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  • 17 Jul '19

This is fantastic, a well thought out and appropriate response to this issue. I think that a reputation voting system could be a good thing to add? I am thinking kinda like overwatch, where there is in game incentive to be a good person basically. I think there should be a check mark next to a players name at the end of the match that gives like a 50 gold bonus, or maybe if you get enough votes over time you can get a cool skin, it would be nice to get a knight skin for being so chivalrous :P Honestly though, One holy paladin themed skin and sword for good behavior and i bet this community is the most warm and welcoming place on the internet hahaha

Oh, other idea that is absolutely horrible dont do it, but would be funny to see in practice. make frontline character customization based off that voting system. if you get down votes alot, restrict the player to peasant status lool