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What about crush responding to a post on the steam forums post-release citing realism as a reason for a client-side toggle for female models?

Funnily enough this toggle would have worked both ways so you could play with only women in game as well, obviously the journos went straight at the white male gamer attack and decided to throw in race as well for maximum outrage

The toggle idea was a direct response to dudes demanding that women not be added. You can dress it up by saying 'well, you can also toggle just females' but that's not really the point. How many people have you seen asking for this game to be females only? I'm glad they abandoned this idea.

They throw race in there because, in case you missed it all these years you've been here, it's a bit of an issue in this community and especially on the forums (particularly pre-politics ban, but it's still not moderated that strictly). Honestly, besides overreaching by going after the Kniggas thread and misinterpreting statements from (apparently) uninformed Triternion staffers, the article made some fair points that have been made by plenty of others on this forum and elsewhere in the past.

(TLDR at end)
Alright man, look. Just look.

If you want a game unbound by realism that has no racial stereotypes (heck, no race at all) go right back to TABS. You can play first person as a knight and have your "perfect" little world safe from any touch of history.

The point that everyone has been making (if you're too dense to understand) is that in medieval times there were only straight white males fighting in Europe. This game takes place in that time frame.

If you still don't get it, people play Mordhau to get a very realistic medieval combat simulator that is both enjoyable and accurate. It would not be accurate to see Blacks and Females running around the battlefield. The game is already nearing perfection, without the addition of these other details.

I guarantee that you SJWs would get equally pissed if the game "glorified the murder of females and minorities" (which you've bashed other games for doing). Truth be told, if you get your way, most people wouldn't jump to the sliders to accurately depict themselves. It most likely would cause people to enhance racism by changing their character to be black and following people, deeming themselves slaves (in good fun).

What you personally want and feel doesn't mean you can try and change 95% of the game's demographic to fit your ideals. Imagine if an open Nazi wanted to censor all non-Nazi imagery in videogames and tried to destroy a dev's reputation for not including Nazi ideals? You would shit your pants!

TLDR; go fuck yourself libtard, nobody cares and you won't change anything

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Please, for the love of all things normal, don't conform to what the Libs want. I personally will stop (and along with many others) playing this game and encourage others not to buy it. I hope to God for your sake and your game's sake that you respect 95% of your audience's wishes and keep the game as-is. I have always loved Mordhau, and I would hate to see it throw away everything it had because some salty libtards wanted the community to conform to it's unjust censorship.