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  • 9 Jul '19

@Erwinicus said:
I'm sorry that you magical force field has a weakness.

It is a shield?
How is that magical?
TECHNICALLY, shields are infact WEAKER in game than in reality

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  • 9 Jul '19

@Gambit said:
You can block them with a kick though. And unless you're holding a parry there's only a small window a kick is useful. In 350 hours I've never had an issue with people kicking me too much, so maybe you're just using the shield too much? Play more offensive if anything.

Even non-shield users
Facing 2 or more who do nothing but kick, you get stun locked with no way to break it.

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  • 8 Jul '19

1st, I know that SOME sort of block-breaker is important for dealing with shields, I get that.

But to me, the implementation just doesn't feel right, specifically how if you find yourself being kick spammed to death, there is LITERALLY nothing you can do. Yes, you can counter kick, but then you often get locked in a counter kick battle as who ever stops first WILL get hit (you cant attack before the kick lands)

And if you are being kicked by 2 or more people= auto death with no counter available

With standard attacks, you have a chance, but kicks are these magical, unstoppable attacks

I don't have a solution, but im definitely not happy with the way the mechanic is now.

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  • 4 Jul '19

Let spearmen and other appropriately equipped infantry brace, (crouching for X seconds) which allows them to insta kill the rider or horse (which ever receives the hit)

This leaves HOrses very powerful vs dispersed, mobile infantry, BUT< infantry that is prepared can stave them off

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  • 29 Jun '19

Talking bout how nerfing excessive dragging would turn a fight into a stamina war

Between two equally skilled opponents, ESPECIALLY with shields involved, stamina WAS the primary decider of a fight.
Most historical battle will show that when two decently trained armies met, there would actually be a surprisingly low rate of killing

That's why tactics were all about breaking formations, so you could get a shot at your opponents back, without yours becoming exposed

But yeah, it coming down to stamina is realistic

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  • 14 Jun '19

Simple, historically spearmen were a pretty solid counter against everything but the heaviest cavalry.

Players with kite shield or larger are able to crouch and brace (bonus kicks in after being crouched and not moving for X seconds)
In this position, an infantryman can take a direct hit from a horseman and NOT be knocked on his back, NOT lose his shield

Add to this, spearmen who are braced (with our without a shield) should be able to insta kill any horse that charges them, OR at the very least, the horse should rear up, refusing to continue on with a charge into obvious death.

Further down the road, id be fine with making some more dynamic
Armored horses = heavy cavalry which is STILL able to punch through braced spearmen, but taking damage in the process.
But should be noticeably slower than unarmored horses.