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Also! shield bash, holding block then hold F/kick and you will slam your shield forward in place but you won't be able to move while doing it, if it connects, it wont do so much damage and just push facehugger away, but if it's a miss, its a massive cost of stam and short stun.

of course with an animation sequence to better see it coming unless your just flailing LMB like an ape at shield

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@Edd said:
A perk that allows you to ragdoll, so that you can play dead and get up at free will. Sounds like a must to my ears for people who like "rogue" loadouts. I'd call it Trickster.

We need votekicking integrated to the scoreboard alongside the UI suggestions OP wrote down. It's clumsy and inconvenient having to use the console to votekick someone, especially when with most keyboard layouts tilde doesn't even work to open it, forcing folk to scourge through game files to edit their console bind.

good idea! a option for that in right click with confirm of course incase click mistake

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This is just a short or long depending list of things that come to mind to improve things in my opinion in various game modes or aspects or tweaks, mostly to remember for myself.

  • no building allowed in starting spawn area / horse block for enemies in frontlines, alot less toolbox/firepot greifing and less spawn camping via jousting (also remove horse stagger so people can actually defend against horses because being stunned by horsehead before the one hit kill strikes you is bullshit)
  • Ally bear trap markers! a small ground indicator when your teammates hide bear traps with a small trap teeth icon/indicator similar to how objective defend/attack items have an indicator
  • ??? Increase windup of rapier stab, no really just slightly increase it alone since it can even outspeed chamber stabs on some 2h weapons it seems when counter chambering/riposte or enough strikes traded to increase speed to ludicrous levels
  • Skins for throwing Rocks : Potato & Pommel skins
  • ??? eyepatches / scars / facepaint for character customization, this is a maby since most people will equip helmets and might cause render strain?
  • Menu Suggestion : Friend filter for server browser to find servers your friends are playing in, Also move Rent Server button lower down the screen due to it's middle point of focus seeming like the big "hit me to join server / select filters" instinctively as stupid as this sounds

  • UI Suggestion : besides the obvious ability to scroll tab scoreboard that's probably coming soon, the ability to click and select players on list to options such as [add friend] [mute] [report] [Steam profile] [Invite party] or such

  • if remove reticle to allow the arrow for archery to match where the reticle was placed rather than below it to line up the shot better

  • Official Jousting Servers / rider warfare

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@Miranda said:
I'm on the same boat. Mordhau is the only online game that latency is a serious disadvantage for me.

Not only that, all my friends in my area are dealing with 100+ pings (most of us get pings anywhere from 35 to 65 in dota, cg:go, for honor...) The sad thing is that i have lots of fun playing with the bots, but can't play on official servers and community servers are not much better.

All my friends refunded the game, and i can't seriously recommend it to anyone else.

Yeah while its no where as bad as launch ping theres still a painful ping/latency problem that seems to come out of no where even when the game was just working fine not to long prior, hopefully the devs can find what and make massive fixes and overhauls for it,

If they do however fix it, want me to let ya know to test it out?

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@Rattsknecht said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@Rattsknecht said:
573.87 oil gallons please

wtf you russian bastard you have enough oil already c'mon give me an epic forum boy discount

Ok let's settle on 573.56 gallons

one day i'm gonna find you and i'm gonna kiss you right on your faggot mouth you rat bastard

Sorry gutsy, sloppy seconds

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Guys the real reason this is even a thing is because some of the players are nazguls

No man can kill them

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Shield bash when? Also reduce stam drain on shield if use parry style instead of hold block?

Add some optional risk or reward mechanics to it

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@FlyingTesticle said:
Progressivism, as an ism wants to go so far as to disregard history in its quest for "equality".

The game is set in Medieval Europe.
Thus as "bad" as it is, characters who fought in battles were white(ish) males almost without exception.

Why do we have to distort history with our modern inclinations?
There's absolutely no reason to do so.

MODS will SURELY introduce females for who do not care about history.

Please let us keep THIS ONE GAME intact without shoving identity politics down our throats.

PS. I am on "the Left" on most issues, but this one goes too far.

edit: even more typos

Actually the game is set in new zealand as we are all HEMA Larpers at a huge convention but got too drunk and bought real weapons from the stores across the street

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Amazonian loadouts when?

Also expand male customization to make traps possible?

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About the multi shot bows.....

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When the mods gonna close this thread?

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@Psikraut said:

@Runagate said:
As countless other posts (such as one just above) have stated, there will be a clientside toggle for female models.

Is this confirmed or just an idea from the forums?

Idea from the forums, but also remember while it is HEMA based its not full accuracy to not sacrifice gameplay otherise armor would make alot of weapons useless and its not actually set in an exact event of history, just era based armaments,

Devs said if they got time its maby but not big focus but seems like most likely they wont due to similar fears of what would happen if they let people add certain skin colors in game, they know not to trust this weisswurst sausage fest of a community

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Even I know lazy wouldn't be knowledgeble enough to hack

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@Deckard112 said:
Uhm sorry what? We’re getting women on the battlefield? In an authentic medieval fighting game?!

Why not just straight up hand us some lightsabers.


Instant downgrade. Fuck this stupid SJW bs. It’s a shame how politics fkd up gaming.

How about i make a marie antoinette character and you use the executioner's sword?

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@LordLikhus said:
Personally I'm not excited about the prospect of dismembering women in a realistic and gory game. Not very chivalrous.. If they added an option to "hide" female models/voices (make them appear male) that would be best case for me. For me its not a sexist issue but I just find it disturbing.

Whoo boy, your not gonna like my joan of arc loadout or my marie antoinette idea if female mercs happen

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@ToLazy4Name said:
I've had a bunch of people accuse me of cheating. Had one guy get so mad at me that he followed me around for 4 rounds throwing firepots at me and punching me (on my own team).

Make sure to hand him this somehow

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@Athos said:
I dislike playing games where I'm gender locked to female so it makes perfect sense to me that a game like this should have a female option. I hope they add female character options relatively soon after launch.

But same voices please