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you guys cry alot. Mute them and move one. Be adults. Be better than them.

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@charlemane said:
This will be a daily topic. There is a glitch with controllers. when you use the strike attack, you cannot stab without moving your camera. Now this might not seem like a big inconvenience but it is. It means you cannot properly use a strike to stab morph without spamming your camera in a different direction during the morph. you cannot chamber stabs properly without moving your camera after a strike feint. It is a major issue that has been overlooked for some time now. Please look into the issue.

i totally agree, there are a few other bugs aswell. Like sometimes after a fient you cant swing or there is a slight delay.
There a few more but i need to test more. 300 hours with a controller and im doing ok, but the inconsistencies you can definitely see.