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If it's a custom map, I've had constant problems trying to play demorec. Vanilla maps work great; sometimes Courtyard Night will be okay -- but I've gotten any of Squack's maps (admintools or not) to be able to work in demorec. In order for them to even load, I need to load the demorec immediately after recording it. And I have one shot to clip whatever I want, because it will not open a second time.

If I load immediately into any other map than Courtyard Night, the screen gets fried with random colors--even though I can still move the camera.

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Feinting a riposte. Dead giveaway.

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Bring back the Wessex/reverse recent patch combat changes

The choice of patching out a specific attack in a category of attacks is arbitrary. If the concern is for “normal combat,” then why not remove waterfalls, massive toe drags, 3rd person cheezing, instant accels, etc?

It is logically inconsistent to target one in a multitude of memes in the name of “normal combat.”

Inb4 cry moar tryhard, we all choose a strain of aids when it comes to this game so be consistent and upvote.