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I have never experienced time out or other network problems in Mordhau. Not even in BR. Is that really the reason people don’t play, or is it the reason you don’t play?

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  • 26 Aug '19

You might think it's stupid, but a lot of people would consider this a great addition. I'm talking Call of Duty like progression system where you need to achieve certain goals to get a nicer skin. I agree that a full yellow gold skin sucks a bit, but having a full golden handle with diamonds or crystals would be rather cool. Of course the blade itself should be a blade, and should never be yellow gold.

This is what I mean when I say adding diamonds to a skin:


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  • 26 Aug '19

First of all: who am I to claim that I have the formula to fix BR Mode? Well, I won't say I'm an expert or developer of any kind, i'm just an enthusiast and I have played all the big BR games like PUBG (500+ hours), Fortnite, Apex, Cuisine Royale, etc. etc. I was also a big Chivalry fan and these days I mainly enjoy Mordhau (100+ hours frontlines and 70+ hours BR). By no means I'm a pro player or anything, I just observe, analyse and try to come up with solutions.

My English is far from perfect, please forgive me for this.

The problem
Before I start about possible solutions, lets talk about the problem(s) first.

  1. Small player base. There are barely any games going on in the mornings and early afternoons. It gets better once the day progresses to the later afternoons, evenings and nights.
  2. No progression system whatsoever. People who play BR just play for fun. Nothing else.
  3. No sufficient rewards: you barely get exp and gold, even if you win a game. Why play if you aren't rewarded? Again, only people who think the mode is fun will keep playing it.
  4. No Duo and Squad modes. Only solo option. The result is that people start teaming in solo mode which can be a pain in the ass. If there is a duo and/or squad mode, people will just join that (you will always have people that try to team up in solo, but adding these options would reduce that).
  5. Long waiting times in the waiting lobby.
  6. Proximity voice chat (to improve immersion)

There are probably a lot more fixes possible, but these 6 are the main issues. Solve these, and the player base will start climbing. I will try to explain my solutions based on the above problems.


  1. So, the lack of player base is the biggest problem is mode has. This is mainly the result of the other 4 problems. Solve those, and the player base will rise. I would like to propose a bold solution that will dramatically increase the player base:

Make Battle Royale mode Free to Play, and separate BR from the other modes in Mordhau. I know this is a radical move and it will indeed need other improvements to keep players interested (even the F2P BR players). I don't think anyone would object since the majority of the playerbase is playing Frontlines or other modes. The people who play BR will hopefuly welcome this move since their interest is to keep the mode alive.

To make F2P also a commercial success there probably needs to be some sort of micro transaction system where you can buy cosmetics for prices of € 1,99 or € 2.99. Making BR F2P will also be a great way to introduce new people to the mechanics of Mordhau.
Making BR F2P will greatly boost the player base, but it will decline if there are no improvements.

  1. There is no ranking or progression system. You get small exp gains and some gold, which is a good start. But the feeling of actual progression is missing. We need things like Leaderboards (solo/duo/squad), BR Statistics (kills, deaths, wins, losses, 2nd, 3rd places, etc. etc.), Season bound cosmetic rewards for different levels of engagement. Leveling per season and getting rewards for leveling in BR mode. Exp and Gold rewards should increase once your rank improves.

  2. No sufficient rewards. Winning a game earns you less exp and gold compared to winning a Frontlines match. I think that you can give a base exp of 500 for winning and 25 exp bonus per kill or something. Also there should be a BR exclusive currency that you can spend on BR exclusive cosmetics. Since BR is not a game mode that focusses on realism, it should be possible to add cosmetics that are fun looking and don't focus on realism. This is the reason it should be separated from other Game modes like Frontlines, where realism is more important. This is based on other realistic BR games like PUBG. The gunplay and visual style is focussed on realism, but cosmetics are based on fun (chicken suits and stuff like that).

  3. Make DUO and SQUAD options. I don't have to explain this I think, but being able to start as a team will be a great way for more experienced players to introduce new friends and help them a bit. If you combine this with a ranking system you will get more fair and decent matches between more skilled players and teams, instead of lvl 120 no-lifers killing lvl 4 noobs all the time. Also, being able to join BR with friends and combining this with F2P model will be a great way to boost player base.

  4. Decreaes Lobby waiting time (60 sec timer) to improve the flow a bit. BR is not very forgiving and so it should be. But being able to join a new game fast is of course one of the BR essentials. Reducing it to 30 seconds will be a big improvement.

  5. Communication: there should be close proximity voice chat options. Being able to shout through my headset when someone is near me will increase fun by a lot. Also hearing someones reaction after killing him is priceless. Tention and heartrates will rise if you hear other players voice messing with your head :-)

These are my main solutions to revive this game mode and to make Mordhau Battle Royale great again! In this section below I will present a few other additions that are minor, but still important.

This is not surprising, more content is (almost) always a good idea. For example adding Horse cosmetics to the game, adding more armor and weapon cosmetics to fight for in BR is essential. Also maps are important, but as of now there are a few good maps already. Adding exclusive BR maps and other unique content is a great way to market the F2P BR Mode.

Teaming up in Solo
A way to prevent part of this problem is by adding Duo/Squad queue's, but the problem will never really disapear. And so it should, in the end, BR is a sandbox experience and it is up to the players to decide how they will survive. The final battle is always a 1v1 situation and it is up to you to get to that point.

Kill cam
This is a good addition to any game mode of course. A great way to learn, to spot cheaters/hackers more easily and to just know how someone killed you. It adds to the fun I think, especially in BR where you have just one life.

Training Mode BR
This is just a way for people to learn Mordhau BR. It's a private server where you can fight against 30 bots on easy/normal/hard difficulty. I think it's good to add something like this, because my first Mordhau BR (actually the first thing i played when i bought Mordhau) was just relentless. I had no melee skills yet, I was owned in the first 10 seconds and I went of to play Frontlines the first 100 hours I played the game. After those 100 hours I went to try BR again (and this time it was a lot more fun).

CoD-like skins: we need a fun grind
The one thing I liked about CoD the most was the grind for new skins, with of course the Gold and Diamonds being the end goal. Adding something like this would be a great way to give people a reason to play more and longer.

Just categorise like this: 2H Swords, 2H maces/axes, 2H spear/halberd, Shields, 1H Swords, 1H axes/maces, 1H small arms (Dagger, Carving Knife, etc). and of course the other gear types. Again, BR mode is not meant to be realistic, just fun!

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas. Please don't add comments like 'lol BR is dead and let it be that way'. It's not relevant to my post.

Thank you!

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  • 26 Aug '19

Hi mate,

First of all, to people like Riflas and Kaiowa: go away if you don't have anything constructive. These comments are just worthless.

I appreciate the effort but to be honest this is not going to revive the game mode.

  1. Don't agree with this. Fists only in waiting lobby is both fun and useful. As you know you start with nothing in BR and sometimes it comes in handy to have some unarmed skills. The waiting lobby is not the place to practive 1v1 duel skills.

  2. I agree with you here. There should be open (voice) chat within a certain range. This would make the game more realistic and fun. No global chat because of teaming, this is obvious.

  3. Agree with reducing countdown. 30 seconds is good enough. 15 to 20 people in BR game is sufficient. Don't do a 5 minute countdown. Thats just aweful.

  4. No. Just no. Bots will ruin everything. Seeing someone and not knowing it's a bot or a human will ruin the game. If the dev's improve the game mode there is no need for bots.

  5. Partly agree. More maps are always good, but this is probably not the reason that the game mode is a dying. It has to do with other things.

I will think about things that will improve the game mode in my opinion and I will use the the good things as a starting point. I would much rather see a ranking system, higher exp/gold rewards for 'chicken diners' and exclusive cosmetic rewards.

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  • 19 Jul '19

The idea is a map in full Roman Empire style, please let me know what you think about it!

The Colosseum part of Rome (or based on Rome) is the setting of the map. It's an urban area, so there are houses and you are able to enter most of them. In the middle stands the grand Colosseum and this is also the part you need to capture. The Colosseum also includes the gladiator quarters and the gate to enter the arena. There should also be something cool like a cathedral.

Remember the scene in the movie Gladiator where Maximus fights in the arena versus horses + wagon? There should be atleast 2 of those in there. Also, a snake pit which you can trigger using a leaver and of course a cage with a big male lion inside which is also opened by a leaver or by hitting the lock a few times.

New construction types
Idea for new types of wooden constructs, build by using toolbox: a wooden plank used to cross roofs and a ladder used to climb parts of the Colosseum (or other large building types like castles).

New gear
For players who want more Roman style gear there should be some additional gear like Gladiator/Roman inspired armor and weapons.

Let me know what you think about this idea! Give it votes/kudo's and comments and lets hope the dev's like it too!