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so this is from june 18 or 17? It just says june.

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7:37 (last clip)

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@alonesilverwolf said:

@Sayton said:
Changing config files (FoV increase etc), complex binds (bunny jump and such), graphic card settings (making smokes invisible in CSGO), etc. to get an in-game advantage has been done in games since forever and is often seen as legit.
I don't think that it is ultimately the players who should be in charge of deciding whether or not it's allowed. If it's not allowed then the devs should patch it out.

In this case it may seem like an easy call for someone with a bit of common sense. But it sets a precedence, will the players be assumed to only change values in the config files if they think it's fair? Where does the line go? Can changing FoV be unfair - will it get you banned? "Potato mode", will it give you any form of advantage, who knows?

If you on the other hand download software to intentionally cheat in the game, I think it's different. It's external to the game and specifically made to cheat. There's no excuse and they should be banned.


This right here, is a load of crap. If someone uses their .ini files to gain ANY advantage over someone who does not, it is cheating. I don't give af how you try to spin it, it's gaining advantages over an honest player.

This is especially true with FOV. If you use the .ini to change fov beyond what the IN GAME OPTIONS allow, you're cheating. Period. I cite the following video as reason why: high FOV

If you don't call that crap cheating, newsflash: you're part of the problem and deserve to be banned.

Ban yourself for being ignorant. Config files are there to be changed and the extent of the config file is up to the developers. If the game just lets you change the values of the config as you wish and doesn't check certain values (min max allowed) when joining a server, the devs screwed up big time.

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@Jax said:
At the moment we're doing heavy bugfixing for ranked and a lot of the new tweaks that are incoming.
The way it's looking is that we're most likely going to drop an update with ranked, gameplay/general improvements and quality of life features first (also probably a bit of a rebalance to xroads), and then release another update relatively soon afterwards with the new maps and anything we didn't get sorted for the first one.

Our reasoning for potentially doing it this way is that there's no good reason to hold up Ranked and general improvements for the maps. As for the maps, there's been more of the same, a lot of optimization work and now we're also setting up gameplay logic (like frontline objectives, spawn points for game modes, different playable areas for each, I'm pretty sure Horde/BR setup as well). A point to note is that Feitoria needs a lot of work for optimization, since it's such a big and visually dense map with interiors and stuff - that's not to say the map will run badly, but that it needs a lot of optimization work so it doesn't run badly. This optimization work is time consuming, but it can't really be 'sped up' by throwing the whole art team at the problem; it just takes time.

As for the SDK and Invasion, these are long term goals we want to start working on ASAP. We're focusing on the short-term stuff (maps and ranked, etc.) because we realize there is a lack of content currently, and we want to fix that before starting work on the big things that will take up the bulk of our manpower. Mod tools will be awesome as they let the community make the content they want, but if it takes us a few months or more to get an SDK working it doesn't make sense to drop everything else and work on that, while the base game is sorely lacking in content. Invasion is something that is currently in the 'on-paper' design phase, and while it will be a big task to make, it shouldn't take forever, as we're most likely using existing maps for it.

Cool. Keep us updated every once in a while. There are other games we can play while waiting for your updates. Don't let your motivation be affected by low player count in steam stats please. Many people have told you the "game is dying" but I'm sure many people that played the game in earlier stages are waiting for this update and more content. I don't really care much for ranked but I'm sure many people do.
We're looking for maps and maybe a hand full of perks and of course balance and bugfixes. So your update is pretty on point.
I'll be on board again at a later point in time, but I'll never consider the game to be dead. It's just not my genre (I'm a shooter guy) and sadly you nerfed archers to death, everyone but archers gets 25 free hp on kill, no questions asked and bloodlust let's people heal after eating 2 of your arrows preventing their death on the 3rd. It's very, very unsatisfying to play archer classes in your game. Best represented by the phrase:

"Devs are still butthurt from chiv archers"

It's not mine, too lazy to find his name and quote. I think he's 100% right though, everything was done to prevent archers from being viable. The biggest issue I have with the game is still bloodlust.

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Well, how long would it take for you to host your own server? 1 day?

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I was nolifing rust for a while. Reasons why I quit rust was the XP based and then scrap based crafting system. I liked blueprints and high head damage bows. Guys would get 2shot with Bows. And once you snuck up on a clueless guy with an ak, took his gear you were good to go, just needed to build a small base to put all the shit you just found and a bag.

Now it's all about farming scrap and scrapping useless shit and useful shit like camera for parts and soloing is just a nightmare. But it's still somewhat of a good game, modded servers have builder and weapon kits for a less time consuming experience.

Anyway this used to be about mordhau right? I think devs are exhausted or overworked, might have run into some issues or bugs with the updates they're struggling to fix. Don't forget they probably worked on this game for the past 3 years...
I think we need beta versions of the new patch to help find problems before release.

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Maybe it's the bad reputation that many early access games have. Anyway, I'm sure they're pretty worked up, they might want or need a break soon or already have. They basically finished a game, not polished but finished. Give them a break, like literally. In German we use the term "unthankful", as customers, we should be happy there's a working game for most of us at least.
We shouldn't call the game dead since that is probably the last thing the devs like to read, especially if your comment has no trace of constructive criticism or subject matter.

To all the people who want their money back they might think twice when they see this:

And this isn't the only example of developers that ripped off their staff and players.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.

6) Currently, if you have a build, maybe with some medium cost weapon like billhook, and bloodlust, you can heal on the horse for every kill. I think that makes killing riders unneccessarily hard and make archers and throwables less effective because their damage gets healed away so quickly.
So what I'm asking is that once you mount a horse, your bloodlust perk doesn't work anymore.

7) Fully healing on kill should come with some sort of a downside. I thought it would be interesting if you can't regenerate by moving slowly if you use bloodlust. Get a kill, use a bandage or first aid to heal. No regeneration.

8) Normal health regeneration speed, if you use tenacious it's faster.

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@Dog3020bdccd4a144ab said:

@PC_Principal said:
Well I witnessed the same outcry about development speed, communication, etc on Rust Forums so I'm used to that.
But look at where Rust is now. It's far from dead. The dev told people to leave for a while and come back after a couple months if they want to see new things. Rust still has a solid playerbase.
I wouldn't call it a dead game. That just makes you sound like a narcissist who thinks the world evolves around you. Just because you quit playing doesn't mean everyone else did.

Idk, losing over 75% of your players in the span of a month. Losing over 90% since game release. Peek player count is dropping by the hundreds every day. If the game isn't dead yet, it's certainly getting there.

Yea well the curve looks like 90% of other games that went early access. Nothing special. Plus we're all just waiting for the update, of course player numbers drop.
In 2014, the game was deemed dead by many that bought the game on release and expected faster updates. Player numbers decreased from 50k to 10k for the better half of a year.

I just think mordhau left early access too early.
@Budd: When I played rust it was 3 devs not 25 (garry recently got himself the help of HELK and some other dude)

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@Jaw said:
Okay so I can play Mordhau using an alt account, same pc, same internet and everything

That is really weird. Maybe try deleting some of your loadouts I have 50 and get long loading times and weird freezes at the start of the round but it manages to run through all the loading it has to do... I also tried deleting some loadouts but new ones added...

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Well I witnessed the same outcry about development speed, communication, etc on Rust Forums so I'm used to that.
But look at where Rust is now. It's far from dead. The dev told people to leave for a while and come back after a couple months if they want to see new things. Rust still has a solid playerbase.
I wouldn't call it a dead game. That just makes you sound like a narcissist who thinks the world evolves around you. Just because you quit playing doesn't mean everyone else did.

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Now I suspect it is a glitch. It could be a cheat but I think you can climb up there from blue spawn. The hay roof and some of the rocks at the corner can be climbed but it gets really glitchy, I gave up after trying twice.

So the guy walked from blue spawn all the way behind the fort spawn on the skybox and built his ballista there. He also walked around in the sky. here's a screenshot of him doing that.


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So the july update is in august?

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running rather smoothly on 970 gtx but it gets very hot so I play for 1-2 hours and then let my pc cool.

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@PC_Principal said:
update when?

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They should get south africa and turkey servers. Also Singapore and India might need servers.

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Did they release the July update yet?

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I wouldn't usually call for removal of anything but removing bloodlust would be a good choice. (or at least optional ability to do so for 3rd party server owners)
Or just nerf it, make it not work for horse riders first of all and give it a 10 second healing cooldown. So if you get 2-3 kills in 10 seconds bloodlust has a downside because you only heal on the first kill. This way it would still be somewhat viable if you timed your kills and attacks but also a chance for enemies to notice you just healed and focus you because you're on cooldown.