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  • 24 Jul '19

@PC_Principal said:
I tried it again and it's pretty good vs heavy armor, the windup speed is a joke though.


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@ToLazy4Name said:
it two shots tier 3 chest

what the fuck do you want it to do other than that while costing 4 fucking points

I guess you never read what i wrote how to buff it a bit

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@das said:
Scout one-shots heads while the M4 doesn't, therefore the Scout is a better weapon.

But seriously, DPS is an irrelevant stat for this game unless we're talking about destroying structures. HTK and the likeliness of hitting is what matters. Dagger stabs have a higher DPS than almost any 2hander lol, does this mean anything? No, because parrying and chambering exists, which puts a halt to your "muh dps".

Also, mace 2-shots on the torso.

Mace 2-shots torso.

Mace 2-shots torso.

Mace 2-shots torso.

Mace 2-shots torso.

Mace 2-shots torso.

It's so predictable it's actually not even funny and only good for saying "Look at me! I am a free hit!" unless you do crazy risky moves or smack them from behind

And DPS does matter and the only reason the dagger is not god tier is because everyone can spit longer distance than it's length

Edit: Accidently used distance twice and fixed it

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  • 24 Jul '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
oh good this is just like that one thread of the guy saying war axe sucked

Mace 2 shots t3 chest, has a very fast stab for interrupts and mixups, is slow enough to drag effectively and only costs a few points. If you think it's the "worst weapon in the game" then idk what the hell you're doing but you're wrong lmao

Excuse me for wanting to love the mace but can't due to shit DPS and being more predictable than a spear user

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  • 24 Jul '19

@Sir Zombie said:
Blunt weapons be like dat

Except for warhammer and sledge which both has brutal head damage unlike mace

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  • 24 Jul '19

@Shitscrubber64 said:
Mace is a great weapon for 1v1 and easily worth 4 points. You can throw numbers around all you want but have you actually tried it out? It's very good, can drag well enough and has a quick stab to throw off the enemy's timing. Strong stamina drain as well.

It's also a pretty big waste of time to compare just about any weapon with the Heavy Handaxe as the latter is the most floaty, controversial weapon in its point range. It either needs to cost more or get some stat changes to make its damage and speed more in line with the other one handers.

I tried it a lot and it's worthless in any kind of 1vX situation due to it's painfully slow and mediocre damage output for 1 handed and even in 1v1 you're just better off using a warhammer due to much faster swing speed and much better head damage when you press R so sorry but at the end numbers win even if you got eradic playstyle that makes you almost unpredictable or a calculated one for the slow swing speed is just so predictable

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Much i love the weapon and it's skins especially the Morning Star Head but why do i say it's the worst weapon in the game?

I'll compare the mace to 2 other blunt weapons which is the warhammer and the heavy handaxe (Hey it's technically a blunt weapon if you press R)

Let's check the stats let's start with windup speed

Windups stats:
Strike: 625
Stab: 475

Strike: 475
Stab: 500

Heavy Handaxe:
Strike: 700
Stab: 675

Ok this is looking really bad for the mace when it comes to windup speed except for stab but will it fare better when it comes to damage? I'll only count swing damage because stabbing is garbage for non swords/spears

Head: 63 (None) 63 (T1) 62 (T2) 60 (T3)
Body: 53 (None) 53 (T1) 52 (T2) 50 (T3)
Legs: 52 (None) 50 (T1) 48 (T2) 46 (T3)

Head: 53 (None) 52 (T1) 51 (T2) 50 (T3)
Torso: 38 (None) 37 (T1) 36 (T2) 35 (T3)
Legs: 35 (None) 35 (T1) 34 31 (T2) 30 (T3)

Heave Handaxe:
Head: 100 (None) 100 (T1) 68 (T2) 60 (T3)
Body: 75 (None) 62 (T1) 53 (T2) 45 (T3)
Legs: 65 (None) 52 (T1) 43 (T2) 35 (T3)

This is warhammer is looking worse than the mace now yes? NO! the moment you press R everything changes when it comes to head damage
Warhammer alt mode:
Head: 100 (None) 77 (T1) 76 (T2) 70 (T3)

Now the mace looks real pathetic doesn't it now?

"But wait!" You say: "The heavy handaxe is slow as shit and deals mediocre damage against higher tier armor! Why would you consider it better than the mace?" And i'm gonna say here's why it's better: Pressing R turns it into a utility weapon (blacksmith hammer) albeit slower than the original and deals more damage

Maybe it will fare better in length yes? Wrong

Mace: 60cm
Warhammer: 60cm
Handaxe: 70cm

This is where it ends since i am getting pretty lazy now and it is late in my timezone so i will leave a TL;DR how to fix it

Make the mace swing slightly faster (600ms) or maybe make it a 3 cost weapon or just make it bit longer (70-80cm)

Edit: Fixed an typo
Edit edit: Fixed an error