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I was level 98 going on 99 when 14 of my levels just vanished. I went down to 84 going on 85. More than 3 weeks later, I was back to 98. The next day, I surpassed where I had been prior to the level reset by getting level 99, and then I got 100 in that same day. I took a one-day break from the game, and when I came back the next day, I was level 114. So, this leads me to think that maybe you need to reach the point at which your level reset before you can get all those levels back. Don't get discouraged, just keep leveling up.

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Battle Royale was my favorite game mode for a long time. Now, it has been abandoned, at least on the west coast where I played. As a result, I spend my days playing Funland and slowly going insane. Ranked matches, mod support, and custom maps will bring people back to Mordhau, but there are many improvements that can be made directly to the Battle Royale game mode itself. After asking around, I have come up with some ideas that might help get people interested in BR's again. Here they are:

1. Let people use weapons while they wait for enough players to join. Perhaps the playable map could even be reduced in size before the game starts to simulate a duel/FFA map. Many former BR players have migrated to duel servers, so by essentially turning the pre-game lobby into a duel server, you can give players the best of both worlds.
2. I think everyone would appreciate an in-game chat. Global chat isn't necessary - it can be proximity based to keep everything feeling immersive and realistic. I can assume the reason for disabling chat is the apprehension that it will encourage teaming or other behavior that will drive people away, and this is a sensible concern. But those people have all stopped playing. Not to mention, there were teamers in BR, lots of them, and they communicated through Steam chat. People who want to do that sort of thing will do it, and that's okay. That's just part of the experience. Everyone else shouldn't be restricted because of it.
3. Improve the countdown so people don't have to wait as long. Many people have suggested that the number of players required to activate the 60-second countdown should be reduced. Personally, I don't agree with this because it will introduce problems if more people started playing BR again. If it only took 8 players to start the countdown, then it would be much more difficult to get 16 players or more in a lobby. Perhaps as a solution, a 5-minute countdown could be started at the 8 player mark, while the standard 1-minute count would still start at 16 players, if that many joined.
4. Bots. Okay, maybe not. Are bots fun to fight? Not really. But they're still better than nothing, especially if used exclusively as a supplementary measure. What I mean by this is... well, in the previous point I mentioned a 5-minute countdown at 8 players. If that countdown runs down and the lobby still doesn't have 16 players, then maybe some bots could be added at that point. The number of bots added could correlate negatively with the number of players. I'm thinking something like this: 8 players and 16 bots, 9 and 14, 10 and 12, and you get the idea.
5. This one is pretty obvious, but... maps. Get around to adding a new BR map. Camp seems like it has potential. Player-made map submissions shouldn't be ruled out, though. I don't know for certain, but I imagine people are making or will make maps for frontline or even specifically for BR, and I think maps that are new and fresh will be more likely to draw people in to the BR game mode. Other than maps, any new content that could be worked in here and there would definitely be a plus, although I can't think of what that might look like right now.

Well, that's it for now. Most of these points are probably pretty obvious, but it's all I could come up with for now. Do you agree with these ideas? What would you want to change about BR? What should be done to keep the masses invested in and playing BR? Post your thoughts and maybe the Mordhau gods will listen.

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My level reset. I was level 98 when it reset to 84. I'm now level 86, and my XP in the player menu reflects this. The only thing I still have is my level 90 purple. Is my XP still there? Will I ever get my level back?