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For those having issues with crashing on startup with Nvidea GPUs, i found a fix on the Morhau discord. It's an issue with the Nvidea driver 445.75.

There is an update that is not showing on the geforce experience for so follow the link below for the 445.78 driver i can confirm fixed my start up crashing issue.

@carnifex i know you were having the same issues as me mate, so hope this fixes for you

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Came back to see what the patch was like, but after installing the update i am having the same problem as Carnifex, the game just immediatley crashes no matter where i launch it from and sends me straight to the crash report box.

I have tried drivers, re-installs, purges the lot, with no effect.

For reference my system is i7 8086k CPU, 16Gb Ram, GTX 1070 OC GPU running the game at 1440p resolution.

The only thing i can think of is that the patch doesnt like the new windows update that went out recently? Or some wierd interaction with my GPU.

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  • 22 Aug '19

@Elyon said:

@NoYou said:
However ranked caters also for the competitive community, whereas noob servers will only please noobs. I think ranked is great as it'll make the game a lot more enjoyable than a map or two can. It's just a pity that it's coming out most likely when school starts.

You confuse competitiveness and ranks.
The first is won on the ground, the second just serves to inflate a useless egocentrism we find in the MMO.

From the moment there are servers for noobs everything else is competitive. The competition is done on the confrontations on the ground, that's what they need to improve, and not useless ranks.

For that matter ask the developers to give more power in ranks, like that you will be sure that this game will end up in the trash, like many mmo or only no-life play again.

Ok then, so how does that solve the issues of over crowded deathmatch servers where there is hardly any room to duel sometimes, how does it stop griefing of idiots running around spamming smoke bombs or ffa'ing ppl all the time (sure you can vote kick people but i would rather just get on with playing than have to spend time policing the server). How do you stop smurf accounts logging into your newb servers to fuck about and "farm the newbs" or even out the huge skill gaps that can occur with player skill that is not linked to their numerical level as their are plenty of players who are really bloody good and below lvl 30 still.............yup you guessed mmr and ranked mode!!

Dont you get that with ranked mode you will get your noob servers, because your rank will place you in one if your rank reflects that you are a newb, thats whole fucking point of it lol!!!

Even in 2k19 some gamers still like to earn shit and having something to show for it, even if it is a virtual rank and shiny badge to show off their epeen......i mean skill!!

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  • 22 Aug '19

@Elyon said:

Game Modes
Recently, we have been hard at work on implementing ranked modes into Mordhau, as we feel it is a perfect fit for the high-skill gameplay that Mordhau brings to the table.

I do not see at all the interest of these ranks, if it's so that beginners do not get slaughtered it was enough to make servers for noobs as in Battlefield or the high ranks can not fit.

It's so much simpler and more convenient for you to do something else.

So you want something you can just log into and out and forget about instead of something to work towards, help you improve as a player while at the same time giving you a metric of where you sit competitivley in terms of skill.

Convenience and instant gratification over effort pretty much sums up the majority of the modern gaming generation, its attitudes like this that gave companies the ideas for loot boxes. You sound like one of those kids who got a prize for coming last at school sports day...........

"I do not see at all the interest of these ranks" - you may not and thats perfectly fine, however the majority of people currently playing this game are into the competitive side of dueling and skirmish are hyped about it, which is exactly why ranked mode is being implemented as well as giving the dev team an excellent tool to help balance the game.

There is plenty of interest and it is the first step in adding improvements to the game.

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  • 21 Aug '19

@FluffleLeSnuggleSpoot said:
So why is Ranked mode so important when it only appeals to a portion of the community? How do you plan on getting back the players who wanted to play the game for the fun of it and not go full Comp mindset on the game? This only backs my theory that the game was built for Comp players and no one else. How can you even have a ranked mode if there are still issues with the core gameplay? Once again like i said in an earlier comment.. New content is not worth a damn thing unless current content works properly. I was stuck with dual servers for 2 years in alpha when i wanted to just play the game, getting repeatedly shit on by people who don't do anything else with their spare time other than play Mordhau over and over in a game i bought for casual play is beyond annoying. It was nice to have that influx of players after launch and to finally be able to player other game modes but that lasted all of maybe 2 months before player numbers dropped and the people left were Comp mindset players who came to Mordhau from Chiv after launch and very blatant smurf accounts. It honestly feels like the same shit again just with even more people.. i really hope you have something else you are pushing out to appeal to casual players if you hope to make anymore money off this game because i am sure as hell in it's current state not recommending it to anyway until then.
At this point this game to me is just an updated Chiv because the same toxcity and dumb ass combat styles and broken weapon meta's are settled in and people are taking full advantage of it. Players don't like it and they don't like seeing lack of fixes to these things either.

Perhaps because the game is built with these core players in mind. You do realise that ranked modes main purpose is to spread out the player base and even the skill level so you are competing with mainly players of the same skill level as yourself allowing for a much better and linear learning curve/progression. It is there to eliminate the exact thing you are complaiing about, being stomped by much higher skille players with more hours than you. Ranked is also paramount in fixing the "core" issues with the game since as with all pvp based games what can seem overpowered to less skilled players, is underpowered or trivial to people of higher skill level; spam fienting and animation manipulation being good examples. The core of this game is the deep combat system, not horses not how OP firebombs are nor how annoying archers are. Frontlines combat is actually probably much more accurate to RL battle chaos than people realise, sure the maps are a problem but at its core its all about the combat, which should be addressed first, ranked mode is a major tool in fixing that.

Also how do you expect them to balance the game if they concentrate on the casual player base? You said it yourself "a game i bought for casual play" why would any business prioritise someone who comes and go's over loyal customers who turn up on a daily basis. Yes you must try to attract new people to grow, but you do that by building a solid foundation and loyal following, which gains you capital and the ability to expand with less risk of failure. The metrics needed to balance the game come from those core players, not you who logs in once in a while, so rightly so they are catering to them first, not only because they should but because it is the best way to get the correct data to allow more consise balancing across the board from ranked mode. Like i stated above it is far far easier and better to have a system where you can look at balancing across all skill levels, if something is just plain broken it will identify itself pretty much across all brackets and can be sorted; the current state of the Bastard Sword being an example.

They have already stated that they have a timeline for how and in what order they will add content to the game. They are a small team so that is of course going to take longer than normal, but it seems pretty dam logical if you look at the metrics of where the majority of the player base is currently sat server wise that they are doing the exactly the right thing to keep the game going and the modes like Invasion/SDK will come as soon as they can.

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  • 19 Aug '19

Glad they understand how important it is that ranked mode needs to be implemented asap.

It also refreshing to see a team recognising those features priority and dedicating resources to make sure they are done first and communicating how and why they are taking that design philosophy.

The main problem with the game currently is not the 12yr old kids spamming the n word in chat nor that we dont have wahmens in game. Its the already huge skill gap between season'd players of this genre and the newbies. Those that start fresh on release are now hitting that lvl of skill where they think they are semi good but then they run into the 500+ hours brick wall players which for the most point nothing can really fix other that time behind your keyboards gettin gud.

Ranked mode will go a long long way to reducing this gulf and allow players with less time and patience to feel like they are progressing rather than feeling helpless, i'm one of them, i'm getting there but still a long way to go.

Then SDK/Invasion should be a nice refresher to allow so more team based gameplay which is always good as it relies far less on individual skill and more on co-op play which can only be better for the game.

Looking forward to ranked mode.