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@Tictakjoe said:
This makes no sense. You want to buff archers radically by basically making bows cheaper and then giving them a bunch of strong perks. But if you were going to do that you could just do the same thing more simply by lowering the point cost of bows (and then adding the new perks).

So I don't get what this concept is supposed to add to anything. The current bow system works in practice just as if there were a high cost archer perk, because the ammo limit on knights is very low. And the current system is better because it clearly communicates that if you want to actually use your bow you need to be an archer. Whereas if longbow costed 3 or whatever under your system a lot of new players would pick it up as a secondary weapon only to realize that you need the "Archer" perk to access the quiver. Don't see any real gain here.

I mean add new archer perks by all means. And it looks like (with the odd choice to make Huntsman and Ranger 1 point perks, despite both of them being autopick bargains at 2) Triternion may be thinking about moving in that direction.

They aren't going to do anything that would substantially buff archer damage though. Any damage perk would feel pretty mandatory and would make not using the perk feel weak. They might do something that allows opting into faster projectile speed. Like:

"Overdraw: Alt Fire of your bow increases arrow speed by 33%, but triples the speed of draw shake". Something like this would open up higher skill cap Archer gameplay (faster projectiles-->more upside to accuracy + more mechanically difficult since you can't hold your shots) without jeopardizing the overall archery / melee balance, since it would be relatively easy to parry overdrawn shots.

Um, there wasnt really amything said about biffing bows unless you take that "bodkin" perk, and it wouldn't necessarily be for all armor either, maybe just plate. Additionally, the whole thing would make itnso any one without the archer perk, would not be able to access bows, just the cross bow. That way the low levels cant take it as a secondary. And even for the bow cost itself, not saying drop it to 3s or 2s. Personally id think it would be better at 7 and the recurve at sayyy 5.

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So, in lieu of being rekt as archer by 3/3/3 knights rolling with huntsman who pick up discarded bows, i had an idea that would help with archery, an overhaul.
Its designed in a way that would let archers still be archers in the way they are now, <not OP> however it would put knights at more of a disadvantage so archers arent just outclassed by absolutely everything....Javs for example.

The Idea

-Make Archer a perk like Peasant

The perk alone opens up for other perks such as:

the perk also gives the archer the current speed and stability and those without it cannot gain such things

<those without the perk stick with only 3 arrows as it is now, but without the archer perk the draw time is 1.5 times longer and the steady time is .5 times shorter and the hold length is 1/4 the current.

Those with archer perk can choose from :
Long bow
Horse bow

While those without the perk can only choose Crossbow.

•strong arm
You dont friggin drop your damn bow

•Bodkin Arrows
More armor penetration = more damage

•Horse Archer
More rotation ability on the horse?

2× arrow amount

•Heavy Hitter
Arrows flinch the enemy

Inventory points are not representative of what i think each perk should cost, they just replace what i think an archer would not need/ should not be able to use.