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  • 20 Aug '19

Just tried in a local match with bots and it felt fine.

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  • 20 Aug '19

For about a week now i have been getting a "delay" during most of my ripostes. It feels like input lag, where as my mouse movement feel a little off to what is happening on screen. I know its delay/desync because sometimes the issue dissapears mid riposte and i get jumped to a new position (not like teleporting but my weapon moves enough so that i feel a difference). I have tried everything you can think off in terms of hardware, refresh rate, gsync, vsync. Reinstalled the game, reinstalled windows and manually downloaded the latest drivers for all hardware. Also tried 3 different mice, USB ports, 3 different monitors. The issue persits, i have noticed it gets worse the more i play, i only play duel servers and my ping is around 30 consistently, i have a good internet connection and dont experience any issues in any other games. One more thing to note is i have a recording that looks like clean, normal animations. However when i recorded that i felt a crazy ammount of delay/desync. I used to change resolution quite often and played with custom resolutions.

I have 400 hours but this last week the game has been unplayable, any help is greatly appreciated!

btw the game is completely fine outside of riposte, weird i know.

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  • 18 Aug '19

I have a weird problem where i get screen lag during a riposte sometimes. Also people stutter when im dueling them, sometimes. It feels like input lag but i have done lots of tests and my inputs seem fine, problem does not occur on other games. Side note it feels desynced, blood splatter occurs slightly off character. Tried everything i can think off, pls help

high end pc with good internet, 240hz monitor playing on lowest settings.

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  • 9 Jul '19

Adjusting gamma in the display options will not save upon restart even after pressing the apply button. I am forced to change it every time i play the game.

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  • 5 Jul '19

So i have played 200 hours since release and never had a hicup, ping spike or any type of packet loss, i was actually impressed with how the servers kept up with all the shit going on in frontlines. That was until a week ago, when i suddenly started to get rubber banding in duel servers (i mainly play in vk old, which is smooth to most people). The rubber banding can last 4-5 seconds sometimes, then will be ok for a minute or two. It's also the same on official servers.

  • Rubber banding but my ping stays at 36 throughout.
  • Red packet loss icon flashing during banding.
  • Depends on the time of day, seems to be better when more people are playing (weird i know)
  • Ping tested 5 different servers (not mord server) with 0 packet loss and 14ms
  • 54mbs download and 18mbs upload
  • Tried resetting everything, packet loss tests.
  • Wired connection, same problem on wireless also.
  • Problem came out of the blue.
  • Game is unplayable atm.
  • Can play any other game fine with a stream open and netflix on downstairs.
  • (please help)

Full reinstall seems to have fixed the issue, hopefully it doesn't come back.