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Probably has been suggested before, but an OPT-IN voice chat would allows teams to choose to coordinate better when in the face of pub stomping pre-made groups on enemy teams.

Would of course need:

  • User friendly ease of access to a mute function
  • improved kick system to be more user friendly so users can kick disruptive players in the chat
  • mic icon next to name on scoreboard and/or on screen name that appears when looking at a player, as to see who is talking
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July 7th, this is still an issue, lost about 10 levels

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See title:
to replicate this, alt tab while the game is in fullscreen mode and it will freeze while being 'always on top'.

a possible workaround for this is to simply
1.) Ctrl + Shift + Escape
2.) alt + O
3.) hit enter at 'always on top'
4.) task manager is now the active window

however, if this could be fixed that'd be wonderful.

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game bans should never be given out for words said in game. If anything a chat restriction should be the last resort. Players already have the power in their hands to mute individual players or outright disable chat completely. To ask to go further than this is no longer an issue of them disrupting your game but you wanting to control what others do.

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Bear Traps are my favorite thing in this game

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Please, implement this and save me and my team mates loads of frustration.

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lmao punzy you made it bro you're on the news

I am going to challenge these "journalists" to an FT10.

Man, you're the reason why rampant racism and toxicity are driving players away from Mordhau, you did more than enough already.
Fuck you.

is this a joke or are you unironically livid over him making a cool thread where you post your characters lmao

I refuse to believe he is saying it unironically. It's gotta be a joke. I'm a liberal and this is not remotely offensive to me. It's just a cool thread for sharing characters.

Wait, wait, wait. So, if we were to label the thread "Unseasoned White Folks", "Show me your Colonizer", "Crackers in Plate", "Show me your Dylann Roof" or "President Trump sucks" you'd be OK with that? No, you'd be howling to the moon how devs are creating "division" , "being political", or some shit. In fact, you'd quit the game. The joke is only "funny" because it's not about YOU. I put "funny" in quotation marks because humor requires empathy and some measure of compassion; unfortunately, white folks have shown over and over again ad nauseum that they possess none of these qualities. You guys are in some safe white space where you can be cruel to women and minorities. The developers here are, by their own right, monsters because they deliberately made a game with no women and no minorities. implicit in that is that we're not welcomed. And, let me quickly add: that's OK. Ya'll deserve your safe, white space. It's my hope all of the white supremacist come and play this game so I don't have to see them in Overwatch.

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This is why '''''Journalists'''' deserve the rope

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On crossroads, you can hide inside the tree at the base of the point and cannot be hit