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  • 10 Aug '19

Battlefield you are in the wrong place my friend,
come here
mordhau modding and mapping discord.

you will find custom maps and mods and many like minded ppl there, myself included.

Thanks. I hope the SDK will arrive soon so people could do more about the game

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  • 9 Aug '19

@esturias said:

@battlefield3joy said:
But I think this game has a great potential to be a good single player game.

Well. Sure. You just need to add tons and tons of additional content.
That's like saying Simcity would make a good strategy war game. It has all the building and controlling mechanics already...

I'm not talking about full fledged single player campaign.

The thread title said it all...

It's just about bots

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@Antoniokontos said:
actually that sounds good, names could be the same as they are but the loadouts change could help with learning how to counter some

wish i could be 3/3/3 with zwei like one of the bots but thats fine

Yes, one of the reason of my request to let player customize bots' loadout is for player to train against specific weapon.

I am really desperate to fight and train against bots with longsword or greatsword but the game always give me bots with axe or mace...

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  • 8 Aug '19

Actually there are some weird draging / speeding movement I saw by high level players. They will do half sword grip, crouch, looking up, and do something that looks like vertical slash with draging, but can not be blocked.

I know it's allowed. But it sure looks weird and almost break the animation. The sword movement is hard to read and impossible to block.

And no, I don't have any video on that.

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@Dear Devs

I know that most people will buy this game for the multiplayer, and I know that you guys created this game for the multiplayer experience. But I think this game has a great potential to be a good single player game. The mechanic, the visual, the customization, etc. It's just no game out there has ever did medieval fighting games right like Mordhau.

And yes I know, this game has bots. And the.bots did a very good job to keep me entertained. Me myself prefer playing single player with bots so I can enjoy everything about this game without being too over competitively stressful.

And I know the bots also have limitation. So I have some feedback to make playing with bots more enjoyable for single player.

  1. It would be great if player could create bots or to customize bots' load out for single player. This will add the bots variety and help player when they need to train aginst specific type of weapon.

  2. If my first request is impossible, could you Please at least add option or console command to select which bots we would like to add to the game along with the difficulty level.

  3. For frontline mode with bots, I hope you guys could give the ai the ability to go for the objective and not just blindly going for killing spree or capturing points. They don't try to destroy carts, planting explosive, releasing/defending peasants, or any other specific objective.

  4. And having a single player challenge or co-op mission with experience and gold reward would be amazing. I know you have horde mode. But having a level / map specific challenge/ objective would add more variety. For example, having a frontline like co-op mission with small team member against bots. You can check the co-op mission in game like insurgence or warhammer vermintide 2 where you will be doing map specific objective (capture or hold certain points in a map and then move to next objective) along with the option to do co-op with other player or with bots or solo

I think that's all. I hope you will take a look at my suggestions because I am sure you can expand the appeals of this game to alot of single player / Co-op player market out there. Wider market means more profit, and it could lead to your team making more or better games in the future

Thank You