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King 2125 2453

There a way to get servernetic one for US?

King 2125 2453

Also buy it in origin, battlenet, uplay, gog, itunes, and through nintendo if you got the seymour amiibo

King 2125 2453

Can we grab people by the cape?

King 2125 2453

Is that rush Limbaugh?

King 2125 2453

Best forum user: Rattsknecht cuz they make the coolio art stuff

Best discord user: Kiwi & ralsei because they make are super cute when talking to eachother (or renaissance on discord for his armor and weapon posts)

Monsteri probably most active mod on discord and waffles around with us but lets us know not to go too far

Dev question hard, whoever makes all the funny ass gifs in the mordhau emails

King 2125 2453

@Radfox said:
I'd rather someone make an open world fantasy RPG (akin to Oblivion or Skyrim) with Mordhau-style combat and depth.

With a new updated engine and actual rpg factors and world influence with actually good writing on faction and quests <3

Ohh and alotta customization and layered equipment and spellcrafting