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  • 26 Sep '19

@FlashoftheBlade said:
@LumpyCustard Could be 2 things, 1: you have cloth physics on, clothes in this game seem to render when another player enters an imaginary circle that surrounds you, when they enter it the game engine has to simulate them, strangely though this seems to cause an stutter(when at the beginning it was supposed to reduce performance hits caused by the clothes physics simulation). now, once they enter the circle their clothes will be rendered at least 3 to 4 or more times your circle's radio(tested by me). now i believe the stutter itself can be caused by two things, 1: possible bad optimization of the physics assets for the skeleton causing such a high load on the cpu that the cpu won't even try to keep up and as result will generate a huge 100+ ms frametime spike which we will perceive as very annoying a stutter. 2: maybe they just need to increase the cloth physics assets render distance while reducing the quality at longer distances so that once the cpu renders them it's all good and it possibly will reduce or eliminate stuttering. now the other more probable cause of your fps problems is that your 980ti is running out of vram at that resolution, some time ago i was playing taiga at 1080p and i was getting 5,7gb of vram consumed.
oh and by the way, recent patches did indeed reduce performance. i don't see why though.

this cured mine - cheers!

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  • 16 Jul '19

Not sure if should be in "Bugs & Glitches" or more of a feature request/suggestion, but whatever.

I posted this on reddit here:
but also not sure if this is the more official place for feature requests/design questions for the devs.

Basically, if you throw your 1 handed axe/short spear etc. you unequip your shield. I wouldn't expect it to work that way, like if I'm throwing the axe as a mixup and they read it and attack, I don't want to just have my fists out, but I'm unsure if it is by design.

You can however keep your shield out when throwing throwables, javelins, firebombs, etc, but not throwable items that can be used in melee combat, such as short spears and 1h axes.

Knowing that you can't melee attack with your unarmed hand may play a factor, but I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.