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Conscript 92 151
Conscript 92 151
  • 16 Jan
  1. As some pointed out, get to know the map.
  2. Bear traps and smoke bombs are your friend.
  3. Get the cat perk for easier escapes.
  4. Use the terrain to your advantage (rooftops, houses, ladders etc.)
  5. When backstabbing enemies, aim for the head.
  6. Dodge perk is a waste of points, since you move exactly 1mm and their zweihanders have a reach of 5000 kms.
  7. Avoid crowded places.
  8. Have a ranged option (throwables, archery) to pick off enemies out of reach with huntsman perk, if you can afford it.
  9. Don't stay at one place
  10. Git gud with your puny 1 point weapons.
  11. Kick
  12. Invest in some light or medium armor.
  13. Wear a hood. Self explanatory.
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  • 8 Dec '19


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  • 25 Nov '19

In a fantasy-ish mood. Alot of fun to play with them.

Assassin.jpgCrossbowman.jpgFallen knight.jpgKnight.jpgPikeman.jpg

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  • 16 Oct '19

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Arrow speed > damage buff

I despise how much damage it now puts out and how helpless I feel despite full T3 when dealing with multiple accurate archers. Shields are NOT AT ALL an archer counter, other wise I wouldn't complain.

I was writing about the feel, animations are better now. I do agree, to an extent, with you.

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  • 15 Oct '19

Longbow feels nice now after patchies.Untitled.jpg

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  • 4 Aug '19

Matchlocks are not going to be a thing because 2h elitists will cry. However, with modding I am sure that on community servers we are going to see them.

The only viable option would be to make the matchlock a skin for the crossbow.

Modded 100 player pike 'n shot server when

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  • 10 Jul '19

After the media making a fuss about toggable female player models, how about making a toggable musket skin for the crossbow?

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Conscript 92 151
Conscript 92 151
  • 12 Jun '19

@YlvaGrímsdóttir said:
So, in lieu of being rekt as archer by 3/3/3 knights rolling with huntsman who pick up discarded bows, i had an idea that would help with archery, an overhaul.
Its designed in a way that would let archers still be archers in the way they are now, <not OP> however it would put knights at more of a disadvantage so archers arent just outclassed by absolutely everything....Javs for example.

The Idea

-Make Archer a perk like Peasant

The perk alone opens up for other perks such as:

the perk also gives the archer the current speed and stability and those without it cannot gain such things

<those without the perk stick with only 3 arrows as it is now, but without the archer perk the draw time is 1.5 times longer and the steady time is .5 times shorter and the hold length is 1/4 the current.

Those with archer perk can choose from :
Long bow
Horse bow

While those without the perk can only choose Crossbow.

•strong arm
You dont friggin drop your damn bow

•Bodkin Arrows
More armor penetration = more damage

•Horse Archer
More rotation ability on the horse?

2× arrow amount

•Heavy Hitter
Arrows flinch the enemy

Inventory points are not representative of what i think each perk should cost, they just replace what i think an archer would not need/ should not be able to use.


Now that's a neat idea.

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  • 12 Jun '19


Updated Byz-fashion RP

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  • 11 Jun '19

@DecrepityMortis said:
So pleased javelins are added in, very nice.
Some weapon ideas, when I scour my mind, are absent in Mordhau that could be a fun time.

4 point cost, A war sling, for a back up ranged with with plenty of ammo. Weak damage but a good harasser. Maybe lethal to helmetless heads?

7 point cost, for higher damage, and and range.

of some form, with a windlass loading system or something. 11 or 12 points. Long arse reloading time. 1 hit head shots everyone. Has bugger all ammo. something like that.

12 or 13 point cost, once again point expensive, long arse reloading time, massive damage. Makes smoke, giving away your position but also makes cover briefly?

15 point cost, we already got early renaissance weapons why not chuck earliest rifle-like firearm in the mix too. Expenisve, slow, limited ammo, powerful and loud. Makes smoke, giving away your position but also makes cover briefly? 15 points so if you want this thing, its yours with nothing much else.

because we need more curved swords, a speedy slasher, maybe 4 points. Like the slash alternative to a rapier? People would hate that.

because we got no dedicated smashy pole arms. 7 point cost.

you already have the model. 6 point post. Du du du do it!

14 point cost, absurd range, but it would pretty much be your loadout in itself.

maybe not needed due to similar weapons, but food for thought.

Also maybe it's role is already filled. For people who aren't sure what it is, its a re-purposed farm scythe with the blade attached vertically at the end of the shaft. Used in 16th century peasant uprisings to decent effect, in Poland a lot it seems.

Also maybe not needed, but yea, a more, formed for purpose wooden cudgel for the non-peasant class. 1 point cost.

Hopefully this is deemed as useful and are decent suggestions.
Good work devs, loving this game. I want it to be the best it can be, as I sure you all do too.

<3 peace. :D

Firearms have been discussed aIready, it's just going to upset the community, no matter how weII you baIance them. Same with the Heavy crossbow.

Pikes tho. [phaIanx intensifies]

I'd suggest to impIement a sIight chance for it to disarm, when parried by a 1 point weapon (except the quarter staff and training sword). The idea is that by bIocking it, the baII wraps the chain around the weapon, puIIing it out of the user's hand due to its mass.

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  • 10 Jun '19

My nostalgia wishes it to be successful. My experience knows it won't be.

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  • 7 May '19

128 player servers when

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  • 7 May '19

You absolute madmen. You broke the inter-, your own servers on launch day. You didn't even buy ads, youtube was completely enough to sell 500.000 copies, holy hand grenade of Antioch!

You earned every cent of the money people have given you. You bloody brilliant slav squatters.

I can't wait to see what the future brings.

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  • 7 May '19

Yes indeed, the longer you whirl, the further it goes.

The infinite ammo gimmick should only work with the peasant perk (which costs 8 points, don't forget). It basically lets you fling pebbles. Without it you shoot lead balls (like in chivalry).

By the way! May I suggest you get points ingame for inspiring allies with the banner and the lute? Just like repairing things, you know.

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  • 6 May '19



Cost: 3 / 4
Use: Anti-archer / support / harassment
Damage: very low to low, blunt
Range: medium to long
Speed: From fast to long

Suggested attributes:


low damage


adjustable damage and range
low point cost
wieldable by peasants
can use with shields

The sling has been a weapon of choice for antique skirmishers because of it's cheap nature and effectiveness against unarmored infantry,

In Mordhau it would be a long range alternative to throwables, a tool to have for a knight, as a peasants skirmishing weapon, or as an anti-archer (with huntsman perk) weapon.

Where this weapon shines, is when used in conjunction with a shield. When winding up a shot, the character would automatically raise his shield, thus giving him protection against enemy missiles, but obscure his vision / aim, just like with blocking.

Together with the peasant perk, you would have unlimited (worse) ammunition. The perfect setup to be a rock-hurling scumbag on a distance!