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@Monkeytoes said:
for shame

a righteous healer main cares about none other than the well-being of his teammates

Its hard to care about teammates when the retard who dives in to death and ignore mechanics or ingores the enemy hurting the heals blames you for problems and or lack of healing even if everyone else is getting heals just fine

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King 1903 1719

Time to get political over furries

Lets ban " OwO "

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Suspiciously lequisha yelled at two guys to join in kicking the old 91 year old mam saying he was trying to steal her daughter, yet besides how the fuck is a 91 year old gonna manage that walking past a mom and kid, she also did NOT call the police, and tried to throw the brick at a witness who was trying to film it.

And that was alot of damage and force to use on a old man, it was not defensive at all, it was a lynching

And now the family has to go fundraise to pay his medical bills

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@EruTheTeapot said:
Tfw this thread became a free like farming with stolen memez.

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@vanguard said:
Lmao sorry man I legit didn't get it

Thought it was making fun of low relevancy pol joke at first, anyways the EPA is the us' enviormental protection agency and trump put scott pruit, a massive climate change or pollutant effect denier (with massive money backing from oil company and industrial lobbyists) who often tried to sue the EPA as the head it, rolling back everything he can and nerfing the agency to do nothing about it.

As it seems trump's record of head of state choices almost always tend to be worst case scenario so since pruit left, I implied his replacement will be the literal eco-villain from captain planet, named looten plunder.

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@ImATomato said:

Legalize prostitution

Theres litterally no actual or unsolvable reason for prostitution to be illegal, long as it is regulated of course for obvious reasons

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Ugh you trollin or actually want me to explain my shitty joke?

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Scott pruit resigns as head of the EPA, his replacement was just announced


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@Goof said:

I'm doing some research.

just incase you find some?

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