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@chaquator said:
not only can you attack from the other side, but you also have the ability to kick your opponent and run the opposite direction from them, which should become increasingly easy as they continue to circle around your backside, where you just run forward and suddenly they are far away

indeed this is something I noticed the very first minutes playing this game coming from chivalry. The amount of weird ass acrobatic movements you can do here is nonsensical

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@Frise said:
You can see a miss coming during its windup, react to it that soon by throwing an attack and footworking to force the miss, and the opponent will still have enough time to CFTP. If your opponent whiffed so bad that you could see it during their windup, you managed to react to it appropiately, and they failed to correct or counter-punish by further distancing themselves to force a miss on you, and they will still have enough time to CFTP.

It's fine to reward easy to do accel/delay waraxe mixups with unreadable 2 shots, but punishing blatant whiffs like in any self-respected fighting game is somehow inconceivable.

Look at the plays the opponents did in that video. Why shouldn't those be free hits, considering they failed to react to the punish (or moreso didn't need to because of how forgiving whiffs are). In a high skill game we're debating whether or not whiffs should be punished with a hit? adding a 50 - 100 ms no-feint window to combo windups wouldn't mean FREE HITS WHEN ANYBODY BARELY MISSES, it would mean that if you miss that fucking blatantly you'd need to back off and footwork out of the punish or fucking not miss in the first place, or eat the free hit. Yes, a free hit after missing that bad and failing to counter the punish is fine for a competitive game.

I don't get why Crush constantly moves the balance away from the more interesting and unique parts of the game.

inb4 'but then people would run around trying to bait misses all the time!! i can not comprehend the idea of subtle changes or try to imagine how they would actually affect the game!'

Thanks for doing the video. Clearly some dev (I really hope not all of them) are really fucking delusional

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@Jax said:
I think that it'd reduce the skill of the game. I think forcing a miss deserves a punish, but that punish shouldn't be a guaranteed hit. Right now this punish is a much higher stam cost, and that's fine. On top of that, the person who missed can be easily baited by a feint since they're already primed to expect their opponent to try to punish their miss - they then combo feint, panic parry and get punished.

By removing CFTP you're removing a lot of options and not improving much, if anything.

No. A hit should be rewarded. A miss should be punished. A miss should always be an opening for the other player to attack (this depends on weapon recovery of course). Dodge could become actually useful this way. I literally see no use in it currently.
You literally punish yourself if you dont combo after the first hit. Because THATS when the opponent can hit you. The cftp doesnt work that moment. Tell me whhat kind of sense does this make? Is the goal to button mash so I can enable a feature?

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I literally alt f4 when I saw how fucking insanely fast a guy with a claymore comboed into a parry. I literally ducked his attack and went already for a swing. But fucking no my son. Like some fucking shaolin monk he changed his stance and went full turtle parry and suddenly attacks me back like a flying tiger. Its so stupidly quick its not even funny.
That was probably the most fucked up shit I've seen yet.

Now its surely not the claymore itself, I've seen other idiotic moments with other weapons where you'd think you found a window to hit.
Thats the whole idea of "windows of opportunity"
A missed strike shouldnt be able to combo and thus not be able to parry. Or at least not give the option to parry until full , usual recovery.

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This is just random sliderfu and not the real female model

I want big fucking tits on my female. Bonus points on jiggle mechanics when naked/clothing tiers. I buy the game thrice when I can look down and see cleavage

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What did you people expect? This is pretty much normal.
You could say the very same to chivalry.
It was also great until people started to know how the system works and use only strong weapons/attacks
This is absolutely normal. It will never ever get back the amount of people it had. But it only can try maintain what it is now.

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You learn the basics in duel mods. And thats what makes you play better.
You can carry that knowledge to the other modes.
Try to find a low level duel server. Else youre just fighting against people ignoring the laws of physics like me

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I do that. Learned it in chivalry (never used it there however)
Its a mix between hitting the very moment you wind up or the last hitbox swing. Throws off your opponent to a early/late parry.
Its basically an instant hit or long drag. Theres nothing more to it than gambling. But ive been more sucessful. Especially when it gets people vietnam flashbacks