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Great news! Looking forward to female models, i will make several female characters myself, not only historical characters but also custom ones and fictional cosplays. And good thing the toggle thing is not a thing, that would mess up so bad the customization! (i want to do a Rapunzel cosplay, barefoot, with pink dress and with frying pans, a gender toggle would basically turn my Rapunzel into literally a dude in a dress)

I love how the same people who go full ''i'm not sexist, BUT wahmen should not be added bicuz not hIsToRiCaL'' are then fine with:

-Shrek cosplays
-Super Mario cosplays
-Ninja Turtle cosplays
-Obi-Wan cosplays
-Game of Thrones cosplays
-Santa Claus cosplays
-Hitler cosplays
-Jesus Christ cosplays
-Other fantasy/fiction movies/series/games cosplays
-Mixing up weapons and pieces of armor that are several centuries apart and from different world regions

If you want a hIsToRiCaL game, then customization would not even be a thing. You would have a limited amount of already full built up armor set ups made based on museum pieces and historical drawings, and that would be it.

Ah, and i am a white, male, straight, right-wing conservative guy, so don't come at me with your ''bruh you are a SJW libtard'' bullshit for wanting and welcoming female models ingame ^^