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Can you add our link to available server providers in Germany and Moscow please

Germany https:/

Moscow https:/

Thank you.

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Today no way for Auto add bots and auto leave when players join ?

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@ЖIMrPlanetacLeBoeuf said:
Go to your server, log in as admin, then type "playerlist". Now, write "addadmin [The number in front of your name]".
To make sure you don't have to log in everytime you join your server, write "adminlist" and check if your steam ID is in here.

PS : I think "addadmin" is correct but it may be "adminadd" like above, don't remember

Hello, thank.

What about bots? Is there a way to keep them always on the server?

Now you have to add them after each round.

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after each round i must login?

It is possible to add youself as admin via server files? so that I do not enter a password every time?

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Hi All,

it necessary to login with user account?

It is possible to login anonymous?

I have server, and setup it as anonymous but server not visible in-game (ports a open), i not want login with my account because of 2FA.