're not dying from unfair mechanics and want nothing more than edgy cosmetics.

If Mordhau keeps catering to high level play the games not going to survive to see an anniversary with more than 1k players.

The games fucking dying and it needs help.

Honestly, there's little wrong with the game's high level play. What ought to be done is addressing the atrocious beginner introduction to the game. The lack of matchmaking by level means that a lot of people jump in, get shit stomped for 2 days by elite players in frontlines, and uninstall. This is compounded by some poor balance choices- horses and Crossroads blue team are a meme by now, but I guarantee they've lead to quite a few people putting down the game.

Frontlines itself is a crappy gamemode. It teaches you the best way to win is by using your teammates as ablative armor while spamming a long-reach weapon, or failing that use a shield to block 200 blows coming at you from a crowd of enemies. In gamemodes more focused on single combat and your individual skill- duels, deathmatch, skirmish, etc.- you end up unprepared. Mordhau is not easy to learn, hard to master a la TF2; it's got a sky-high skill ceiling and you get no booster seat. That itself is fine, but having the main gamemode train you how not to play the game isn't.