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@TombstoneJack said:
alright first person to post a knigga with the new armor might not be the best I wanted to be the first I was going for a sergeant look 629760_screenshots_20190830184359_1.jpg

I like the look your char got. Also the fact that he's rockin' a mace and shield goes very well with the new veteran breastplate. Didn't really like parts of the new armor set, mainly helmet's were a dissappointment and also pauldrons. The chest armor is cool tho.

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It's actually fine that there isn't a ranking system in place yet and losing/tk'ing wont effect your stats/gold/exp gain too much. This way it's ok to grief the griefers by killing them over and over again while laughing about it ->

Will miss this once ranking system is implemented.
Reporting such players seems to to jack shit atm, so thats kinda useless also.

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Didn't feel like doing more Witcher related stuff afterall. Instead, tought I'd share my "main" and one other character that I like to play.
Chrysalis 2.jpg

The top one is a sort of "aristocrat" inspired build. Thinking of, maybe an English nobleman hunting foxes or somehing, idk...
Has bear trap, smokebomb and estoc.

The bottom one is a build I play the most atm. Has a medic bag, smokebomb and greatsword.
Didn't really have a clear idea on which this character could be based on. Just like to have a good weapon and some utility.
Also tought that the cripple knight emblem fits since, you know... has a medic bag or something... really dunno, looks ok tho.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Yeah Geralts and Jon Snows are like little health packs in 1vX.

Agreed, for the most part... I usually suck ass with these fashion/cosplay builds, but at least they're fun to play and I've still had some success using more nimble, lightly armored builds as opposed to 3/3/3 bois

EDIT: Was thinking of doing more Witcher related shizz later. Bear School, Ivo of Belhaven maybe. That should at least be a more viable build than the other two so far.

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I know these have been done to death and back and then death again, but... I gave a shot @ creating Geralt with Viper armor and Letho of Gulet with his set of leather armor from the Witcher 2 & 3. Kinda shit at making character faces still, so nothing too amazing, just gonna leave this here ->Witchers.jpg

EDIT: Took a little creative license with both characters, but only small things such as Lethos shoulder pads...
EDIT: Loadouts, Geralt: Greatsword, firebomb & bandage. Letho: Zwei, dagger & smokebomb. Don't remember which perks :P

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Don't know how useful this would be, but I'd like a sort of 'shopping cart' feature. For example, first you outfit your character in any gear you like (regardless of money/level restrictions), then put everything in that loadout in the cart and it'll save that loadout + show you how much more gold and levels you need to fully complete it. Then when you have enough, you just buy the already completed loadout. Just spit balling here tho...

Also +1 for OP. Needed QOL

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^ To show support and empowerment for Wåhmen even more, they should include color options for armpit hair and beards! That ought to shut the journous down.

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@de.tail said:
In regards to destroying team ballistas, one of the fixed ones in the Taiga map really needs destroying...

This response is beyond late at this point, but when I said destroying 'team' ballistas vexes me, I meant when you play as an engineer and build one then your teammates watch next to you as you build it and then mount it to shoot, but instead they laugh, kick you off it and destroy it.
PS: (lol 'vexing' :D don't use that word too often)

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@Erwinicus said:
Boob/ass sliders should only go from high to extra high.

You mean from (‿ˠ‿) -> t h i c c ??

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I just hope that since wähmyn are going to be part of the game regardless what anyone says, that they'd be accurately represented and that their gear would be modeled appropreately.lady_of_the_knight_by_nathanparkart-d733esj.jpg

None of that full plate armor crap. We all know wöhmen are physically weaker, ergo full plate is unrealistic and bikini is much more realistic and nicer to look @. Boob/ass sliders also pls for maximum realism.

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How to deal with meme ppl in Mordhau:

1# Go to the spawn camera spot
2# Kill everyone there
3# Leave
If 2# fails, revert back to 1# and go over the steps in order until done.

Lute players are gay. Should also be killed off ingame.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I think you and I are pretty much in an agreement.

Pretty much, altho I would say that even if I don't agree with the sentiment that adding women or POC to the game will ruin the realism (since the game is not striving for absolute historical accuracy/realism to begin with), I do understand this viewpoint. (not including just straight up chauvinistic/racist ppl)

@SWSeriousMike said:
immersion is very personal and subjective and therefore can also be dismissed.
You on the other hand seem to be more hesitant in that regard.

I am hesitant, because I feel that in order to have a consistent and somewhat beliveable setting, some ground rules have to be set upon which the world can be built. On the other hand, concessions must be made to stramline gameplay so to not overcomplicate things in the name of ultimate realism.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
There already is magic in the game, e.g. the Bloodlust perk.

Yes yes and magically refilling ballista ammunition and magically healing yourself by looking at a medic bag for 4 seconds and magically surviving an arrow from a recurve bow to the eye and being able to fight and becoming resistant to fire and and.......
Some people are able to suspend their disbelief farther than others.
It's not called magic in the game, it's called a perk. I know it's not realistic, but since it's not outright called magic either I'm personally not going to treat said perk as such.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Still waiting for an example. Not for pseudo-realism or a homage to the real world - but for realism.

Until then I will still stand by the statement that the game is completely unrealistic and that realism is no argument for or against women.

Go ahead. you're entitled to stand by your opinion/statement.
However, you should see the difference between a completely fictional setting /v a pseudo- realistic setting which takes inspiration from the real world and lastly a realistic setting which depicts an actual event/conflict/whatever and strives for realism.

All three scenarios should be held to a differing standard.

1# Completely fictional setting = Almost anything goes within the parameters set by the creators of that particular universe. Want lasers and flying elefants with aliens riding them to the sunset? Ok, it's the artists choise. Example game: Skyrim. No need to elaborate.

2# Pseudo- realistic setting = Some restrictions lest' you venture into the above category of completely fictional. Example game: Battlefield 1. It's based in a real conflict with period accurate costumes and weapons/experimental technology. However, it's not trying to be a WW1 simulation, hence concessions have been made at the cost of realism to make the game more enjoyable. Experimental weapons, number of armored vehicles etc etc... It's trying to portray a real conflict and preserve the atmosphere of WW1 while taking liberties with things that never actually were part of the war. You can see how adding lightsabers and flying cows would be detrimental to the surface level atmospheric pseudo- realism the game clearly strives for?

3# Accurate simulation = A lot of restrictions thematically, mechanically and in general. Example game: iRacing. Only slight (if any) wiggle room in terms of creative freedom. Physics, car models and laser scanned tracks all based on real world tangible things. Goal is to simulate the experience of comtetitive racing as closely to reality as possible.

See? Of course you could argue that since only the setting is realistic in a sense that it's based on/takes influence from real places and history without actually depicting real conflics that anything goes since nothing is realistic about the gameplay. I hope you can also see that some players would object to adding things to the game that break their immersion. I would be ok with adding women and POC, I wouldn't be ok with adding fantasy races and magic for example since some basic rules have to be determined with which the games world is set up.

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@SWSeriousMike said:

@VeCChrysalis said:
That's not strictly true. Of course there are things that are unrealistic such as... blah blah blah ->
Suspension of disbelief only goes so far, and some people draw the line at specific points.....

Please give me a few examples of what is realistic...
If you think about it there is nothing realistic about this game. It's not a combat simulation.

Ok, so I didn't claim that this is a medieval combat simulation and it doesn't try to be. Maybe bad wording on my part but what I mainly ment when I said that 'that's not strictly true' is that even if the mechanics are mostly arbitrary things such as a particular weapon doing X amount of damage when it hits armor class Y when targeting, for example the head, jada jada... The realism part comes from the visual direction and design elements. Weapons and armor are modeled after real life examples of said items and the environments (maps) try to create a distinct atmosphere using fairly realistic settings for medieval European battlefields and milieu. And the combat system has some pseudo- realistic elements to it (momentum, leaping attacks, location based damage). It's a matter of suspending your disbelief, but which ever way you spin it, this game strives for an authentic atmosphere. It doesn't use stylized, cell shaded graphics and disproportionate character models for a reason. That doesn't mean it's realistic nor' a simulation.

EDIT: If you think about it, there are very few actual simulation games in any genre. If Mordhau would be a simulation then even all the little things which are simplified for sake of fluent gameplay would end up being overly complicated and time consuming. Need healing from a medic bag? Watch a 5 minute animation/play QTE of suturing a wound :D No fun :^I

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Nothing in this game is realistic.

That's not strictly true. Of course there are things that are unrealistic such as ballistas having infinite ammo and people bashing 3/3/3 bois to death with their bare fists just to name a couple. However, there's a need for some unrealistic concessions in the name of accessibility and game mechanics.
Suspension of disbelief only goes so far, and some people draw the line at specific points, e.g female characters being added. Some wouldn't probably care even if this game featured fantasy elements and would enjoy it all the same. Personally don't care wether or not there's females or other races, but I can see how some do.

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Without having read the whole thread, here are some of my thoughts about this topic ->

¤ Lack of content (as has been said a million times)
There should be hotfixes, patches and content patches coming in regularly, but there isn't.

¤ Lack of communication from devs
There's no consistent communication with the community and no centralized place afaik for patch notes.
Maybe a dev blog or something similar on this site where updates and under developement patches are being announced/discussed?

¤ Imba problems such as Crossroads, cav, siege, some weapons etc. This has already been discussed in detail.

¤ Toxicity to an extent. Altho I'm of the mind that sufficient tools have been provided to deal with the problem (barring a client side custom word filter to regulate what you want to see in chat), some people don't like that the devs aren't taking a firm stance against shittalking/racism/'toxicity' or something similar.

¤ Rampant griefing, which is a really fucking annoying problem in some instances (somewhat related to the toxicity problem also). Firepotting pathways, toolboxing spawn entrances, tk'ing for ballistas or destroying friendly ballistas etc... This to me is one of the most annoying things with this game and lack of punishment isn't helping the matter.

Summa summarum - The unforgiving nature of the combat system combined with griefing and shittalking players results in an unplesent environment for new or fairly new players that either never purchase the game or if they've already bought it and invested some time playing, give up since no new content is being added on top of the above issues. As a fairly new player who's still shit at the game, I can confirm that the first 10 - 20 hours of this game were a really unpleasant experience. I persevered, but some may not and there's plenty to choose from if one game doesn't manage to hold your interest.

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Toxicity isn't really a problem tbh. This has been said a million times before, you have the tools necessary to deal with it. The only things I would add are a client side custom word filter and a feature similar to Dota in that you can click on a profile and choose if you prefer to play with that person again or not. Meaning that when you queue the system scans players currently in the server and if someone on your blacklist is in there, the system moves on to another server. Don't know how well this would work in a 64 player FL or other server, but maybe it could be done.
EDIT: Oh and just to add that there is infact a distinct lack of voip in the game so toxic behaviour is even less of a problem. You don't even have time to read the chat in the heat of battle.

A bigger problem is griefers. For fuck sake people are retarded when it comes to griefing. Team killing for ballistas, destroying ballistas, blocking entrances, firepotting pathways and more.
This causes much more gray hairs than 'toxicity'. If it were up to me some of the worst repeat offenders should be permabanned from playing ever again on their account, but I guess that's not good for business so maybe something a little bit less severe could be implemented. Something needs to be done tho, that's for sure.