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  • 21 Aug

Umm...let's me clear a bit

I'm accept and enjoy about Friendly-Fire, it made me need to think before attack or line of attack from team on behind, but about thing made me sick is player who just want to join sever to DESTROY game in purpose (่join team > using mual or ballista or bear-trap to spam teamkill...and they come with party for helping reject when friend been vote kick)

I know about future patch, but i'm waiting so loooooong a suffer i got, is made me think maybe if everyone take damage from team like using perk 'Friendly' is will better (i think is simply way to fix game because don't need much code)

and i don't sure why dev put peak 'Friendly' to player for select at first? is look like...
"Hey! if u want to more safe from teamkill pay 1 point to this perk"
"Ah... i'm so clumsy with archer then use this perk for more safe"
"Team will more safety to rush... i should use this peak"

I play only mode 'Frontline' and from thailand, a available sever (ping under 200) from my zone is Singapore and China, and...when peak time (18:00-23:00) i'm have sever for play only 1.5 slot (alway have player like 64/64 and 24/48) everyday more less player and if that sever have a troll-guy join, everyone need to bear with it untill they gone (I don't sure about admin)

Thank for reply

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  • 20 Aug

I'm like this game very much but for now Toxic about Teamkill made me sick
why not just made damage for team is like using perk 'Friendly' by default?

  • Troll-guy must more hard work to teamkill
  • Player will feel mad from friendly-fire more harder (good for emotion)
  • For again with Troll-guy who build wall for troll game
    --- made player focus to destroy a real problem like wall or spike
    --- is good tactic for stop troll-guy because most player will mad and try to kill a builder and made team mistake,teamkill,-100 point and made a troll-guy die to respawn with new tools (loop)

Thank you...and sorry for my english skill