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  • 26 Jul '19

It is not possible, it may be because the map is customized. But I would not worry, if it works one of every 100 times it is not a problem (I have tried several ways with several weapons). Instead, you should keep in mind that spins with lower strokes are possible

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  • 7 Jul '19

@link_mah_boi said:

Saying "good riddance" to quitters is not a good thing for a game with a concurrent population barely staying over 10,000 2 months after release. Retaining players is a good thing for Mordhau, and when there's an option that makes everyone happy and will retain players, it should be taken.

1º Enter STEAMCHARTS, the last 30 days have connected 28,000 players to mordhau. I do not know where you got the 10,000 players.

2º Come out of your comfortable stereotype of the Middle Ages, in the middle ages there were women warriors, Nordic, Asian, Amazonian, etc ... Basically in any culture that was not Christianity. Adding female characters is not unrealistic, the unrealistic will be the amount of virtual transvestites there will be.

3º If you really see that this is an "insult to the players". And you think that the game loses all the realism, I recommend you leave the game, and go to play KingdomCome Deliverance, that's a medieval emulator, Mordhau is a game "Hack and Slash" where the main objective is to have fun, and if Skirts, or feminine screams make you not have fun is your problem, not the game.