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  • 8 Aug '19

griefing should be a bannable offense, the mordhau devs could open an other channel in the mordhau discord for griefing reporting where people put records of griefers, and get them banned for 1 week, I'm pretty sure that if they griefed in the video, they sure have already griefed a lot

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Crossroad is a good looking map, too bad is extremely unbalanced due to the bad Free Guard spawn and the horses.

I love the idea of a map full of horses where people smash each other with lances, but Crossroad is not good for that, the horse lead to a massive spawnkilling that really stops the BLU team, they can't do anything so, it might be a crazy idea but I would divide crossroad in 2 maps, if it's possible.

I love the fact that you can die by falling off the walls, towers and bridges in crossroad, so I would remove the destroyed castle from the normal plain setting and put it on some kind of mountain peak, where some players can fall into oblivion too, I'd love the setting of that broken abandoned castle on a mountain peak with serious risk of falling off.

instead, of the castle, put some props and broken walls in the plains map, and leave it for a full horse+infantry battle for deathmatch

that's my crazy idea

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  • 4 Aug '19

I bet half of the Diamond ranked players will be those little cowards with zwei and light armor that just run around you or run away and randomly do a 100 k/m fast swing on you