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  • 21 Sep '17

@DoubleK said:
You seem mentally ill, no offense. This game is nothing like Shitvalry. There's directional attacks, chambering, better throwables, better kicks, better animations, better everything, REAL customization, the fights look like fights, and there's no retarded spinning bullshit. I "sucked ass" in Shitvalry on PC because I refused to learn the retarded exploits. In Mordhau I still kinda suck but at least when I die it's my fault. So yeah, get the f out with that shit. How dare you even compare this gem of a game (even though it's still an alpha) to a big, giant, stinky piece of dog feces like Shitvalry.

The only similarities between Shitvalry and Mordhau is that they both have knights and there's dragging. That's fucking it.

I never really bothered to master melee in chivalry, I simply didnt enjoy the unrealistic moves. I came to mordhau with high hopes that they would remove shit like the rainbow and dragging and for the first few days mordhau was fantastic as the game offers a much deeper combat system than chivalry. There actually were proper duels, but then slowly it started moving towards the same shit. This morning more than half of the duel server were already sprinting, crouching, jumping and dragging in the duels. Yea, sure, I could learn how to do them myself and how to counter them but thats not the reason I supported mordhau. I supported mordhau to get rid of stuff like that.

Now I just wish they would give me my bow and arrows, so I could mind my own business far away from those unrealistic fights :(

Sellsword 3 4
  • 9 Mar '17

now for the stretch goals