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I voted yes just so I could meme it into reality.

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I'm a racist and I don't play Mordhau. I just started posting here after the commie twinks started picking on the developers.

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@CatR said:
Eid Of Norway of course neglects to mention the Jewish and Romani presence in the 19th and 20th centuries, which were greatly diminished in the 1940s due to the systemic extermination of these peoples.

Jews and gypsies were never found in large numbers in Norway, and their presence in Europe has always been destructive. They certainly didn't shape European history in a meaningful and positive way. They have always been to Europe what fleas are to a dog.

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@Alasdair said:
They are capitulating to journalists by removing the toggle, and saying they would censor if they had the manpower to do so. they are either giving lip service to get them to fuck off or capitulating to threats made by internet activists with no power.

This is why I know the devs aren't white nationalists. A true neo-nazi skinhead-klansmen such as myself would have ignored the manufactured outrage completely or given a curt "we allow full freedom of speech on our forum" type of response, but the Mordhau devs buckled. They effectively pissed themselves and ran for the tall grass, and now the pinkos are chasing them while pulling up their low-rise skinny jeans.

Let this be a lesson to all of the Jordan Peterson-tier conservative types out there: "B-b-b-but, we're not racist!" never works. You're dealing with puritanical lunatics. These people worship at the altar of multiculturalism and will viciously attack any threat, real or perceived, to their untenable vision of a race-blind butt-sex utopia. These people are clowns. They are not to be taken seriously.

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While I think George Orwell got some things wrong in 1984, the one thing he got right was the idea that history was going to be systematically rewritten until it was impossible to tell fact from fiction. He mistakenly thought the rewriting of history would be done by a totalitarian government, but the revisionists ended up being private citizens like the fella who wrote this article. Big Brother ended up not being a governmental system at all, but an army of blue-haired feminists, skinny-jeans-wearing soyboys, and perpetually bitter nonwhites who are supported by megacorporations like Nike and billionaires like George Soros.

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@CatR said:
Nowhere in "driving players away from the game" does it imply that it is the biggest reason, it only implies it is a relevant factor.

They're still assuming motive, which is something you're supposed to learn not to do in Journalism 101.

As far as the drop in players, that's something that happens to most multiplayer games to varying degrees. To assign reasons for this is, again, assuming motive. The only way to figure out what causes people to stop playing a game is to poll a large enough sample of them. Even then, there can be factors in the way they're polled that could skew the results.

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@esturias said:
Why do people continuously start blabbering about politics and other nonsense when we are still talking about nothing but spoiled brats raging around in a computergame?

Delusion is a really widespread disease...

First they came for the spoiled brats, and I did not speak out because I was not a spoiled brat.

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Has anyone asked the obvious question: Why is the Mordhau player base being singled out for behavior that has existed within every competitive multiplayer game community going back to the original Quake?

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@Alphonse said:
Friendly reminder that the Slasher prototype from almost 4 years ago had darker skin tones but they looked like ugly caricatures without a proper face model.


Also that for the longest of times, the Alpha had only 1 face model instead of two, so that aspect of character customization was not a priority before release (esp. since every sensible person goes to battle with face plate on).

If they put a skin-tone slider in the game, the black characters are just going to look like white guys in black face. If they give in to the diversity brigade, they'll have to commit to creating unique facial models for each race that reflect the difference in bone structure between the races. At that point, they might as well just create a Middle Eastern race with its own unique armor and weapons.