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Way to go! Can't wait for the new map, it looks gorgeous!
Also, good on you for improving the votekick and horse hitbox, it was really needed.

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I think especially if you fullspeed into toolbox walls you should fall off and take at least some damage. (maybe 25?)
If you hit a wall / tree while flying you take 50 and Spikes should kill you.

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Bloodlust doesn't affect players on horses

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I think I saw this suggestion before. They shouldn't be able to replenish toolbox ammo there (infinite toolbox) and the cost should be 5 so it can be placed without reaching another ammo box first. Also they should share a cooldown with the static ammo boxes and be restricted to 1, like mounted crossbow. I think it would be ok to have a mounted crossbow and ammo box at the same time. Like static boxes and medic packs, enemies should also be able to use them.
They'll also have to include a new model and figure out the implications, for example people could use dual fire bombs and a toolbox to get replenishable fire bombs. Similar for javelin.
You can't replenish half a fire or smoke bomb. Make it only 2 uses for 50 points and replenish all ammo instead of half, solves a lot of problems.
I think this needs some thought but it could be good. I can imagine it better as toolbox option than seperate loadout item.
For example, could just disable replenishing toolbox ammo, smokes and fire bombs on the non-static player-built ammo boxes.
I don't know why smoke... maybe spawnkilling spikes type of play...but get my point? people already complained about fire bombs.
Another solution would be to put more static ammo boxes on the map, especially close to the spawns or better protected.
(mountain peak red's ammo box is next to the entry and the roof)
Anyway, I don't see why not, but I also don't feel like we need this urgently. There are a lot of things possible to be done and for now the focus should be on balance. I have the feeling this might add further imbalance, for example like I mentioned fire bombs, javelins, throwing knives can be replenished at 3 or 4 boxes that people put near the enemy spawn, you don't have to walk back or push for the ammo, you just stay where you are and wait for the box cooldown. This also prevents enemy players from flanking behind at ammo boxes to catch 2-3 people off guard while they're going for the static ammo box behind.

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Can we get the recurve bow's gravity scaling buffed for next patch? Nevermind damage.

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Use the current "horse crash" animation for very slow horse (to wall, object, horse) collisions and for sudden slowing after gallopping to very low speed or turning around.
Use a new animation for fast gallopping collisions similar to this:

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get his steam ID and send it to a moderator

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Yea I rarely use the server browser but I also prefer frontline mode over anything. Still I sometimes think I could / should play more on other modes. But they should be added in the screen, the result is that less people will play frontline though and maybe frontline servers die out at some point. 64 players is a lot of slots to fill. I still like the Idea, my only concern is that frontline would be less popular then.

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First, no, I didn't download the current server config and I don't know it's current features. I'm aware there's some kind of global damage multiplier.

What I suggest is adding a couple of lines that enable server owners to restrict certain weapons and more. If that already exists or parts of it, sorry, just ignore that part then. Players choosing a loadout with one or more of the restricted weapons cannot use them and get some message like: "The chosen loadout has a %weapon restricted by the server. Try another loadout or edit it."

The weapon list would look something like this, one line for each weapon.
enable_weapon_smoke 1
enable_weapon_lute 1
enable_weapon_fire 1
enable_weapon_rapier 1
enable_weapon_waraxe 1
enable_weapon_toolbox 1
enable_weapon_longbow 1
enable_weapon_zweihander 1

There could be all kinds of cool servers with restrictions: Melee only, Archers only, Bards server, or servers running all weapons but restricting lutes, toolboxes, shields, fire bombs, javelins, Zweihanders, you name it.
Gamemode wouldn't be called frontline but "custom frontline" for example, but custom options should also exist for the other gamemodes.
A bard only server would probably run custom deathmatch with low damage scaling because they don't want to play the missions.

Also, please add this if it doesn't exist already:

autokick_vac 0
autokick_nickname_custom_characters 0
autokick_nickname_url 0

Some people don't want people with vac bans on their server, or people advertising some skins website, or adding weird symbols to their nickname.
More autokick related to another suggestion I made about logging votekicks with reason.

autokick_vote_kick_ratio 10 (kick all players that have been kicked from more than 10% of games via votekick)
autokick_min_kick_ratio 10 (only needed for "bad player" servers so they have a place to go and normal players aren't thrown into this hell)
votekick_disable 0 (1 for bad player servers and crazies)

Some people asked for word filters. Could include nicknames and have 3rd party server admins edit the word filters.
You can still apply word filter to official servers. It would help disabling word filters for your own server too.

word_filter_file badwords.txt
nickname_filter_file badnames.txt
autokick_badnames 1
autokick_badwords 0
censor_badwords 1


warmup_duration 60
freeze_time 10
respawn_time 10

Horses and siege:

horse_enable_spawning 1
horse_enable_stun 1
siege_enable_spawning 1 (Catapult, mounted ballista, mortar.. doesn't include toolbox ballista)
siege_damage_scaling 100

Fun with players and horses:

horse_maximum health X
horse_velocity_scaling 100
horse_gravity_scaling 100
horse_rotation_speed_scaling 100
horse_enable_fall damage 1
player_maximum_health 100
player_maximum_stamina 100
player_velocity_scaling 100
player_gravity_scaling 100
player_enable_fall_damage 1
player_fall_damage_scaling 100

global_time_scaling 100 (affects global movement speed, attack speed, projectile speed, animations etc)
global_gravity_scaling 100 (affects gravity additionally)

More weapons stuff:

weapon_fire_duration (seconds)
weapon_smoke_duration (seconds)
weapon_toolbox_object_limit 6
weapon_toolbox_object_health_scaling 100
weapon_beartrap_limit 4
weapon_firebomb_ammo 1
weapon_smokebomb_ammo 1
...bows, throwables...

Some of that, especially changing the ammo for some weapons is probably unnecessary but the more options you give people, the more fun people can have on a horse racing server in a world where horses can jump over spikes or an instagib server, where everyone has 1 health and 1 stamina. The possibilities are endless and you can even think it further and add more stuff that would be funny and allow new custom gamemodes to come into existence easier. Some of it would better be implemented in SDK like gravity options or horse rotation speed lol.


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I got all my suggestions and a couple other threads considering perks linked here.

It's probablyalways a "no" from a developer if you're asking to entirely remove things you don't like that they worked on for weeks. However, in some cases, it's an option. I would never suggest it. The better solution would be to make it easy to disable horses, siege weapons or even any weapon as a 3rd party server host in a config file that lists all weapons with a 0 1 boolean. It would be nice, people could host their: "Melee only" servers or even Bard servers where you're only allowed to bring lutes.
I already suggested a couple perks and perk changes to balance things out, for example I think we should have an anti shield perk that drains their stamina faster and / or stamina per second drain / cost for held block.
VS Horses I suggested to change Huntsman to deal only 100% of damage instead of 200% vs archers and deal additional damage to horses or people on horseback. I also suggested that arrows and throwables could throw people off horses. (not all of them, maybe javelin, throwing axe, crossbow and longbow?)
I didn't suggest anything about catapults and fire yet, and I agree fire bombs can be annoying, since they only stall the game. But they are at the same time a good catapult counter and wrecker deals more damage vs catapult right? I got an eveningstar / wrecker build to deal with objectives or catapults fast.

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I think it's a lot of work, time and money connected with this. It's probably not a top priority now, but I'm sure the developers thought about it already. Would I like it?
Yea, like you said, after a while some of the same lines can get annoying and just to randomly change them into another language and make everyone speak spanish would be hilarious.
But it's more of a quality of life feature than a real necessary improvement. Right now, people (including but not only me) are complaining about all sorts of weapons, perks, horses, catapult, team kills, vote kick and so on.

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eh... I don't really wanna have to afk and mute people in addition to being afk to type in team chat and kick teamkillers with weird symbols from console. Just less playing and more possibilities to annoy people. Trolls make their mics super loud and shout or play loud music / meme videos.
I think you can always use discord, teamspeak or even skype with your friends...
In Csgo, people kicked me for having their voices muted at all time. I don't really wanna see that happen to me here and I don't wanna hear their useless comms. Stupid people in voice chats trigger me way too hard. I have a minimap, a killfeed and a pair of eyes and ears.
I don't need to hear a guy say the same word 3 times ("connector, connector, FUCKING CONNECTOR YOU IDIOTS!!!") and miss out on hearing steps. Then having them comment my gameplay is the worst part so I just mute everyone right from the start.
It's cool when you're with good players who know when to shut up and when not to. But you already can opt-in to use teamspeak so why the hell do we need 32 players being able to talk to each other at the same time lol. Imagine the chaos. Could do something like in rust or other games, where the voice can be heard by anyone in range, also enemies. But the problem of insults and trolling will be harder to deal with for developers on the voice chat, in todays PC world, to please PC Gamer, they would need to record voice chats like csgo does and dispose a team of babysitters to deal with all the naughty boys...

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@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
the game population is declining because of social justice horseshit getting them banned from popular servers, or even something objectively unfair, such as being forbidden from using shields (even if they are not disabled server-side) or fucking around with lutebot on a duel server (i'm looking at you clan VK)
oh, and then there is the lack of new maps and terrible imbalance of the few maps we DO have.

As for the duel servers, they are ok to ban who they want, especially if you're just playing music to annoy people.
Maybe people should come up with better insults than "nigger" or "jew" and they wouldn't be banned.

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Respect. Also the mapping discord sounds great, maybe I'll stop by.

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Yea it happened to me aswell a couple of times, I read it before on the forums and they said it's gonna return to normal.
So even if a lower level is displayed, I just leave and in the main menu my level is normal.
I suspect that if you have this bug, you can't earn gold or XP for your "normal" level but I don't know about that. But this is why I insta leave when I notice it.

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I could imagine it better as a deathmatch map than a team objective mission.
Wagons aren't in the game yet, sounds like an awful lot of extra work and rome is ~100 BC, mordhau is ~1200-1600 AD, it doesn't fit the time. Could make it a ruined collosseum, like the one we can see in present day rome.

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The only thing I think should be buffed is head damage to unarmored. Slash and stab should both kill unarmored heads.

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@ShapiroLibtardsDieTwice said:
If Feitora is just another map for the Frontline game mode, I'm going to gouge my eyes out. Imagine seeing a girl a Walmart and you're like, "Hey she's a good looking girl, her boyfriend must look just as fine", only to see her boyfriend is a disgusting, unhygienic, long haired unkempt ugly creature. "Seriously, she has him as her boyfriend? Fuck me."

Dreadlocks supplied me with chicks for 10 years

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@bobbydigital said:
Give them a crossroads server 24/7 C.R

There are already 2 community servers running only crossroads.

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I'm working on a list but it wasn't done. I was gonna send it privately, to let them decide and be safe considering the forum rules. (witch hunt)
If they get the same names over and over and only 2-3 demos maybe they'll still react.