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If a team is losing heavily they get reinforced by special mercenaries (a few players selected randomly) that have unique attributes, they would have more health/stamina, damage resistance.. etc, and some of them would have an aura that gives buffs to nearby teammates.

The buff special mercenaries could have a special item to distinguish them such as flags strapped to their back/shoulder area, while the non-buff special mercenaries would have a unique armor tint like gold or maybe a bigger size like the Commander in Grad.

A war horn would signal the arrival of the special mercenaries, similar to the one that signals Trebuchet attacks in Camp.

(The current idea is to let the developers design the loadouts for them, but this can be changed if necessary)

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  • 24 Jun '19


  • Your own player character does not make heavy breathing sounds when low on stamina

Hello mi lords!

I noticed that my character does not make the heavy breathing noises when low on stamina, however if a nearby ally/enemy is low on stamina they still breathe heavily, i can also still hear them if i spectate an ally/enemy when dead.