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  • 5 Nov '19

I finally found the issue! I don't remember anyone mentioning this problem before, so I hope it helps somebody else.

It was the SSD, not performing properly. I figured it out by opening task manager and checking performance tab. I kept alt-tabing when I would get a freeze and noticed that disks were overloaded. After updating the SSD firmware, freezing stopped! I can finally play the game properly.

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  • 4 Nov '19

I have freezing since release. After joining any kind of server, I usually get a 10 sec freeze, most of the time followed by disconnect. If I don't get it at start, I might or might not get it after.

I feel like I've tried everything, and nothing really works. I spent around 10h recently trying things suggested here in the forums or in other places, because it seems to be getting worse, especially after latest update. Also Feitoria has a lot of stuttering and is really hard to play.

Using potato graphics, Feitoria stuttering seems to be (almost) gone. But I still get the freeze + disconnect.

The game should run fine on ultra. I've invested in a good PC hoping to fix these issues, but I have the same problems as before, only better quality graphics and FPS. I love the gameplay, I've put in around 350h even with the freeze issues happening every 3-4 games. But the game is barely playable right now and I have to put it away until it is fixed.

Here are my specs (if anyone cares):
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 (with 8GB RAM)
Running on Windows 10

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  • 7 Jul '19

Problems are persisting, please help, someone?

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  • 1 Jul '19

Hello. I've playing playing Mordhau since release. I have 97 hours so far. I have some connection issues that are seriously hurting my experience with the game. I love the gameplay and it could easily be my favorite game of all time... except for the problems:

  1. I never had a game in which I ping stays consistently bellow 60. This makes timing very tricky (and it's actually the main point of the combat system). Also, because of this (I think) I have some things happen: hits that go through players from time to time, or I miss stabs when players unexpectedly dash around me (without dodge skill).
  2. Server connection issues. Very often, I enter a server, I play for 10-20 seconds, after which the screen blocks for 10 seconds or so, and then I either get disconnected and see the message "The connection has timed out" (most of the times) OR game resumes as if I stood still or walked randomly in some direction.

The problem with the second issue is that sometimes I keep searching for servers where this doesn't happen. I usually need to try 4-5 different servers (on average) before the game doesn't do this. But I also had several nights when I quit searching after 20 minutes of this happening constantly. I've played other multiplayer games with no such problems, my internet speed is really good, optic fiber, so it must be an issue with the game.

Concerning the ping problem, I'm guessing it is because there are no eastern Europe servers. The lowest ping official servers I could find for me are either Frankfurt or Moscow, both quite far. Will we have a chance any time soon to play like the rest of the people around the world?

If anybody has any kind of suggestion, or knows of a helpful thread, or has any idea of what I can do to make things better, I will be eternally grateful. I've tried all kinds of suggestions from reddit, but I'm willing to try anything again.

Edit: error message is "The connection has timed out"