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Devs released a gif of Castello, the other map they are working on, showing some new objectives for invasion.

Looks like they want to release Feintoria and Castello together, but we have no idea how far from done the map is.

It's a mistake if you ask me.

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I just got some Mann Vs Machine flashbacks.

@SWSeriousMike said:
The threads crying about female avatars have only ended because no one believes anymore that the devs will deliver. Otherwise we would still have our daily "don't do it" and "my immersion :(" threads.

I'm sure the "my immersion :(" people either left the game or are running 3 pans loadouts while doing Pavise skateboard in a Roman outfit alongside a Frog playing Megalovmania on the lute.

Reddit do seem to still care about female characters. Post about women are regularly made and tends to have a positive feedback. Not sure about the Discord tho.

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  1. Bear traps should kill horses
    Ye, this may be a good addition but may also be frustrating for horse riders since spotting bear traps at that height and speed would be more difficult

Agree, but on the other side Bear traps are rather small. It's already complicated to get a horse to hit a Bear trap.

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Gonna skip suggestions

@ozemandea said:

  1. Why is punching so slow? Why are daggers slower than polearms? What possible excuse could there be that my two pound dagger can be outswung by a battleaxe .... A ... BATTLEAXE .... bullshit, just utter bullshit. I should be able to time my swing just as my foe start theirs and hit them if they are using a heavy weapon ... not have the same thing done to me with a heavier weapon.

So many of us went like "What ?!" because, well, daggers ARE faster. But the difference is really small. Let's take the Battle Axe example : Dagger slashes takes 400ms to complete, while BAxe takes 625ms. This is a difference of 225 milliseconds !. Also, accels are a thing. To beat your opponent at the speed game, you have to attack at the same time pretty much.

It is that way because, imagine if the dagger allowed you to outspeed your opponent even if they started their attack for quite some time : the dagger would simply outspeed 80% of the weapons in the game. There would be no reason to equip these weapons since you couldn't attack against a 1 point weapon.

As for fists, well the reason it's so "slow" is the same but also because they aren't supposed to be good in the first place. They are here as a last resort weapon or for Brawler-based builds.

@ozemandea said:

  1. Why does light armor not let you run faster?

It... does. Armor weight impacts your movement speed.

@ozemandea said:
Why is it I cannot run circles around a knight in plate mail wielding a maul

Oh yeah, it must be really fun for that guy to be facing Sonic the hedgehog. I will gues you got frustrated your low armor dagger build didn't work as expected.

@ozemandea said:
... wait whats this ... they ... THEY CAN CATCH UP TO ME???? Holy fucking shit why? Light armor does not protect you from anything, the only advantage is being able to outrun the enemy? What point is there to it? Its just worthless paper at this point.

There's a catch-up mechanic in the game : if you run behind an enemy and you put your crosshair on him, you gain a speed boost. So, don't think turning around and running away is a good strategy.

@ozemandea said:

  1. "Counter an enemy by timing a swing mirroring theirs just before it connects" Yah sorry this does not work as latency is a thing, so an entire mechanic of the game is locked off it, I can only imagine this has something to do with the balance issues, I mean an entire mechanic is missing in essence. You need to redo the timing of the counters, lock, whatever, to be at least partly reliable, I've watched duels on youtube and getting it to work is considered a great treat and an oddity ... not a normal game mechanic ... sigh

Chambers aren't THAT impacted by netcode from my experience. Where do you live exactly ? I heard South Asian had troubles getting a good connection.

@ozemandea said:

  1. Why is it when I charge within a foes guard when they are wielding a spear or polearm ... they can still stab me? I guess they just shove the haft through my body ... sideways .... yah or maybe it is splinters. Why not make it so people using polearms either need to bring a shortsword with them or live with the fact that enemies can run up to you and spank you if you don't keep proper spacing ... like real life.

Because it would be really annoying otherwise ? It's a video game. There are many thing that have to be changed to make stuff enjoyable. Also, you can still stab with a long stick against someone close : that's called "pulling the weapon back a bit to leave ou some space", also called wind-up.

@ozemandea said:

  1. Horses ... why can't people with polearms brace against a horse charge and slaughter the animal if the rider is stupid enough to make a run at it? At present people on horses are nigh invulnerable as they can instantly kill you while you have to slowly whittle down their health ... oh wait they just run away and regen ... whats this, there is a SINGLE weapon that knocks riders off ... and its slow ... and pretty useless so its a niche weapon ... WOW this is SO balanced and FUN, I'm SO glad they added a fucking vehicle in the game that can instantly kill you, moves so fast nothing can catch it unless by pure dumb luck or stupidity on the riders part, and has a SINGLE counter in the entire game. And it is SO enjoyable to be running back to battle to be instantly killed by something I cannot defend against and having to wait to respawn again and THEN tediously run back.

You can parry couched attacks. You get disarmed by doing it but it was worst before. Also, the Billhook isn't the only option considering the damage boost horse riders gets, you also gain it against them ! You can one-shot them too ! It requires experience, timing and a long weapon tho.

Horses are SUPPOSED to be stronger as a player on foot. If you played any Battlefield, imagine Horses more like Tanks in these games.

@ozemandea said:

  1. Why don't bear traps kill horses when they run over them? They would tear the horses tendons up and shatter the bones of the leg effected, not to mention the damage that will occur due to the horses charging fall. While it might not instantly go into shock and die it will most certainly never be useful again. Please make them useful against these bullshit vehicles with ONE counter, so at least there are TWO!

Bear traps being bad against horses is actually a complaint I see more and more. Many, including me, agree Bear traps should at least dismount the use or make the horse ragdoll.

@ozemandea said:

  1. Enemy spawns need to be longer. When a cart is being pushed into a enemy base it becomes a nearly impossible task as the defenders can rush back into the fight in around 4 seconds after death while the attackers need to travel a much greater distance. Make it so that if the offence makes a great push the defense loses a lot of ground that needs to be retaken or lost forever. This will also make defenders have a higher impetus to hold the line as while reinforcements are coming, they will take a while to get there. Giving the offence a chance to break through while allowing the defense to hold if they play well. It's much better than a small squad of 5 people facing off against the entire enemy team in a never-ending tide as the rest of the attacking team decides to faff around in the wrong area. I shouldn't have to imagine Sabaton The Final Battle playing in the background as we few men somehow manage to win against impossible odds.

Invasion require tweaks, but I don't think spawn rate is a problem. Invasion maps are already quite attacker-side as it is.

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As days go by, the more I wonder what was the idea with stunkick.

I mean, look at fist fights. Those are pretty much two shield users fighting without the stun kicks existing. I don't see a lot of these fights ending up in a stamina war.

If holding block is so strong, why does it only cost 2/3 points ?
"But they got big weaknesses to compensate their lower cost"
So if they have weaknesses, what's the point in taking them ?

Before, when I was running two handed, I liked to grab a shield on the ground to protect my back. But since simply WEARING a shield reduce us to 3/3/3 speed (if not less), I don't anymore. And the only upside I had was not getting shot by my teammates in the back or run away with some chance to survive.

Just, increase the cost of held shields and remove stuff like kick stun and speed reduction. There's not even a point grabbing a shield in BR (for the ones that play it)

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@esturias said:
But even a niche game doesn't lose >95% of its players.

Niche games rarely reach millions of players in the first place. People are telling this game is nearly dead, if not dead already, because they are comparing the time period where this game was over-hyped and today. If there was around 10k players at the start, you would have heard no one saying this game is dead.

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@LoPan said:
You can get a last swing or two

No ? When you go in FW, your opponent have the initiative since their last attack wasn't parried/dodged. To get the initiative back, you either have to wait for an opening left by your opponent or parry/chamber their attack, you cannot do the latter since you are at 0 stamina. There is exactly no reason not to attack after putting an opponent in FW.

That it shouldn't allow you to do 300 morphs and feints, I agree (it was done by losing limbs before but the only moment it wasn't impactful was when you lose no limb/a leg).
This is also why I suggested losing 50 stamina instead : it would still allow you to do some moves and reward good stamina management without making you as good as dead.

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@DefendinMyBase said:
Without fixing the base issue, of them being able to camp in a corner

Firebombs.jpg. Whenever you go in the dungeon where the Warden is, it's a fire fest.

I like the idea overall, as it would make getting hit not as fatal for the Commander/Warden, but there's an other reason why the Commander is forced to camp in a tower : the catapult one-shot him.

As long as the catapult can one-shot the Commander, there's no reason for him to go out of the towers.

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Sorry for my ignorance but : what is Double KO ?

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@Mojique said:
It was far too effective in duels and a lot of people used it to survive another hit, and giving someone the full capacity to make whatever tricky triple feint 360 thrown maul headshots they wanted to do when they should be dead was a LOT in a duel situation.

So you mean they could use the 3 points they spent on FW ? Being able to survive an other hit (for 5 more seconds) looks similar to having an additional tier of armor. On top of that, you couldn't do that "tricky triple feint 360 thrown maul headshots" if the last hit you took before FW was a headshot or removed your arm.

That it reduces your stamina by something like 50 so you are still limited in your actions while still able to do something seems more balanced.

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Flesh Wound got the held Shields treatment : nerf it so hard nobody will use it and no one will complains about it anymore.

For the ones that missed it in the patch notes, when you go into Flesh Wound state, you lose all your stamina. This mean you cannot parry, morph, feint nor combo in Flesh wound state. This means you are dead pretty much.

We are going back to the held Shield problem, because with the new version of FW, you are spending point to simply be dead. You simply cannot do anything, being in Duels or Frontline.

Why ? Why nerf it so hard ? The only complains I've heard where how it wasn't effective on leg hits and complain of people not understanding the idea of spending points into something. At least the 3 point version allowed the user to do something, and it was close to getting an additional tier of armor. For me, with the exception of getting some form of downside when losing a leg, it was balanced.

But now ? Just like Shields, spending points in FW is just spending 2 points you could have better spent somewhere else.

Inb4 "Good it's useless, I don't like it" from glue-eaters.

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@NoYou said:

@esturias said:

@Cracksmith said:
It's not dead, it just has too high a skillcap.

How is that the reason for the situation we have now? O.o

Casual players don’t stay after getting destroyed by tryhards but thats what to expect with a game like this and there isn’t much you can do to the skill cap.

For the small amount of experience I've got with Chivalry, there was new player-only official servers for this purpose, whenever you like the idea of it or not.

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Riposte stabs no longer angle (always straight), they also no longer let you choose the side of the stab, the side chosen is inherent in the parry side, which forces stabs to use the more readable (flip-around) animation, fixing cases of "jpeg stabs"
Strike->stab morphs will now force the stab to use the same angle as the strike, making the action more natural looking and less snappy

I just busted a fat nut. This is going to remove some ridiculous animation manipulations.

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@elgcahlxukuth666 said:
I don't like this idea. This is something like friendly fire off option.

1) If something damaging is there - whether it is a swinging blade, or wooden spikes, or other kind of trap - it should be there for everyone. This way it's fair.
Imagine 32 traps (it's only 2 points to a loadout) hidden in the grass in Crossroads - a mine field. Only, the one team can see the mines... People will abuse that.

2) Also (despite of what some people say), for me Mordhau still have some level of immersion which I enjoy. Any marker above objects that are part of physical environment decrease the immersion. And it's not only about the existence of artificial visual marker, it's the fact that in a magic way some chosen people can see the trap, that isn't how a trap would work in "real life".

3) Moreover, Mordhau is a game of skill (rather than mindless clicking), so choosing a good spot for a bear trap (so that it works against enemies and is not danger for friends) should require some experience and thinking.

I agree with this. BUT, there should at least be a way to identify which bear traps are from teammates and which are from enemies. I suggested a bit of cloth around Toolbox buildings to identify them, the same could be done for bear traps.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
have you ever heard of dlc or expansion packs?

Question : if they add DLC packs for cosmetics/new weapons, should you have to buy the DLC and then buy the cosmetic/weapon with gold ?

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The game will only die if the devs stop doing anything, if the community stop caring and the servers goes down.

The player drop is only both a mix of expected player drop after release, the overhype the game got and the devs being slow with the content patches.

There are many viable criticism to Mordhau, but being a dying or dead game isn't one to me.

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@Tr0gledyte said:

@Shitscrubber64 said:

@Tr0gledyte said:
Except one tiny little problem: to chamber an attack, you need to start an attack of your own right when your opponent is about to hit you. Similar to the parry window. And when an opponent is right about to hit you, he can't feint anymore! If you start your chamber early enough to punish a feint, it's not a chamber, it's just a gamble that your opponent will feint, and if he doesn't you will be punished for it.

This theory is based around humans having a near 0ms reaction time, which we don't, and the chamber window lasting only for 1-2 frames, which it doesn't.

The decision-making moment of whether or not to input a chamber doesn't occur a single frame before you get hit. It's much sooner, while the enemy is still in his wind-up phase. If you decide to attempt a chamber that doesn't mean you'll immediately input one. It means you will input one a few hundred milliseconds from now.

Then there's the chamber window during which it'll absorb the enemy's attack. It lasts for a few hundred milliseconds as well.

Bottom line being that just because chambers only work during the enemy's attack's release phase doesn't mean they're decided at that same time. No human on earth has that low of a reaction time. It's not really a gamble any more at that point and if the enemy doesn't feint you can always ftp to recover from a mistimed chamber attempt.

The chamber window is the same as the parry window. And the decision to parry an attack is made after its release, unless you panic. You also need to match the attack angle to chamber, making it much more difficult to pull off than a parry, thus more time consuming.

The only chambers I ever see happening @ Platinum level are stab chambers which are easy to pull off. Trying to chamber a swing, especially with all the dragging going around, is risky and the best case scenario is a single hit.. riposting is a simpler and safer option.

So to me it seems chambers are only useful for stabs. Although, chamber, morph and accel unfortunately doesn't work on rapier stab spammers. They're too fast.

Chamber's window is actually quite generous. I use chambering enough to see how efficient it is against feints. You get screwed if the opponent morph/drag tho. Yes, stab chamber are easy and that's why you sometimes hear people laughing at the concept of feinting stabs.

The decision to chamber, however, is more done a few seconds after the opponent start attacking. You can generally chamber as long as you didn't release yourself. On top of that, knowing that you can at worst chamber an attack makes punishing feints feel more safe. Chambering is one of the reasons I like Mordhau and why I didn't catch up with Chivalry, since you aren't as vulnerable to feint spammers.

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This post will sum up the other two I've made but if you want to read them, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

So, since Invasion came out, the number of Toolboxes drastically increased. Which means the number of Firebombs and Smoke Bombs increased too. This was bound to happen, but sadly most of the basic issues with the Toolbox hasn't been addressed. I say that but I make it sound much worst than it is.

Again, playing and an Engineer right now is fun ! In term of overall gameplay, the Toolbox is in a good state ! Also wanted to say that having walls starting off as a pile of planks is a good change to prevent trolling.

Let's go on the main subjects :

Add a system to identify which building is yours, your allies or you enemies

When you are alone, it's easy to keep track of your buildings. But all you need is an other ally with a Toolbox and it becomes a mess to know if your six buildings are still up. Trying to fill gaps left by destroyed buildings can be complicated as you're not sure if the destroyed building is yours or not.

Additionally, it can be hard for all to know which team built what. It would help a bit to determine if a constructed building was made for trolling or not, and to identify defensive positions created by buildings.

An idea would be to add a small colored cloth patch to buildings. It could be green for your buildings, and team-colored for the others. For deatchmatch/BR, it could be green for yours and red for your enemies.
A really deep system is not needed. No HUD elements are required. Such system would be informative without breaking immersion.

Give points for repairing and destroying buildings

Let's be honest : repairing and destroying buildings is NOT rewarded point-wise, and it's a hard and necessary job. I find it even strange myself that the only reparation that rewards you points is map-barricades. It's even worse on Invasion since the only way to gain point from repairing is gone ! So not seeing your work rewarded in the scoreboard is disappointing. Mordhau rewards completing objectives really well, as long as support with Medkits. Building and repairing is the weakest point here.

It doesn't, and shouldn't, be a 100 point per fully repaired/destroyed building. Getting 10, or at best 25 points from that should be more than enough.

Now of course, that would mean players could farm points by having a teammate damage friendly buildings and have them repaired. Here's a small algorithm for that :

When damaged
    if damager is teammate
        friendlyDamage[buildingID].addUp(damage done)

When repaired
    damage repaired = damage repaired - friendlyDamage[buildingID]
    if damage repaired > 0
        give points
        friendlyDamage[buildingID] = 0
        friendlyDamage[buildingID] = friendlyDamage[buildingID] - damage repaired

Allow the destruction of our own buildings with the Toolbox

The only reason I use the Heavy Handaxe is because re-positioning your buildings is a pain. If you misplace a building, you either have to destroy your building by hand or go above the 6 building cap. The first method isn't doable if you only have the Wooden Mallet or the Blacksmith Hammer, since you can't destroy buildings with those, and the second isn't really practical as you might have to demolish your entire setup beforehand.

Not being able to destroy your buildings easily forces the use of the Heavy Handaxe for Engineers, which heavily reduces loadout choices. You could add an alt-mode with the Wooden Mallet and the Blacksmith Hammer to allow building damage, similar to how the Heavy Handaxe works, or an alt-mode with the Toolbox to immediately destroy our stuff. The latter would require a system to identify which buildings are ours or not.

Give assist points when someone else uses our Balista

Players using the Toolbox are support players that wants to help the team and focus on the defense of objectives. So when someone steals your Balista, you aren't the kind of player to kick them off it. I'm not here to hurt my team, but help them.

Getting point from players taking our Balista would not only encourage diversifying Engineer's work (being more focused on repairs rather than Balista kills), but also having player taking our Balista not being frustrating. It doesn't have to be a 1:1 ratio, not should it give any kill credit on Balista kill, but it should be enough to prove our work is worth it.

Add or move ammo crates to make them easier to find and reach

Toolbox efficiency is linked to the position of the closest ammo crate. This almost deserve a thread of its own, as Toolbox isn't the only weapon affected by this, but know that there are some problematic ammo crate spots, especially on Taiga.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Objectives are clear and easy to find. It's more of a mentality issue : it's a 32vs32 match where people don't really care about the objective. Hitting each other with swords is more fun.

Look at any other similar game with many players and you will see the same problems, no matter how clear the objective is.

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All of the specialist ideas are taken from what was used in real battlefields except a few that may or may not show up in history and are more fun things to play around with.

"I just though about those randomly. I think they are nice but I'm not sure if they will work because I did not check if these will fit with the game or not. Will they work ? I dunno LOL So random XD"

Before you call me a dickhead, know that I'm not against people giving suggestions. I agree it's fun to give suggestions and that's why I give some too. My sentence above is obviously over-exaggerated and, even if it's of questionable taste, was made for comedic purpose.

But here, you just posted stuff without any goal in mind. Why suggest this ? Is there problems with getting torches in Invasion maps ? Are there ammo issues in specific spots ? And why the Toolbox should be the solution and not something else ?