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Bastard sword and Messer are usable both in two-handed and one-handed modes which is great, however the one-handed modes for both weapons seems a bit lackluster. All you gain from them is slightly different attack angles and different combo/release times.

Chivalry had the option of allowing a one-handed grip on Longsword, Sword of War ( equivalent to Bastard Sword) and Messer. In Chivalry you got different attack angles and slower combo times when wielding them one-handed, however the weapons also gained additional reach at the expense of damage. This is completely realistic, as holding a sword in one hand allows for you to have a lot more reach and you also have a lot less power behind your swings.

I loved using the sword of war and longsword onehanded for the extra reach. Sure, it lowered my damage, but I found it far more suitable for my particular playstyle. It was really useful in keeping lighter classes with short range weapons at bay while also allowing me to have that slight range boost that would aid me against the Vanguard's long weapons.

My question is - why doesn't the onehanded grip mode for these two weapons function in the same way as it did in Chivalry? Is it due to some major balancing issue?

At the moment as it stands thoough, the modes are a bit meh. They are only useful for throwing off your opponent's timing and allowing you to pair up those weapons with shields.

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You're so tilted m8. If the opponent isn't a "braindead autist" then I'm pretty sure he'd still destroy you without a shield.

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Flaws such as? You still haven't given any examples. The game seems mostly finished to me. The only thing I find missing that should be in a finished product is good objective-based gamemodes like in Chivalry. That game had some of the most fun objective maps ever created.

I'd rather be able to play the game rather than get delayed and wait for an additional year. Most people were crying it was taking too long for this game to get released. It is much better to have the game playtested on mass so better balance decisions can be made, and some flaws can only be noticed and appear once a large population is playing around with all the mechanics.

Have patience with this small unorthodox studio, it is the least they are asking for.

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And your response isn't the basic cookie cutter response against shields that sounds like a l2p issue?

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Dragging, morphing and feinting are still viable tactics against a shield user and can throw them off, its just implementing them in a different manner against a shield user.

Many times while I've used a shield against good players I've been feinted and morphed, causing me to drop my block only to see their weapon accelled and hit me on the head. Or feinted/morphed into kicks to get past my block. Many times I've been dragged past my block with a stab and swing dragged with a zweihander so hard that it makes me question if they didn't just feint, only to find the weapon hit my face once more.

Those mechanics are still there. They are just harder to pull off and cant be done all the time. You need to do them to make the opponent literally lower his guard. If he holds his guard, you fuck him up and win through attrition/kicks. If he uses the shield like a proper parry which negates most of those drawbacks, then you know your opponent is just as good without a shield. He is just gimping himself by not being able to riposte.

Since I can't speak for the people that have played 1000 hours, I don't know what a good shield user vs a non-shield user looks like at high tier 1v1 (I still assume the nonshield user has more options to work around the shield user and win), then Ban shields in the upcoming ranked 1v1 scene

Shields, however, are still necessary for frontline and it would be silly to remove them from a game setting in medieval europe. If you want a giant 2h sword/polearm fuckfest then you should wait for a game set in medieval japan (no shields there).

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Longsword for its balance
Bastard Sword for a more aggressive playstyle
Messer for its satisfying underhands
Halberd for its great support in frontline

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@esturias said:

Certain weapons naturally counter others thanks to their design.

And that's perfectly fine. Balance doesn't mean everything being the same.

Balance means having an equal chance to win regardless of any variables. So yes, you are asking for everything to be the same. A game such as this simply can't work like that.

And yes, it is ridiculous to expect a perfectly balanced system from a game with so many unique mechanics made by a group of people that don't even interact face-to-face. And the game isn't even that imbalanced as you make it out to be. It has a few issues which are being addressed in the next patch. If you have of any examples that aren't getting fixed, please do bring it to our, and the devs, attention.

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@Treusturm said:
I never understood this high skill cap concept in declining playerbase. Most popular multiplayer games right now have very high skill caps, more so than Mordhau.

Average Frontline server is way easier than an average competitive game's quickmatch. Average competetive game's ranked mode is also a lot more difficult than the best duel servers right now.

It's the game's mechanics which are difficult. The only other game which is similar to this one is Chivalry, so it has obscure mechanics which are hard to learn. Most other games have similar mechanics to each other which allow for an easy transition between games (shooters). You simply don't have to learn as much.

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Exactly, people that are dedicated will stick to the game and will find time. Those that give up easily and get frustrated at the first sign of trouble, won't. Do you really want people that always complain and want everything to be made to cater to them because of their unwillingness to learn to stay in the game? Those are the type of people with shit mentality that don't succeed when they have to compete on any reasonable level.

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@esturias said:
You forget that there are also people who have a life. And other hobbies. Those who don't want to play a game as if it was a job and would consider 100 hours to be quite a lot already. The devs failed to give those a proper way of finding into the game.
You also forget that the game has lots and lots of issues concerning bugs, glitches and balance and that it started with very little content. That's also a major reason why players leave.

Yes, people that have a life won't be able to put that much time consistently into the game, but if they are dedicated they can still put enough hours over a longer period of time. All you need is one-two hours of dueling practice a few times a week, just like a real sport, and you'll get the hang of it in about a month.

And while yes, the game does have bugs and isn't completely balanced, the imbalance isn't so massive to the point where there's nothing you can do against it. People that quit and state balance as the issue use it as a scapegoat to claim that the game is shit and give themselves an excuse to quit the game rather than learn. There is no other game that does combat as well as this one, and considering who the people are that made it, they did a fantastic job at it, better than any AAA studio ever could.

You forget that the game is new, so expecting the game to be balanced is ridiculous. Also life isn't balanced. Certain weapons naturally counter others thanks to their design. When you use an arming sword to beat a spear user that can keep you at range, that is simply a show of skill for the guy with the arming sword that has the range disadvantage.

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Against a dodge player just try to facehug them at all times in order to keep the pressure. They don't want that. At facehug range dodge becomes useless against medium/long weapons

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The only problem with the battle axe is that it doesn't have a long recovery window and it combos quite fast. Axes are imbalanced weapons weight wise, so when you start swinging, all of that momentum should make it harder to bring the weapon back up, or make it more tiring. Also they should have stop on hit. Axes when swung at full force get stuck in their target and then need to be taken out, they aren't an elegant weapon. The alt grip which makes the axe shorter makes more sense for it to not have hitstop as that way its easier to manipulate the weight and use it for slashing which wouldn't cause the axe head to get stuck in the flesh.

Swords in contrast were invented in order to balance out the weight across the weapon in such a way so that its easy to recover and is less tiring to swing around.

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Shields are fine as they are. The only thing that needs to get changed about them is their cost. Parry shields need to cost less, whereas heldblock shields need to cost more. Heather shield costs only 2 points? lel

Shields have a lot of drawbacks:
-They limit your view, which is very detrimental. You can get baited hard and it limits your awareness drastically

-Their hitbox is shit. You can easily stab or get around the shield with proper movement. I've noticed that people that don't use shields have some kind of natural mobility advantage which allows them to always have better footwork.

-You can kick the shield, which arguably can be quite difficult if the shield user is good and knows how to avoid kicks, which is ok. Its the mechanic that is marketed for being the best counter to shields, so its natural that a shield user is going to try to counter kick-heavy play. Experienced players still know exactly how and when to kick and will still fuck up a shield user regardless.

-You can't riposte with a held block shield. This is a big disadvantage as ripostes are one of the most powerful things in the game. Without ripostes you lose out on initiative and you can't dictate the flow of the fight very well.

-If you keep holding block, you get fucked by kicks or stabs that get around you. If you use it like a normal parry, you can easily get baited by morphs and feints

-You lose the stamina fight

Shields only shine in frontline, where they are crucial and necessary. Good shield users will try and stay in the front of the fight and help their team push through archers and a wall of people that are using long weapons. Again though, it has drawbacks even in frontline for the above mentioned reasons. They limit your view, and once you're up against a lot of people and you have no support you'll get surrounded, backed into a corner and kicked to death, followed by being laughed at.

Shields are fine, literally, l2p and "git gud". This is coming from a lvl 30 player that doesn't even use shields that often.

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The game isn't dying. Its the fact that people that buy the game get turned off quickly because of its difficulty and high skillcap. People nowadays want instant gratification. When confronted with something that takes time and dedication to get good at they run away. This is made worse by the fact that there aren't any real "noob friendly" servers. The ones with "noob friendly" in the title are still populated with mostly high levels that only join those servers to shit on newbies. The new ranking system that is going to get implemented will allow newer players to actually compete against players their own level and gradually increase in skill rather than just get stomped to the ground all the time.

Most new players get wrecked constantly by more experienced players, and people that aren't dedicated to the genre just quit cuz "meh this game isnt for me". Yes it is for them, which is why they bought it. They just refuse to spend a minimum of 100 hours in order to "git gud"(average "gud") and would rather play a brainless shooter which is relatively easy to start killing people - aim and shoot. A 3 year old is capable of playing counter strike and will get lucky kills(I did back when I was a little kid playing CS 1.5) because its just so simple.

Mordhau is difficult. It takes dedication. The people that quit are the ones that aren't serious, so no, the game isn't dying. Its just hard. This is the sign of a real, proper game. Difficulty is something people have forgotten is a natural part of life.

Also people nowadays are pussies. Enough said