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  • 10 Jul '19

I have just created a discord community to try and bring together people who are new or long existing members of the PC gaming community and allow them to play games together, I have put all info in the discord chat!
Have fun guys!

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  • 9 Jul '19

I have played this game since the day its came out and truly love the combat system and how diverse the armour customisation is I have had much fun with everything and noticed that creating good looking Mercenaries is quite satisfying and relaxing but one problem I face is finding Emblems that can improve the looks of my characters such as stags or dragons etc.
I would really love the ability to create my own Emblems with some customisation similar to For Honor's Emblem system but instead of it being player specific being able to put it onto your armour and shields and also being able to choose where they go on these items.
I understand that the main problem with this is people creating inappropriate Emblem with nudity or Racial slurs but couldn't a Emblem report system be added for this and a temp ban be given to anyone with an inappropriate Emblem.
I love this game to pieces as it has quickly risen to be one of my favourite games so either way if it is added or not I wont be discouraged to play as it can be lived without, im just simply hoping it can be added. :D