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@Humble Staff said:
Yep, that patch was fun, I could use shields without feeling unfair. I never understood why the hell they removed them.

because 2H users (mainly maul users) were crying they had issues killing people using shields.. its a very simple explanation.
of course you will never actually see them admit that, but if you go back in forum history you will notice that a lot of anti-shield whine threads pop up everywhere.

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you're all here saying he jumps to conclusions even though he is spot on

  1. 2 handers ARE superior
  2. 1handers ARE inferior
  3. ranged weapons ARE slow to use, they ARE low damage and their projectiles DO travel slowly.
  4. shields ARE useless.
  5. 99% of players DO use 2 handers.
  6. having only one weapon type (2 handers) being viable IS extremely bad game design.

these are things people who have many hundreds or even thousands of hours in the game have been saying for a long time now, and you're sitting here saying he has no clue what he is talking about, like could you guys be any more blatantly obviously biased?

hey OP; quick question (and this is just to see if you are gonna answer what i THINK you will answer): What 2H weapon do you think is the strongest, as in the most imbalanced weapon?
looking forward to your reply.

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@esturias said:

@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
do make an attempt please.

The maul is a such a balancebreaking padding weapon because its balancing is bad. To fix that, you need to fix its balancing. That's how balancing works.
You suggest to balance a broken weapon by changing the balance of another item that has absolutely nothing to do with the broken one. That's not how balance works. That only works if you change the balance of EVERY item/weapon around the broken one.
Very simple question: How does your change to sields help if I don't use shields and meet the average maulboy in a match? Where is your restored balance? Judging by your logic, giving bows more damage would also balance Mauls, because Maulboys would be easier to kill.

So, again: What you said makes absolutely zero sense.

okay lets just pretend "maulboy" build didn't suddenly skyrocket in popularity right after shields were nerfed then, lmao.
before the shield nerf, you had about 8-15 people per match using shields which deterred the naked maul boys from doing their thing.
now you got like 1-5 people using shields per match (because they are shit now) and suddenly there's mauls everywhere... are you really gonna sit there and tell me that's just a coincidence?... im referring to frontline/invasion here by the way.

and yeah, bows/crossbows could indeed use a buff as well. not chivalry-levels of a buff, just a bit more damage or projectile speed, maybe less aim sway, and we're set.

claiming what i am saying makes "zero sense" just makes you look intellectually dishonest. but hey, if you insist we can nerf maul on top of reverting shields to their previous state, i'd be all for that.
now does it make sense?

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so with 2 stam drain per 100ms you're forcing a defensive playstyle to play aggressively or the opponent will just wait a few seconds and then go for the kill as the stamina fight has now already been won... smart.

nah man, just revert shields to their release state now that kick has been improved to better deal with them.

EDIT: IF something like stamina drain was applied to held shields, then it better come with instant stam regen once the shield is lowered, and at a 125% rate rather than 100%. otherwise stam drain per second would keep shields useless, especially when you put the actual block stam drain on top of it.. you'd basically be able to block 3-4 attacks and then you'd be completely drained of stamina and then die to the next incoming attack as that means you'd also be disarmed.

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it has already pretty much been deleted from the game, you are free to play your precious ranked games without having to face 3rd person players.

i'd be careful with my suggestions if i were you, though, since removing the 3 person perspective completely would make a lot of people straight up delete the game, and then you'd be stuck with non-populated servers just like it was in the last days of Chivalry, and then you're gonna complain that the admins did something wrong, or refused to fix what was wrong.

...not that you aren't on your way to this state of being already... enjoy the maul meta, from the look of things its here to stay

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@esturias said:

@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
the obvious fix to maul being as strong (OP) as it is, is to revert the shield obliterating nerf they did.
once that happens, maul will fall back into a relatively balanced state.

That's one of the dumbest things I ever read here. Do I need to explain why?

do make an attempt please. being a (former) avid shield user myself, specifically to deal with maul users, i have noticed how much stronger maul has become since shields got fucked.. now that nobody except those who deliberately wants to nerf their character uses shields, mauls have free reign to run around racking up kills without even landing killing blows.

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@Stouty said:

@SenseiHater said:
Hello. Why when i am riposting i need press rmb twice to parry (using manual ftp). Firts press to feint, second to parry, but ripost cant be feint. Is it bug? Can it be fixed?

Because if there wasn't a buffer rmb you would end up accidentally ftping your ripostes frequently trying to feint a normal attack as seen in this old alpha footage

you shut your fucking mouth.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I think you misunderstood me. I agree that the maul is just a tool for griefing. I'm just not angry or sad about it. I think it's funny, that they have no idea what to do about it.

Or maybe I misunderstood you. :-/

the obvious fix to maul being as strong (OP) as it is, is to revert the shield obliterating nerf they did.
once that happens, maul will fall back into a relatively balanced state.

but that will not happen for 2 reasons

  1. dev loves maul
  2. dev who loves maul hates being countered by shield
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so i have a bit of a conspiracy theory...

  • Maul is strong
  • Dev likes Maul
  • Shield gets obliterated (because it counters Maul)
  • Maul now stronger than ever, everyone and their mom uses it
  • Maul requires precision and timing to be effective
  • 3rd person mode makes it hard to hit peoples heads with Maul because they "break animations"
  • 3rd person removed from ranked
  • All big weapons EXCEPT Maul has a "20 unit slow debuff" applied
  • Dev now happy feint/morph maul spazmo ez gaem

lol you'd be retarded to think so.

conclusion: trash game, biased in favor of maul. supreme weapon. who cares if invasion, front line, horde and every other mode is complete cancer as long as i can use my maul to great effect in duels (Ranked) and still not be on the top 20 list.

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@SWSeriousMike said:

@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
take a glance at the forum now.. people crying that maul is too strong.. guess who is laughing now.

To be fair: One can also laugh about the maul being too strong. No crying necessary.

so what next? maul gets nerfed to the point of uselessness too? and what comes after that? and then after that? and so on, and so on...

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yeah well, the fact they even had the gall to pass it off as a "hot fix" and ATTEMPT to get away with it speaks very loudly, still.
obvious bias is obvious.

and for their own sake i hope that when they say "very soon" they mean like a week tops.
sure would be convenient for all 1st person players if it was delayed a month or two, so that they could comfortably climb the ladder without having to deal with 3rd person players, basically getting a headstart.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:

@SWSeriousMike said:

@Stouty said:
Your own fault for maining cheese, same with the held parry shield users. You should never have expected to play your broken casual-bait perspective in competitive, especially seeing as it was banned in the chiv scene. Time to learn the game bud

But you do acknowledge that crush stated multiple times that it won't be banned? I really have no idea why you are so condescending.

I wonder how you would enjoy the game when crossbow headshots would instantly kill t3 heads. After all it was that way in Chivalry.

@TheKingInTheNorth said:
Plenty of games are locked to first person and perform perfectly fine. Also, I've not seen any evidence of a great player exodus after they removed 3rd from ranked.

In fact every single person I know from Mordhau and Chivalry plays in 1st.

That's a little besides the point. E.g. I don't like playing in 3rd at all. I'm still pissed that they snuck in this change.

That's not the point I was making though. I was responding to the guy who said nobody would buy the game in the first place if it was locked to 1st.

And the point that ZugZug made is also valid and not disproved by your reply: If 3rd doesn't provide advantages, as was always claimed, then why is it banned now? Why is it banned only in ranked? If it is that cancerous, why isn't it banned from all official servers?

I don't think I've made that claim. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both perspectives. But I feel a level playing field is preferable in competitive modes, hence I approve of locking it to first.

But again, IMHO a lot of this could have been prevented if it was locked to first from the start.

imagine for just a second that the problem was reversed and you were locked in 3rd person mode. you'd probably be fucking livid too, since the playstyle you adapted has now been deleted.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:
Plenty of games are locked to first person and perform perfectly fine. Also, I've not seen any evidence of a great player exodus after they removed 3rd from ranked.

In fact every single person I know from Mordhau and Chivalry plays in 1st.

those games are usually actual shooters and not fencing/close combat games, so no wonder.

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@Kashi said:
first person is superior because of more precise controls

but there are aspects of third person that cannot be delt with and it leads to people using it as a crutch for a core skill in the game ,that being spacial awareness

when a camera angle basically lets you ignore learning a core part of the game it is considered a crutch... especially when the game is balanced with first person in mind anyway

i would argue that the crutch is used by those who kick away someone else's 'crutch' saying "this is unfair, i need 2 crutches, and this guy should learn to walk on his own, like me" while clutching their crutch(es) tightly, while saying they don't need crutches because they know how to walk better than you.

kinda ironic.

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'pro' players: Lol look at this pleb playing the inferior 3rd person perspective, hah he probably uses shields too! imagine not using maul or war axe kekw what a nub.

also 'pro' players: 3rd person is fucking cheese, and so are shields. delete both and buff maul pls devs, game is gonna die if you don't, after all i know this first hand since i am a streamer.

congratulations you just alienated like half your playerbase to satisfy a few crybabies who bitch and moan about "unfair" playstyles every time they get fucked in a duel or anywhere else for that matter. real big brain moves on your part there.

calling yourself a pro is laughable since a pro would be able to adapt and overcome a certain playstyle, but instead opts to get it deleted completely and then goes on a crusade to justify it to everyone it screwed over saying "just git gud" and such nonsense.

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nobody would have bought their trash game if they forced 1st person only on people.
some people get motion sickness from it, some people simply don't like the style, and others like to actually see their character as they play, you know, the main reason you'd customize your character at all.

its ironic how all the pros said for years (since the early days of chivalry) that 1st person was the superior playstyle and now say that 3rd person is cheese, as in; "3rd person gives you unfair advantages, and therefore is superior, delete now"

i see only the bigbrains chose to remain in this dung heap of a game. everyone else left the building well before the metaphorical fire blazes up even more.

btw when the day comes where you can't find populated servers, sit in search queues for 10 minutes per game, and start moaning on the forums that the game is "dead" know that you have only yourself to blame for it.

chivalry 2 can't come out soon enough.

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not to mention that maul is now thee meta weapon. i said this would happen the second shields were busted and people laughed at me.
take a glance at the forum now.. people crying that maul is too strong.. guess who is laughing now.
btw i stopped playing when shields were nerfed and when i found out 3rd person was removed from competitive and suddenly considered "cheese" it reminded me why.

trash dev team, hands down.

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removing 3rd person because it was "cheese" (lmao) after saying for years that 1st person is the 'professional' players playstyle.

glad to see the devs and pro players admit that 3rd person is superior after all. brainlet.png

on a serious note; screwing over people who play in 3rd person after saying you specifically wouldn't do just that, really makes you look like idiots.

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ahhh yes the good ol' "crutch" argument again. never fails you, does it?

funny how "pros" say that 1st person is the superior way to play the game on one hand, and metaphorically spit on 3rd person "plebs" as if they are literally cheaters on the other.

so which one is it?
is 1st person superior or not?
you can't have it both ways.

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"we'll add a 20 unit slow debuff to all big/blunt weapons"

  • all weapons except maul


well done devs, you keep amazing me with your profound ideas.
what's next, tier 3 armor gonna get nerfed because it means you gotta swing the maul twice for a kill (unless you headshot)?
i would legitimately not be surprised.
first shield oblivion, then 3rd person removal in ranked, now this... whats next, really, i would love to know in advance.