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I can think of a way that it wouldnt be so difficult, you would just need to make a reasonably well thought out map and work on the combat ai and add one or two features. Just messing around with Mordhau's combat system got me really wanting a mod or expansion with this sort of thing in mind. Specifically an online quest mode with a blend of the core elements of mordhau and some more classic rpg troupes.

An open world filled with npc's and you get a simple objective i.e. deliver item/kill person on the opposite side of the map. It would be co-op with lets say up to 10 players in your group and there would be permadeath. You would choose your loadout at the start of the game that you would have to stick to, aside from picking up weapons dropped by fallen enemies. This allows for people to challenge themselves to a solo 0,0,0 frying pan run. And give longevity to the mode

There would be no floating map markers or little dotted lines, just a written objective and your current position. So navigating using the basic map and in game info like road signs and directions from npc's would be a fun element to the gameplay.

Interactable Npcs could just be a villages of peasant farmers with set lines on how to get to different locations that wouldn't even need voice acting. Just easy directions like how morrowind or breath of the wild handled them. "Turn left when you reach the river north of town and you will find a road, follow that road west to the next town" that sort of thing and the map could just operate similar to Minecraft's map where its an item you hold that just shows your current position and direction but maybe it has the place names already filled in.

There could be bands of militia roaming around looking for your group and camps full of armed men at choke points during the map. It would need a good stealth mechanic maybe similar to skyrim but really nerfed with good detection parameters. The existing combat would strike a better balance than your traditional rpg with a real risk of death if outnumbered, enforcing teamwork and choosing your battles. I feel this would be the best online mode to showcase mordhau's combat system whilst giving the feel of adventure from an rpg.

Take lord of the rings for example as a theme
You are going from Riverdale to Mordor. You and your friends choose builds that reflect the fellowship with the aim of dropping the ring into mount doom and along with that comes the 'escort mission' gameplay element but its a real person and not buggy AI

(hopefully this as a mod will have accounted for the different race traits such as height for dwarves and hobbits and agility for elves such as the dodge perk alongside a good wizard build, this i would imagine to be a quarter staff that has an almost fus ro dah like ability that maybe inflicts ragdolls in an AOE and empties the opponants stamina bar. It would need a slow recharge of several minutes or some other ammunition cap.)

As you set off you are aware that the nine wraiths on horseback are hunting you and you will need to be stealthy or ready for a fight, as well as groups of orc militia raiding small villiges and the pack of Urukai from Isenguard trying to take the halflings.

In situations when the ring bearer is about to to be killed or captured, they can use the ring to dissapear and slip away but this will notify the ring wraiths and they will head towards you. If the whole party are killed or the enemy gets their hands on the ring it's an instant game over.

If that doesnt sound like fun i dont know what is.