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Yeeeees. Seriously.

The only thing you even get that is noticeable is the eye bandage, but doesn't fit the look I want.

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Very fun. More fun than I was expecting actually. Still trying to get the hang of the fighting mechanics. It is kind of harsh, mistakes are definitely punishing. Oh, and any more than 1 person on you is basically a death-sentence nearly every time. I just assumed that's the nature of it unless you swing a two-hander like a maniac.

My current problem is being unable to handle people who use the Rapier. I think it's broke as shit, some seem to agree as far as I've heard. I dealt with one Rapier-user who would literally just run in and out of my swing reach, he's just too fast to deal with. The moment I'd even get a chance to swing, he's already out of my reach. Stabbing is basically not viable, he'll just chamber.

Shields are bit rough to deal with but I think I'm getting better with that. Rapier though, there's just nothing, as far as I am aware. If there's any advice, I'd appreciate it. (for dealing with shields and ESPECIALLY Rapiers)

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  • 7 Feb '18

@ThunderDuck said:

@DerFurst said:
Plants are conscious, but in a very different way than humans. Vegans will be in a moral quandry if the research continues to show that plants can sense and react to their environments and animals in it to help them survive.

No they won't, because humans HAVE to eat vegetables to survive. We don't have to eat meat, even though it's better if we do. Moral of the story: just fucking eat everything and everyone lmao

Well, actually, no. You don't HAVE to eat veggies to survive. Look at the Eskimo tribes.
Granted, they eat all the organs too, so, that is why.
Personally, I find that nasty AF. I'd rather eat veggies and meat. Much more appetizing, and I love potatoes.

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  • 12 Mar '17

cool, now recite the Shahada.