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  • 3 Apr

@Dane said:
Friendlies still swing and hit you, and because their swings are not also hitting the enemy, it takes more swings for them to stop, if that makes sense, haha.

Holy crap, it's as if teamfighting was an actual skill to have instead of swinging-in blindly.

Not having hitstop because your teammates are idiots is not a good reason to remove it. The skill celling of the game shouldn't be reduced because your teammates are doing mistakes. An idiot-proof system only makes better idiots.

@Dane said:
Secondly I am really against hit-stop because it is only one sided. I don't like the fact that we receive "individual" disadvantages when fighting in a Many-V-1 scenario, if the enemy player can swing through, so should you.

Yes, you can also swing through enemies, isn't that fair game ? And they cannot swing through their allies. It's as if hitting teammates is supposed to be a mistake you should be punished for...

@Dane said:
I enjoy swinging rather than stabbing and this latest patch has significantly nerfed swinging. There are twice as many spear and other stab weapon wielding enemies now, which is fine, but I don't think swing attacks should be this much less effective, if at all, and they totally are now.

You know you can swing with overheads and underhands ? They take way less space than your normal horizontal attacks.

@Dane said:
For example, without the introduction of hit-stop, the nerf to the Zweihander would help put it in a fairly balanced state but because of hit-stop, it's nerf is to much, for example. Its so hard to get a swing in on objective maps and enclosed areas with larger weapons to begin with and now you have to rely even more on stabbing which is just simply much less effective with the Zweihander than it is with the spear or billhook.

I also think you see less of these weapons since you can't swing to win in teamfights anymore. People in video games tend to over-exaggerate nerfs in video games. They will come back soon.

@Dane said:
Also, for all the people who love to talk about realism, its not realistic to swing through an enemy but not a friendly (just feel like I need to include that for those people who really enjoy more realistic gameplay.)

I'm sorry, but it's not too realistic to swing through 5 plate-armored people in the first place. Realism to force "balance" is a bad argument.

@Dane said:
Without hitstop when players swing, you know those attacks are going to make it to you and you can parry when needed.

That is, if you can see the attack coming from behind another enemy. It wasn't unusual to see people grab long-ranged swing weapons with Friendly and hide their swings behind teammates, using them as human-shield at the same time. There was no reason to not use Zwei/Executioner when hitstop was removed.

@Dane said:
With hitstop there is so much RNG and generally makes those situations even more complicated. Personally, as a high level player, I actually think this makes it harder for me to fight many enemies at once. I constantly end up parrying an incoming attack from an enemy player, which then lands on his teammate with poor awareness and I am stuck there with a parry lockout and no riposte. This happens SO MUCH to me, its crazy. They're like tactical misses

The devs are working on something against "tactical misses", to reduce the parry recovery time when it happens or something similar.

I also suggested before to allow riposte to swing-through, as they are predictable and when a riposte happens, you always expect it to come hit you. Jax liked the idea, but I guess the rest of the dev team didn't agree/didn't have time to implement it.

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  • 31 Mar

@SweetLemonGod said:
Extremely surprised the "heavy weapon" "nerf" didn't also apply to mauls in the latest patch, logically by far the heaviest weapon on the field yet not even a meagre speed nerf was added to it?

Many here expected a speed nerf on the Maul too. Crush spoke about small and big slowdown for big weapons, wouldn't have been against at least a small slowdown on Maul. This, and a damage reduction on stab to make 2-hits harder.

Others mentioned how you could use the Maul to "tag" players and get kill credit by simply hitting someone once and then run to someone else. Wouldn't be against a small damage reduction to prevent that.

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  • 27 Mar

I am happy overall with the update, but true that seeing the Cleaver unchanged was one of my main "Oh no", especially the overall cost reduction things got. I wouldn't be against the cleaver reaching 5 points for starter, even if the weapon have other problems.

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  • 27 Mar

You must equip a hood THEN you can put on the Plague doctor mask on it.

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  • 27 Mar

This. That some needs the healthbar, I can understand. But please, give us an option to only disable that.

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  • 27 Mar

@PC_Principal said:
How to make a game Idiotproof:

If you think anything can be idiotproof, you should stop speaking. Something idiotproof only makes better idiots.

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  • 11 Mar

More news from Reddit (Source by /u/Orsobruno3300. Go thanks the dude if you have a Reddit acount)

On battle axe changes:

battle axe has almost waraxe combo speed next patch and is cheaper

only main mode though

not really ralsei, battle axe is probably the biggest change(answering Ralsei's question:"Are there any big changes to weapons? Any alt grip reworks/length changes/significant combo/windup changes?")

battle axe main mode strike has much faster combo, but stricter turncap and battleaxe costs 1 point less

on the messer:

messer loses its two shot vs plate helmet

He also said that hyperarmour will come back:

hyperarmor lockout is making a comeback so 1vX is buffed next patch

its only 300ms so it prevents people attacking ripostes and getting away by parrying the riposte right away

no its not the damage reduction (On Godking's comment:"It reduce dmg taken")

basically people will have to respect the riposte more or get hit

its more a problem with high level players

no it means if people spam attacks into a riposte they can no longer parry the close hit trade

on new animations:

we're currently testing a new experimental 4D blending solution to fix some of the more janky animations and make all anims look equally smooth across the board instead of having some anims be snappy while others being weirdly snappy

while still having them be responsive and not too smooth, been having some good results so far

this system also recognizes when attacks have too much blending and gives them less, making them more readable

on stab changes:

stabs will get new anims in the future but its difficult to perfect due to the 240 system

so new stabs might have a new animation and a more strict 240 system on the stabs, giving weapons a bit more unique feeling aswell (e.g maul would have lower stab and middle stab, but not high stab, etc.)

making them a lot more readable across the board

for next patch stabs have slightly less feint window and a bit more early release so theyre a bit more readable

its a thing ive considered but theres quite a few people who enjoy the directional factor of stabs so we'll be going with a solution that will keep that (Silenceh asked:"wait 240 stab is being removed?")

on more throwable options for weapons(like the maul now)

waraxe and maul would have it

and some makeshift weapons probably

on how difficult it is to make new weapons:

everything really (answering Grey Griver's question:" Out of curiosity, what is the hardest part about making new weapons: the model, the animations or the stats?")

but the role of the weapon also decides some of the difficulty

e.g a slightly different greatsword is much easier to add than a completely new weapon type

lucerne hammer = long blunt polearm

very easy to add

on Estoc whether it keeps its two shots:

estoc might keep its two shot, well see

on movement, weight and armour next patch:

biggest cahnges are probably weapon weights and the more grounded movement

the extra weight only affects walk/partial sprint (combat speed) and not top sprint speed for map traversing

movement is a bit less snappy and more heavy (its still responsive, just slightly), and theres less lunge and knockback across the board so people are sliding less in fights and overall

and big weapons have weight now

weapon weights just affect movement speed and it comes in 2 tiers

tier 2 is halberd, zwei

tier 1 is greatsword, exec sword, bardiche, spear

probably dragonaut, since tier 2 might make it too bad to use (answering dragonaut's question:" Is bardiche long grip going to have tier 1 slowdown")

the weight tier 1 slows down 10 units, tier 2 slows 20

so tier 2 will make medium 2/2/2 as slow as 3/3/3

and tier 1 is just a small debuff inbetween

0 0 0 is affected aswell

overall the game will look a lot cleaner, hits feel more weighty, etc

its more about range

the goal is to reduce the long weapon meta

and give some reason to use shorter weapons

keep in mind this changea lso allows plate armor with zwei/halberd

but youll be very slow

its basically a multiplier of armor weight

meta builds like tier 1 head and tier 3 torso will be affected

no leg weight is the same as always

legs will even get cheaper now

point cost wise

no higgs, 2/2/2 would be slower due to medium helmet(answering Higg's question:" If i play zwei with 123 will I be as slow as 222?")

legs generally have very little weight and that will stay

bows dont have weight

its only meta weapons

short grips will have less weight than the main mode

e.g zwei halfsword

spear both modes will have tier 1 slowdown

not much ralsei, just a bit less raw damage, same HTKs(answering Ralsei's question:"What has t3 torso buff changed, if anything?")

On the UI update:

i dont think the UI updates yet but we're working on having more indicators in the armory for pros and cons of weapons

On jump kicks:

jump kick is changed

u keep movement speed momentum now on jump kick so its way nicer to use, but it no longer drains stamina and they are 25ms slower

On new siege weapons:

theres a new siege weapon in the works but i cant tell u much about it yet, its not for the upcoming patch either

on easy parry:

nah easy parry idea isnt scrapped

just wont make it for the patch

on crossroad and grad blue invasions and nobles:

crossroads invasion had some balance to make it easier for the king

that will too get some changes(grad blue invasion)

nobles in general (note: this is probably refered to nobles getting health from kills, which was said by Jax I think? I'm not sure)

about the cumcumber nerf(I'm not sure what it means), horizontal swings and ducking:

no we dont plan to revert that cus of the insta hits it caused, it wasnt really about the cucumber, ducking is less instant next patch and more smooth u can still matrix but its less of an iframe (on Ralsei's question:" Crush do you have any plans to revert cucumber nerf with how horiz swings have up/down swing comp? Where the weapon drifts during release when you look up or down? Cucumbers weren't made any more difficult and it accidentally buffed ducking, as when you go to look down your weapon floats to the top of the screen and still misses")

about the skins coming in patch 17:

dont know how much they cost right now but the new skins are awesome

theres also a new cleaver set etc

and they look like the best cleavers so far to me personally

On healthbar for enemies:

theres also new ui improvements like a health bar on enemies

below their name, subtle


im sure spook will make it so u can toggle the hp bar, like with the rest

this wont change a thing for comp lol

On new/POSSIBLE changes to perks:

ive been wanting to add an expensive perk that lets you see enemy stamina similar to the hp bar

yeah perks might get expanded a lot, we have a few ideas for some interesting perks

and they will change more than the small passive 1 point perks

we need the big perk

stamina perks are a bit eh because they add not much for casual play but have a lot of potential to fuck high level duel balance which is why second wind will probably get removed

its not gone yet but i want to remove it, or rework it entirely

rush is slightly cheaper, but not much

theres some talk about a tank perk but i cant confirm anything yet (it wouldnt be just projectiles though)

it would probably make you bigger aswell, in scale, but not as huge as the nobles ofc

and much slower

the idea was basically that you take less % damage overall, youre slightly bigger but your movement speed is set to a fixed amount that is significantly slower than full plate, so you want to use full plate with it anyway

but in theory u could go naked ogre, but it would just be sub optimal

it probably is, but a perk like this is better to introduce a bit weak than it taking over the game cus it would raise htk vs plate by 1 across the board (on Ralsei's comment:"The perk sounds suboptimal already."

if the slowdown is too much it will be tweaked

the nice thing about a tank perk is that it wouldnt need a high cost since its balanced by other factors

meme perks to become a dwarf is also a possibility

basically the idea for the future is to add perks that are a lot more interesting than just small stat bonuses

personally i want the perk system to be reworked so you can spend points into perks to upgrade them, allowing you to make very customizable builds but i dont know if this will ever happen, its just an idea of mine

ralsei bloodlust would be the same but u could just spend 1 point into bloodlust for 20 hp on kill more etc (on Ralsei's question:"What would top tier bloodlust be like?"

maybe u could go overboard and spend more giving u bonus effects, but im not sure about that yet needs more thinking

perks that give downsides in return of points is a very interesting idea but difficult to design without it ending up always a must pick to some builds

therse a lot of cool negative perks that could be added for melee, but they would basically be free points for archers

@ Titan Radiation good idea(on Titan Radiation's suggestion:" How about a perk that increases your visibility inside of smoke?")

On how many weapons will be able to stop horses in the coming patches:

more weapons can stop horses now with stabs anyway

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  • 9 Mar

@PC_Principal said:
Maul deals more damage than cleaver????


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  • 6 Mar

@esturias said:

@Quenquent said:
But on the other side, it would encourage VIPs to get out of their camping spot.

You mean... it would make camping more effective, because you could "heal yourself" a bit and go back camping.

Will depend on how much health you get on kill.

But I do honestly feel having good reasons to go out should be prioritized over reasons to not camp for now. You might say "Why ?" well : because it works. After the catapult range nerf, I saw more Maul Commanders going out on the walls since they wouldn't be afraid of getting one-shot by a catapult.

But in the end, it's going to be a "wait and see" situation.

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  • 6 Mar

But on the other side, it would encourage VIPs to get out of their camping spot. Right now, there's no reason to NOT camp since any damage received by them is permanent. Encouraging VIPs to get out instead of discouraging them to not camp.

On top of that, camping is mostly a problem in Feitoria, but that's mostly due to the back house being a ridiculously good camping spot (But that's something I already spoke about). It will however be a good thing for the Commander in Grad Blue Invasion that is getting destroyed by Fire bombs.

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  • 5 Mar

Patch should be coming next week.


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  • 3 Mar

No, gold is fine, no need to encourage an arbitrary playstyle to get more, even if it's the one about doing kills/doing objectives.

Gold isn't a good play reward, it's a playtime reward.

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  • 2 Mar

It's something I've noticed in Frontlines and in Duels : whenever someone does a riposte, it's a drag. But I mean, is there a reason not to ? I don't think there's a counter to it.

Accels at least can be parried with reflexes and can be easily messed up, but drags ? If you parry too soon, you're screwed.

Dodging ? It can work sometimes, but you can't dodge something that aim for mid-torso level or overhead/underhand that covers a large area, which is most of the drags. Drags even gives you the time to reposition your attack if your opponent crouch.

At least when it's not a riposte, you can kick/do a quick attack to deny the drag or at least force a CFTP. But what can you do when it's a riposte ?

It's even worst in Frontline, as drags allow you to cover as much ground as possible, so allows you to hit more enemies. There's no reason to riposte drag in teamfights. And the high-level duels I watched were reduced to who can drag the most.

So, am I missing something ? Is there a counter to drags ? A strategy that is about opening yourself as much as possible to deal damage ?

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  • 1 Mar

Modders actually made their own discord and even their own unofficial SDK. You can find how to install it here and their discord is right there (if I didn't mess the invite link)

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  • 27 Feb

@esturias said:
Which still doesn't make any sense, given the fact that this forum here exists.

From a logical point, yeah it doesn't make sense that the official forum doesn't get news. From a "share infos and get feedbacks from as much people as possible" point, Discord makes sense.

@Aodlop said:
I'm not homophobic in any way, but Discord is gay. Use your official forums for Evolution's sake.

I only have the announcement and dev snippets channel not muted there.

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  • 26 Feb

You have a point

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  • 26 Feb

The only problems I have with Maul is how you can have an easy 2htk with torso hit + stab and, well, the ridiculous stab damage. 45 on stab against Tier 3 head and up to 49 on Tier 0 head. Despite being a swing-favored weapon, there's no reason not to use the stabs on it. The only moments you go above 2htk is if you chain stabs or do swing+stab on Tier 2 and 3 legs.

When you compare it with the Exec sword, who have more range but is slower overall, the stab damage is ridiculously low, only able to 4htk Tier 0-1 torso and head, while the main strike can only 1htk Tier 0 overall and Tier 1 head.

I wouldn't be against a damage nerf here and there to make swing+stab less effective.

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  • 26 Feb

Why are people going into the extreme cases everywhere on this thread ? Not wanting to read "nigger" in the chat and wanting people to be punished is snowflake behavior ? Because there's toxicity in other games, nothing should be done in Mordhau ? Because people say "nigger", Mordhau is the most toxic game ?

What is wrong with everyone here ?

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  • 26 Feb

I've been playing Team Fortress 2's Mann Vs Machine mode for years, infamous for being absolutely toxic.

I saw people being insulted, humiliated, and kicked without mercy. Playing off-meta was pretty much putting a target on your forehead (unless you ask them why going off-meta is a problem, and that's when you realize that the main reason metas are popular is because "monkey see, monkey do").

Never have I seen the gamer word, nor the r-word for that matter. There was a lot of "idiot", "moron", and more recently "ape" ; hell, there are people working on a bot to make a dynamic kicklist for players they don't like with "harassment modules".

I agree toxicity is something that cannot be stopped, especially in a game like Mordhau. But I wouldn't be against a system that punish people for say the -er gamer word.

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  • 25 Feb

And, well, if you aren't trying to develop your suggestion a bit, I see no reason to listen to it