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I've been having this issue quite numerous times maybe even everyday.
What happens is once I exit a server the character in the menu just zooms in until he disappears, this isn't the problem, the problem is every time it happens the connections to other servers can't be established even though they're visible. It always says connection timed out. The solution is no biggie, just restart the game and it's fine; so for me personally it's not that big a problem, just every single time the character does that there's always a connection problem.

Just thought i'd bring this up since I haven't seen it anywhere else, and I don't even get what's the correlation between the connection to the servers and the menu screen character.

Am i the only one with this recurring bug?

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@Rou said:
I went from 62 to 48 about a week ago. It hasn't resolved and I've leveled up to 52 since then. What should I do when it doesn't fix itself over time?

Like I initially said, I verified steam files a LOT just to be sure. And the first time I did it it said one file had to be recovered even though the issue persisted, but on every thread I looked up they said verifying files would help.
As one of the devs said about this issue, your xp/gold are still there, just it doesn't show it.
But for me personally this happened when I was on a 2xFFA server and when I went into a new 2xFFA game with my level set back a day later and looked at my level, it was back, so just to be sure I exited when it loaded all my xp and gold.
I really don't know because a week is a bit extreme since they usually say it goes away in a couple days which it did for me... Maybe it'll come back for you too, I don't see why not. It's also probably getting patched next update so you'll get back your xp.

On a side note when I was set to level 38, I played and gained a level and a bit of xp, this was counted when I came back to my original level, I was level 53.
Hope it gets fixed for you I know how frustrating it is

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@SpiN said:
sorry offtop.. need help :*(

Title. Everything (gear) I don't have access to is simply locked and unable to be bought for gold like 2 or so days ago.

I can't seem to unlock anything for some reason, I have the gold and rank for an item, I click it. And it plays the little 'Dun' effect and boots me back. After every match the gold and xp it says I should get resets as if I never played at all. I cannot progress.

Post is bugs and glitches forum not on their announcrments

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I'd love to see more goodies added to the store I'd spend all my money on everything!

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Yep I can affirm that, fixed itself later this day...

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I've been playing a lot recently and I had just reached level 52, my goal was to unlock the black tint armor level 70. After a random game on a 2xFFA server my level in the menu and in game changed to level 38. I restarted the game multiple times, verified game cache a handful of times and tried all sorts of things to get back to where i was. But no matter what I'm stuck at grinding levels at lvl 39 now. I really don't want to grind all that way back to where I was. My gold is still there, no problem with that, but no matter what, I'm lvl 39.
I've looked this up multiple times and this affected ppl months ago and just came and went for them, is it just a matter of time now?
I'm very confused and hope this gets fixed if possible.
Thanks in advance